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A couple of questions.

1. Can you adjust the crop done to the photos on the homepage slider? I tried adjusting the crop using the post’s featured image setting but to no avail.

2. On the homepage slider, can you reposition the work description and read more button?

3. On portfolio posts, can you make the thumbnails smaller?

4. In the portfolio post, the meta icons are not showing up. They appear as


1. No, I’m afraid that is not an option in Hiker. This is because the slider is displayed fullscreen, therefore the theme tries to display as much of the image as possible while using the full space in the viewport.

2. There isn’t an option for this, but you could use CSS to do it. For example, if you wanted to move the description to the left, you would need to add the following code in the Custom CSS field in your theme options:

.mainslider .slides li .description { left: 60px; right: auto; text-align: left; }

3. Not sure which thumbnails on which page you are referring to. Can you please elaborate? Maybe send us a screenshot indicating which images you want to make smaller?

4. Please see: http://docs.explora.com.uy/some-icons-are-rendered-incorrectly-on-wordpress-4-2/

Regards, Sebastian

I’m having look like javascript issues and or CSS script using firefox, google chrome but not on internet explorer


I din’t quite understand that. Can you please elaborate?


Is it possible to make the body font size larger on the mobile version?


Sure, you can do this by using custom css. For example, if you want to increase the size from 11px to 13px, you would need to add the following code in your Custom CSS field in your theme options:

@media all (max-width: 900px) { p { font-size: 13px; } }

Regards, Sebastian

Hey, i just downloaded the hiker update but how do i install the update? word press says there is already a “hiker” folder and stops the update. In my installed and customized hiker theme i can not find any update option.

do i have to delete the theme (means – lose all customizations) and install the new update of hiker ?

thanks for your answer


When you update a WordPress theme, all of the theme files are replaced, no matter which method you use to update it. If you have changed the theme files and you want to update the theme, I’m afraid you will indeed lose those change. This is why you always need to use a child theme to make customisations to a WordPRess theme. Here’s a nice article on child themes: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/wordpress-child-theme-tutorial

Regards, Sebastian

Hey Sebastian, thanks for your reply

i think i didn´t explain correct. i didnt change the theme files … but i added content and stuff.

if i understand you right … best way would be to overwrite all files via FTP Client? So the new update would be in place and the content still there?

Hello. I’m running into an issue with updating/installing bundled plugins. I keep getting an error: “Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.”

So I’ve deleted the plugin and uploaded it manually from the theme folder. I have it installed, but under Appearance>Install Plugins, it still shows that it’s not installed.

My big issue with this is that the Visual Composer Image Gallery element is not showing the forward/backward arrows, nor the auto play button or the number of images in the gallery. I have a version of the site in a staging area that is using an older version of VC and it works fine. See here: http://demlangbuilder.staging.wpengine.com/photos/additional-spaces/ In the live site, it shows the photo caption only for each photo and there’s no way to advance to the next image. http://demlang.com/photos/additional-spaces/

Is there anything I can do to get this working?

All tickets have been answered!

Regards, Sebastian

Great. I received no notification of any response and now the ticket is closed. It says I can reopen it to add comments, but I see no way to do so.

I just figured it out. Adding comment now

How can I disable the fading of the header on the home page? I would like it to stay in position without changing color just like it does for the inside pages.


You can do that by adding the following Custom CSS in your Theme Options:

.page-template-homepage-php header.hidden { opacity: 1; visibility: visible; }

Regards, Sebastian

Is the live preview not available anymore?

It is. Are you not able to see it?

When I view the “item details” (http://themeforest.net/item/hiker-wordpress-photography-theme/7021802) I show no live preview button.


YonGa Purchased

Dear Explora, i’m a beginner in wordpress, how is it possible to add pictures from the wordpress media library to an existing gallery page? I can only add pictures from my hard drive. But how can I choose pictures which are already loaded to the media library? Thanks


This is a limitation on Hiker unfortunately, you need to actually upload pictures to the gallery.

Regards, Sebastian

Dear Sebastian, I’ve send several times an email with questions to you (in March, April, May and in June; then I used your Contact form on your homepage 3 times in June). But I never got an answer. I’m the user “BKL” in your support system. “BKL” is stated in the emails, too. Though, it should be possible to find the mails. If you cannot find the mails, here are the questions related to the use of hiker for a project with workshops:

- Can you send me the documentation-pdf from Hiker, this should answer quite some questions.

- Hiker supports for the images shown at the top of the index-page a link to this image. Can this link image (and link) be used to redirect to a blog entry, which I would use to make the workshop pages.

- On the front page of Hiker there’s a grid of additional images shown below the „top-images“. Can I link via these images to blog entries or other customer pages?

Last but not least: As far I know I can add some php code (a simple output of a table, which is fed by a mysql database) into a page via plug-ins. Does this work for Hiker, too?



Hello Bjoern,

I apologise for the long delay.

The documentation is included in the file you downloaded from themeforest. If you have misplaced it, you can always download it again.

About your other questions, Hiker does not include those features. You would need to customise the theme to get them done. Unfortunately we do not do theme customisations.

About your last question, I don’t see why not! There’s no reason for Hiker not to be compatible with such a plugin.

Regards, Sebastian


What is the best way to keep my french po mo translation in my child theme ?

Because, at this moment, they are in the Hiker theme and everytime we do an update the language files are overwrited.

And when i put them in the child theme, it doesn’t work.

Thanks in advance :)


You should be placing your language files in the wp-content/languages directory rather than inside the theme’s folder!

Regards, SEbastian



I recently updated WordPress and it looks like Visual Composer is out of date and not working properly. Do you have the new version for folks that purchased the theme?

Thank you advance.



We have now released a Hiker update to include Visual Composer 4.12. Please update Hiker and then you should be able to install Visual Composer as well.

Regards, Sebastian

Is this theme support RTL ?

I’m afraid not :(

Although they have no link, all open up a portfolio. The url also shows the link to a much more support. What should I do? Sorry for my English, I do not speak it, I trust google translator … .. Thanks for your help!


Can you please open a ticket in http://help.explora.com.uy/ and send us your site’s address so we can have a look and see what is wrong?

Thanks, Sebastian

hello! nothing new for me ? Elisa


I can’t find your ticket in our support system, could you please let me know the ticket ID? (you can find this on the right sidebar on your ticket, under “ticket information”).

Thanks Sebastian

How can I control the speed on slide show of image on front page?


We apologise for the delay.

Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Homepage, and change the “Homepage Slider slide duration” option to control the speed of the slides.

Regards, Sebastian

Nice template :) But I wonder if it still works well on iOS. When I tried to open its demo site with my iphone and ipad, the main slider did not seem to visualize the photo properly. I’d be so glad if you could check it for me. If it were not that problem, I’d purchase it for my new website immediately.

It is working just fine on my iPhone and iPad.. Are you still seeing this issue? In that case, if you could send us a screenshot that would be awesome!

Thanks, Sebastian


great theme.

I keep getting the following messages from woo-commence: 1. hiker/woocommerce/content-product.php version 2.4.0 is out of date. The core version is 2.6.1

2. hiker/woocommerce/single-product/product-image.php version 2.0.14 is out of date. The core version is 2.6.3

3. hiker/woocommerce/single-product/product-thumbnails.php version 2.3.0 is out of date. The core version is 2.6.3

Please how do I resolve this issue.



This is not an issue really. It just means that there are new WooCommerce templates, but it shouldn’t affect your shop at all. If something is not working correctly please do let us know.

Regards, Sebastian


Please Respond to ticket ID icket ID: MFWS0R2A2E1631 it has been 9 days with no response

I have two problem in the shop section: –

1. Whenever I click on  product category such as canvas on my website then it disappear into empty page.

I will illustrate this with image:

The image 1.jpg above is when you click on the Canvas while the Image 2x.jpg is the result page with no product displayed.

Image 1: http://help.explora.com.uy/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/1.jpg Image 2x: http://help.explora.com.uy/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/2x.jpg

Please Respond to ticket ID icket ID: MFWS0R2A2E1631 it has been 12 days with no response


da0b1 Purchased

Hi I am having issues with the Homepage Builder Blocks – they are not showing the featured images for my posts – is this a bug?

We haven’t had any reports of this nature before, maybe there is an issue on your end.

Can you please open a ticket in http://help.explora.com.uy/ and include your site’s login information so we can have a look?

Thanks, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian, I just updated the theme and the preview images in the portfolio section now appear larger, out of frame, pixelated and with less detail. Any idea why that would be?

Got it, never mind Sebastian. Had to do a manual update via FTP. Cheers, Justin