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Keep getting an error message about setting “Theme Locations” in the menu; however that option is not in admin?

please start a post on our support forum so we can help out http://support.beantowndesign.com

Your documentation on this theme is AWFUL; it’s not updated with the latest Wordpress versions. The only helpful thing is the YouTube video that doesn’t even have sound and you have to watch it over and over. A theme that should have taken an hour to set up has taken 10 hours… Decent theme, spend some time documenting it.

I think it’s very well documented. If you need with anything please start a post on our support forum: http://support.beantowndesign.com thanks

Hi, Can I ask what font you are using for the Hipster logo? Thanks

I can’t find where to post a question on the Support Forum. I have logged in from the page via the link that says Returning user. It won’t allow me to view anything – says I don’t have permission? could you help with this

Have you entered your license code for the Hipster product? Make sure to click on the correct forum, (the wordpress version, not the html version). If you have issues still please contact me through the form on this page so I can take a look: http://themeforest.net/user/BeantownDesign

Hello there! I’ve already write on the forum bur for some reason i cannot access (like server out of time or something like that). Anyway… i have a problem with Instagram Feed. Already put my ID and personal Access Token but nothing happens, just still empty (check the site: www.meeks-boutique.com) any idea? Thanks for the support

Server issues are resolved, please refer back to the support forum, thanks


I am getting this message on the homepage:

Please go to ‘Appearance=>Menus’ and set the primary menu in ‘Theme Locations’ section

I have performed this action many times with no result.I have no Navigation showing. Please, what is the fix?

Thank you,


Please start a post on our support forum so we can help out http://support.beantowndesign.com

Any way I can get a PSD of the entire homepage?

Sorry, most of it was designed in browser

Hello Can I use WowSlider stretched layout (as demonstrated on the contact page) for adding a full screen availableslideshow/ video to the homepage? http://hipsterwp.beantowndesign.com/contact/ What size images do you recommend? Thanks

But the Wow slider does support full width images? Like that contact page but with an image instead of a map?

You could have a full width image with the wow slider, yes, but since the aspect ratio of the image remains the same that might not be your best bet. The image would get very tall quickly. For a true full width image slider your best bet would be the revolution slider again. The wow slider works better like we have in the demo, set within the middle content.

Ok great, I wasn’t aware the Revolution slider could do full width. thank you.

Hi, I’ve noticed that the icons cut off if I view the website on my mobile device. Any ideas on how to fix this?

I’m still not able to post in your “Support Forum” I keep getting the same error message.

You need to register first: http://beantowndesign.com/support/getting-started/ If you’re having an issue registering please contact me through the form on my profile page so I can help you get registered: http://themeforest.net/user/BeantownDesign

Your account here doesn’t show that you purchased the item, if you used a different themeforest login you need to use that account.

Also, I the SubMenus aren’t working for me. I set them in the Menu section, but when I go to the website, they drop down, but won’t let me click on them.

Please start a post on our support forum with a link to your website so we can take a look: http://support.beantowndesign.com

I keep getting an error when trying to click on your Support Link…?

Site looks amazing. What is the font you’ve used for the Hipster logo? I love it


How to delete these // at Menu Navigation. These // is between menu navigation, Home // About // Portfolio…etc


Add this to the extra CSS section in theme options:

.menu ul a span {display:none !important}

Where can I add a new question in the support forum? I’m logged in and have registered the purchase, but I don’t see an area to submit a new problem.

Nevermind, it’s within the categories.

Hi I have a full width homepage but would like to add three text areas below the slider that look exactly like the sidebar Text Widget. Is this possible? Thanks

Please start a post on our support forum so we can help out: http://support.beantowndesign.com

I just bought the theme. I can’t see any sliders on the homepage.

I can’t login to the http://support.beantowndesign.com website. It just says error.

Do you have a dark sin layout?

Not exactly, you can view the demo and use the style switcher on the side to see different accent color options. Then with CSS you could change text color, etc if you wanted a dark skin.

If you make a dark version of this template, I bought directly;)

Hi, for some reason my logo disappears when the site is viewed at a width of 500px or below. I notice this doesn’t happen on your demos. My logo is 615×78 px, which I have entered into the logo size boxes. I’ve put a height of 40px for mobile. However, it’s not showing whether or not I add these figures into the boxes. Also, the logo appears “squashed” when I resize the Chrome browser. I have not edited any of the theme code. What do you suggest? Thanks

Hi again Is there a way to include the retro shadow headers that doesn’t involve editing the html to add the .retro-shadow class? A shortcode perhaps? Sorry to bother you but I have had a good search through the docs and couldn’t find it. It’s fine by me but not easy for my clients. Thanks

Please start a post on our support forum with your questions and a link to your site so we can help you out, thanks http://support.beantowndesign.com

Absolutely love the theme. Very well documented. Also, great support; response within a day.


thanks for the kind words :)

I don’t have this theme but my client does. The sidebar disappeared when I deleted all widgets and then added widgets on the blog page. I used Blog Right Side as the page template (I selected this page in settings as the place for blog posts). How can I fix this? Thanks.

Please start a post on our support forum so we can help out: http://support.beantowndesign.com You will need to register with the account that made the purchase (so we can verify), thanks.