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Hi – hats off for a great theme. Nice work!

I’ve just picked up my first Mac, and the big round icons on the home page are cut off on a mac. Could you let me know how to fix this?

Cheers, Mike

Please start a post on our support forum:

Hi, this is a pre-sales question. Will you continue to support all the latest updates of woocommerce as they happen? I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I’ve been affected before by themes not keeping up with woocommerce updates.

Yes, we will update the theme for the latest WooCommerce versions :)

I don’t see the slider working on the homepage in your demo, Why is that?

Should be fixed now, thanks!

I’m not really satisfied with the theme. There are some issues you’re looking nearly an hour and still couldn’t find any solution. Nothing about in the document. The support forum denies the license code from Themeforest (to old?). Wasting a lot of time for simple problems like fixing the background images and still no idea how it works.

We can help you out with any issues you’re having on our support forum. Send your purchase code to me through the form on my profile page: so we can verify your purchase and set you up on our support forum, thanks!

Any idea why the dummy content fails to load? Thanks

We can help you get get setup on our support forum:

The first theme on Themeforest that I truly regret buying. Hours of dealing with it and what a waste of time

We can help you get get setup on our support forum:


I imported all the content but can’t find the home page that displays the blog posts..

is there a way to display blog posts on the homepage?

Please start a post on our support forum:


I’m thinking of buying this theme but need to know the maximum size of the logo / header area as I have a large circular logo I need to include. Also are the colours easy to change as I would need colours to match the logo/product.

Thanks, Nicola

Hello, there is no real maximum for the header, it can be adjusted and the colors are easy to set, thanks!

Can you direct me to any Hipster video turtorials?

Please view the documentation that comes with the download and if you have further questions feel free to start a post on our support forum:

Possible to have an Instagram icon at the top? Do you guys have instagram icons? If yes, I will buy this theme. :)

Yes the instagram icon is included :)


I can’t see footer in my website. Am I doing anything wrong?



Please start a post on our support forum:

Hi, I really like this theme, but could you please add the latest version to themeforest?

Thanks for the heads up, I just uploaded the latest version, it will be available as soon as support approves the update.

Hey there!

I’m having troubles with my theme, I can’t see the contents of the theme settings pages, and it makes me waste a lot of time.

Can you help me with it please? Thank you.

Send me a quick note through the form on my profile page with your purchase code and I’ll get you setup on the support forum so we can help out:

Hey there,

I could solve the issue already, and I posted my problem on the support blog already. I’ll be pending for your review on it.

Kind regards.

How do I make the portfolio shortcode display recent posts first?

Sorry, I found it in your documentation.

Any plans to add a shopping cart icon in the near future?

The cart icon is an option already for the header icons :)


is it possible to have a multilingual wordpress with this theme ? We are planning to translate it in 5 languages ?


Yes, that can be done, thanks

Hi, I love this theme! Where can I find the documentation on it? I’d like to build a portfolio item and it’s not intuitive.

Hello, open the index.html file within the documentation folder that comes with your download. If you have specific questions you can start a post on our support forum: thanks!

I just purchased the theme and getting it all setup and I changed out the main logo for a a 565×186 file and with the red theme color selected its fine. But, if I selec blue, green or custom color the navigation overlaps the logo. What could be causing this?

Please start a post on our support forum and post a link to your site so we can help out: