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Does anyone have any problems with Visual Composer? I cannot for the life of me get it to load properly. It just sits there on the loading screen. We cannot upgrade to a newest version without buying VC and uninstalling the old version.

Anyone else had these issues?

Nevermind, I resolved this. I had to update it. Then I had link 404 issues with my portfolio items, but Save Changes on Permalinks settings fixed it.

Just downloaded the theme and am having issues with Visual Composer on a custom pages. I can add elements but can’t edit them. Clicking the “save” button does nothing.

Hi there, Can anyone from support team help me out? i have just installed the theme. On activation of this theme i can see it on activated theme on www.amnazuberi.com but i’m unable to access admin panel. It is showing blank page.

Please help me out

Thanks in advance


eyedi Purchased

Hello, I’ve just purchased a copy of the Hiker Theme. But on installing it, I’m running into problems. Admin panel is unavailable after installation. I’m running Wordpress 4.8.2. Can you confirm it is compatible with this version?


paulview Purchased

Hi, I have built a homepage using the homepage Layout Builder and all is fine except the URLs don’t work. I can see them in the HTML view of the homepage, but none work. Can you help: The site is http://instalcom.evphoto.co.uk/

Hi Folks – I’m getting sick of this theme and the lack of support. Very disappointing, and there are a lot of limitations. Anyone switched from this theme to another one easily? I have TONS of portfolios and photos and the meta data items, so hoping to find a similar theme that can accept them and easily transport.

Thank you


ilouafi Purchased

Hi guys, does anyone know why the sharing bouton on the portfolio don’t work, i check on live preview it’s the same problem

Anybody experience running this theme in Wordpres 4.9.1?