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Really good work! Wish you the best sales! :)

Wow Nice Work ! Good Luck :)

Appreciate it :)

Nice work guys!

Does it come with sample content or setup so I can carve down from there?

Great thank you. Also is it possible to mix the effects in home pic slider and include video with pictures?

similar to slider revolution banner for wordpress

You need to choose one effect (they use different scripts). There is no support for video in the slider at this time.

Can the home page slider be a featured area rather than a slider? Is there the functionality to have one image/promo area load then stop? REALLY like this theme!

All page elements are added with shortcodes, So you can add them/remove them as you wish.

sweet! thanks!

Hello, How do I make the logo area taller. my logo is 200×200. and the navbar is floating on top of it.

i did that but the nav bar is still over the logo. i tried to join the forum but i dont know where to find the purchase code.

ok i figured out the purchase code. i will continue this on the forum.

One quick questions before I buy this theme, I love it.

Email Optin: Didn’t see any options for email optin boxes or forms. Are there any in the back end?

Did you see the form on the contact page?

I saw the contact page but was hoping to have a email optin on the home page. I will be giving away a authors ebook or online course when someone opts in’s to the email

We can most likely come up with a solution for you, can you contact me through this form will the details of exactly what you are looking for..thanks

How can I change the timing between each slider. Maybe I need one slider to appear for 7 seconds and the second slider to go for 5 seconds. Right now, they’re animating too fast with no pause on hover.

I checked the documentation but notice I don’t see where sliders on the home page can be clickable to another page or website. A link. I looked at the shortcode for this. This would be crucial as a picture in the slider can be clicked to Bio page and I thought this was standard thing in sliders.

We are actually adding that option right now to the next update (the ability to add links to the images in the slider), along with a couple other features and bug fixes. The update should be released on ThemeForest tomorrow..thanks :)

Thank you so so much. If you can let me know the actual file names that need to update so I can just ftp those files and not entire folder.

Love the template. Only problem I am having is that the autostart code which usually works for you tube videos isn’t working. (?autostart=1) Can you tell me the shortcode or option to autostart please. Need homepage video to play automatically.

We added this option for vimeo/youtube shortcodes. It is available in update 1.2 which was just released

Thanks…please tell me how to access the update. Just downloaded and installed template yesterday and don’t see how to update. Thanks!

Download again today, we had another update. If you don’t want to update all files these are the latest updated files:

header.php settings.php functions.php style.css defaultdata/options.txt option-data/theme-options.xml assets/formats assets/javascripts/jquery.custom.admin.js assets/shortcodes/simple_video.php

Howdy – I’ve bought hipster after messing around with 2 complex and time/money wasting themes . . Hipster is simple and does what i need it to do. Thanks. Now if it was just buddypress aware…

Thanks! Maybe we will add buddypress compatibility in future. :) If you would give hipster a 5 star rating (from your downloads tab) we’d appreciate it!

Done – very impressed

audio mp3- I know that I can add mp3 to blog post. Is there any way I can shortcode and place mp3 tracks onto a specific page. For example Audio page- and all mp3 show up in that page with right sidebar.

We added this feature/ shortcode [audio mp3_source=”file.mp3” ogg_source=file.ogg”]. It is available in update 1.2 which was just released, thanks!

thank you so much

how can we make the sliders “clickable” – each one would highlight a different area of the site to send the user?

We just added that option in the update, it is available in update 1.2 which was just released

I have it installed. But I still am not seeing the option. What am I missing? Can you direct me to where the options is?

Go to admin panel and hit Reinstall Options Table button, thanks!

Hi I have just both your theme and It’s not working -:( I am getting the following error:

Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Please help me. Thanks

Thanks for your fast reply…let me try now…I will let you know in a sec

ALL OK – PERFECT! Looks HOT. Have a fab day

Hi. Supports Google Cyrillic fonts?

Bought theme. All is fine, but how do I customize the font with Cyrillic?

How to make text wrap small pictures in the post?

Hello, thanks for the purchase. Please start a post over at our support forum and we’ll be happy to help, thanks :)

I did the update and the logo now appears on the far left. Before it was centered. Was there any changes to css? Trying to center the logo on the home page.

We’re looking into this. for now try not setting a width on the logo, that should center it.

But the problem is I want the logo to appear in the same size and the original logo.png is bigger so it appears really big when uploading it to the site. What should the size of the logo be so it appears small similar to your website?

Can you start a post in our support forum with a link so we can take a look, thanks!

Also on the home page slider. For “Homethumbs” hover picture 2,3,4,5 showing thumbnail of first image for all pics on thumbnails. I assigned picture 2,3,4… thumbnails.

Fixed. Please disregard.

Amazing template. Works perfect for my photo and photobook portfolios. Support works incredible well… very fast!

Thanks, if you could give it a 5 star rating (from your downloads tab) we’d greatly appreciate it :) Also, send over a link when you’re complete, we’d love to see the finished site!

there is no option for the sliders to be clickable as was advertised in v1.2. It still says “Title”, “Image URL”, and “Description”.

Please advise.

Just clicked that with no change. Please help!


Ok, please start a post on our support forum so we can help you out, thanks! Support Forum