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RE: Cooljs question of 3 months ago….. Is adding videos from my site/server, as he wants to do a problem? (Since this is how I intend to add videos.) Thanks. -Sandra

How about audio files?

I would again recommend jplayer

Thank you.


I have question about fancybox on home page. When someone click on a link to view my web design work, how do you modify the size of popup window large enough to show whole web design page.

Hello, please start a post on our support forum and include a link to your homepage so we can take a look, thanks!

I’m having a problem uploading the theme into my wordpress. It keeps saying there’s no style.css file.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

That is the HTML template version of Hipster, you need the WordPress theme version, located here:


Okay now I have bought this version of HTML 5 Hipster. I already purchased the WP version also. Anyways I am unable to create an account with this HTML 5 purchase code which I bought tiday. It is saying not a valid purchase code and I say “BS” it is paid for in full!

So what is the problem?

I would like to know what the suggested size is for the rotating background image?

And why , by the way, is your coding in the documentation renderable text. No copy & paste?


Contact me through the form on this page and send the purchase code, I’ll set you up on the forum, sorry for any inconvenience:

Regarding the background image size, you can really use whatever you like since it stretches it fullscreen. It depends on the effect you’re going for, how clear you want the image, etc. You could try 960X640px and see if that’s clear enough, if not you could try larger.

Thank you. Sorry for the tone…it was a stress day!

[purchase code removed]



ok, but don’t post your purchase code in the comments, send it to me through the form on this page:

When viewing on an iPhone5, there is an issue with the social icons and services icons. I noticed the issue is occurring in the live preview for the template as well. Any suggestions besides hiding them on the phone?

Please start a post on the support forum so we can help you debug


HOW do I stop the slider on the home page? It goes on, and on, and on.

When I click on the arrow it does not stop! Pls solution for ALL sliders…. :-)

Thanx a lot….

Please start a post on our support forum with your questions, thanks:

2e question.

HOW can I remove the red 2 lines between the menu-items? Where can I find that image??

Hope you can help me pls.


Last question! :-)

HOW and WHERE can I put my own address in the google map? Hope to hear from you soon.

Have a nice sunday…..

Open the documentation file that comes with the download and go to section “T – Contact Map” there are exact directions there

I made an account.


This is a FOREM! You can not open a ticket to ask a question…..


Well, I open the map screen to find things.

I wanted to slow the speed. Does not work.

I removed everything: $(”#slider”).responsiveSlides({ auto: false, nav: true, speed: 500, namespace: “callbacks”,


Nothing happens. I read the documentation.

I changed everything, but finaly I can not work further on this template

NOTHING written about to stop the slider if you click once on an Arrow.

So WHAT to do now???? It already took me 3 days to figure out things. 3 lost days for nothing….

So pls WHERE can I find the scripts of the slider???? So I can finish my job.

After you register on the forum you need to create a topic, click here and then click “create topic” (make sure you are logged in)

If you are referring to the wow slider you need to open the slider script which you are using (script-fly.js for example), and then change the settings at the bottom of that file (duration, delay, pause on hover, etc). Please start a post on our support forum, thanks

GREAT!!!!! That works perfect.

On hover I changed false in true. When I have more questions I will create a topic.

I did not know where I could put my questions…..

But I have to create a topic. I never did that before! :-)

Ok, I am glad that the slider can stop.

Have a nice day!! And thanx for your kind helpl! I realy appreciate…..

No problem, glad that worked :)

hello !

I want to add some modifications to the main menu sub animation. where is the js control it ?


It’s all CSS, located in the #Main Navigation section of the stylesheet.

Hi, This template is on my shortlist for a client, I just have a couple of questions before I can decide :-) 1. Can I change the main (header) font? 2. Can I insert an image logo? 3. Is it possible to have HTML content in the pop-up?

Thanks :-)

Hello, yes to all three questions :)

Thank you :-) Client decided on another theme, but have got this one on my favourites list for a future project :-)

my map stop working…is the script different or has it been updated? Thank you

map does not show at all on my server…

twitter feed died when I updated scripts. I did change On line #450 in scripts.js

also home page slider does not change text anymore. When I change rotation-js and try others, no difference is seen. do you have instructions on updating website? Looks like I missed something.

does grabtweets.php need to have the secret tokens?

Please start a post on our support forum:

Will do, thank you for quick reply.

Just wanted to say thank you to Beantown Themes. They helped me through the support pages in one day. Great support!