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whats the proper width of the background image to insure that the image isnt zoomed in on?

I assume you are referring to the full width background image feature? There isn’t one specific size since it depends on what size your browser window is. You can try 1024X768 since that’s a common size.

Hi, does the theme work with the envato upgrader plugin? i tried but it didnt seem to pick it up? Many Thanks

Not currently, we will try to add support for that in an update, thanks

Pre-sale question … Love this theme and want to purchase. However, when I look at the live demo in Firefox 24.0 … when I shrink the browser size down until the menu becomes an icon (+), the menu button does not work. Then I tried the same test on my Android Nexus 7 … also using Firefox and the same problem exists. I love the theme but wonder if there is a fix for this problem?

I just tried and it’s working for me, try refreshing your browser and trying again

hello…I have two questions…I spoke to you about customizing the fonts.. Can you explain how to do this..?.. Also t he slider…Please tell me its possible to customize the size of the slider, it looks so small responsively ..

Thank you,

I tried getting on the forum but I’m not sure how to access this.

Please start a post on the support forum, you need to register with your license code:

Pre-sale question. I need to know that my images, when displayed on a single portfolio page are not going to be up-scaled. My images are small and I would like the size to remain the same but still be able to open them on their own page with the sorting function. Regards

Does the 4 column portfolio layout work for you?

That works if you want the images to open in light box. On your single-portfolio page example the image of the motel, is that its original size? Can the image be kept its original size when being displayed on a single portfolio page?

I understand now what you are asking. The image on the single portfolio page will not be sized up (there is a max-size set, but no min-size)

Hello i would like to know if i can sell virtual products like, videos, pdf and .doc. Is for a web of tutorials.

Yes, WooCommerce supports virtual products :)

Just purchased the theme. It was just what I was looking for a looks great. Thanks!

One question right off hand….how can I adjust the logo size at the top of the homepage? Ive tried resizing my images ive uploaded and it doesn’t matter what size I go with, its still tiny.

Spoke too soon! It was right in front of me and I was just missing it. Sorry.

Do you have an instagram icon for the social media header?

yes, go to theme options > social media icons > add slide > choose icon type > instagram


What are the dimensions of the background image you use for the rev slider in the demo?

940px X 404px


How can I get the comment section off of the bottom of all pages?

please start a post on our support forum with your question(s) and we’ll be happy to help, thanks!

Tried that and nobody will answer.

You have a response there, thanks!

Hi there!

Before I buy, I was wondering if one of the google fonts included was Pacifico?

I use it a lot in my personal branding so I would need to know it was included before I could make the purchase.

Thanks so much!

You are in luck, yes it is included :)

Will the latest update work with wordpress 3.7 ?

Hello, Thank you for the great theme. I am just know setting it up and confused about the slider. I see that it contains both the Revolution and Wow Slider but I can only see instructions and a plugin for the Revolution Slider. Can you guide me in the direction of the Wow slider as well as the documentation for the background slideshow? Thanks, Scott

Please view the documentation that comes with the download, that shows you the shortcodes for the wow slider and other items. If you need help please start a post on our support forum:

1. wow slider(s) are setup at appearance > theme options > sliders

2.background slideshows are setup by opening your page in the admin and editing > page settings > select background type > slider

I’ve used the theme before and it is a great theme. However, I’m having a problem with a new purchase and download that I experienced with the first. That is that when I try to upload the zip file the process seems to hang and not complete. Has anyone else had the same problem? How can I load the theme and get on? Many thanks!

Please start a post on or support forum so we can help you out, thanks!

Hello, The woo-commerce plugin is not working properly. It does send any notifications out. Has anyone had this problem??

Please start a post on or support forum so we can help you out, thanks!

Thank you for your theme. I cannot get the mobile version to look like yours. It comes out yellow and weird :)

What would be the main reason for that since there is no real option for mobile in theme options?

Please don’t tell me to sign up, post on forum or run in circles :) If you have an answer, it would benefit everyone here. The domain is (check out the mobile version)

Looks like you have a mobile redirect setup, it goes a subdomain on mobile. That has nothing to do with our theme, check your plugins or .htaccess file to see where the redirect is setup.

Thank you so much for your reply! I will have that looked at!

Hi, thanks for a theme. I have a problem. Cyrillic Google fonts in the menu don’t work. what to do? ? ? excuse for English. thanks.

Please start a post on our support forum so we can help out, thanks.

Is this theme WP Multi Site compatible? Having issues activating it.

It is, you can start a post on our support forum so we can help you out:


I’ve tried to e-mail you a couple a months ago (with my Purchase codes and Envato Username), but haven got any response from you.

My problem is that I’m not able to log on to your support forum and I have a couple of problems that I need to find a solution to. When I try to log-on with my Envato Username the system says that the user name is already taken. However, I have just logged on to my Envato Marketplace account and there it worked perfectly.

Please help me as soon as you can, because I’m getting pretty desperate here!

Looking forward hearing from you.



I wrote you over a week ago. Is it possible to get some help?

I responded to your email already, I will send it again. thanks

Its not working, I’ve send you an email with a print screen of the error.

Why is my menu showing description next to it and not only the actual menu names.

please start a post on our support forum and include a link to your site, thanks