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Im trying to login to your support forum with my Item Purchase code but your system is not taking the purchase code provided. Please advise!

send me an email through the form on my profile page with your license # and I will set it up for you, thanks:

Is there a way to set up portfolio items to NOT have the text in a small column on the right of the media item (image, etc) only? My case studies for projects are sometimes a few paragraphs long, and in your theme end up stretching way down the page in the small column set up on the right.

I would like to be able to put my written content UNDER the large media or image, similar to this, from another site of mine:

Please advise?

Thank you! Otherwise, this theme kicks butt, loving it! So easy to work with, well done! :D

Glad you are enjoying the theme! Please start a new post on our support forum and we’ll be happy to help, thanks..

I really love this theme, but wish with all my heart it had a ‘dark skin’ version. I’m trying to switch everything manually and it’s killing me. May just not be worth the effort.

I assume you are switching the colors with css from dark text to light text? That should be half the battle, it has a bunch of dark patterns included..

It does? I must be not very good at recognizing them. I’m going through each hex code, but the changes I make don’t stay when I save.

If you start a post on our support forum we can help you out writing some css:

Hi – I love using your theme! I noticed you now support woocommerce. I installed the woocommerce plugin and get the message: “Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support…” Is there an upgrade to the theme for this? Thanks!

We added WooCommerce support a few versions ago, you should update to the latest version of the theme. If you need any help please post on our support forum, thanks!

Is is difficult to add a captcha to the contact page to get rid of spam?

we will add this in the next update, thanks :)

just added this feature, now available in version v2.7 thanks!

Hi again,

I’m obviously missing something, because I can’t figure out how to add a video to the homepage slider.

edit the slide and select “add layer:video”, if you need more help please start a post on our support forum, thanks!

I should have specified that it was for the WOW slider and not Revolution.

oh ok, the wow slider doesn’t have video support. I would recommend trying the rev slider if you need video, it has a lot of nice transition effects also

Hi, I have a problem. I want as a landing home page, blog style with right sidebar, but when I enter my web it shows only posts but not sidebar. If I push on blog page i made it shows the sidebar correctly, but I want that when I enter my page it shows directly without rediections to www/blog.

Do you have a solution? thanks

I have solved with the help on forum support, thanks. Is as easy to select as main page my blog or home in Wordpress lateral menu Settings > Reading > and select as a front page the page I want. Soon I’ll be launching my web with this awesome theme.

Hi, Why is it that after I have made updates – header, text, pics etc – that the changes are not showing upon phones, and only sometimes on computers? I literally have 2 browsers open, with one showing the updates and the other showing the old site?? I have cleared the cache etc on my phone and laptop, but its still inconsistent!? Please help Thanks Brett

PS – I think I solved this by emptying the Supercache plugin….but shouldn’t this be happeing automatically? Am i doing something wrong? Never had this problem with other themes, they just update in real time across all devices?!?

The updates do update instantly, if you have a cache plugin it sounds like that is what was causing it. Check the settings on the plugin, it probably has settings for how often the cache is emptied.

Hello, Whenever I pick a theme skin other than red the whole menu crashes into the logo. I can go in the long way and change the color of the CSS in the Red skin, but was wondering why it was doing that. It happens when I make a custom color as well.. Thanks for a great theme.


Please start a post on our support forum and we’ll help you out, thanks!

Make sure to post a link to your site in your post on the forum so we can take a look..

If you have MULTISITE, stay away! It doesn’t work and will crash site!

We’re looking into it, thanks

This is fixed, please download the latest version and update, thanks

I need help with my slider. I have the shortcode in [slider slider_name=”homeslider” effect=”rotate”]

But it is over extending the images. Can you please take a look at them.

Please start a post on our support forum and we’ll help you out, thanks!

Pre-purchase question… Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 3.6? Please let me know so I can purchase asap.

Thanks, chris


I updated to 3.6 and my site vanished and isn’t loading. Other themes work but not this one, please help! I made a post in your support forum but need immediate attention.


I see you got it working, thanks

Just wanted to drop you a line and say. GREAT THEME! I used it for a landing page for a new series for our church and people raved about it. Really good stuff here!


Question: am I able to use this theme with the Clickbump Engine? the reason why is because I like a lot of the SEO tools available in Clickbump and am familiar with them and wondered if this theme supports tools like that for SEO purposes.

If not- what would you suggest for SEO along with this theme?


I’m not familiar with that system, I either of these 2 (these are 2 of the most popular SEO WordPress plugins):

Thanks. I went ahead and purchased your theme and am trying to create an account in your forums [here: ]

However, I am getting an error message when trying to make an account that is saying “no valid purchase code” is found but I copied the code directly from my license doc. Can you help?


Sure, please send the code to me through the form on my profile page and I’ll set you up on the forum, thanks!


returns unexpected end found on /hipster/settings.php on line 1

Come on guys for a $50 theme this is not acceptable.

You need to install the theme through wordpress, not ftp. If you need any help please start a post on our support forum, thanks


Hi, I recently purchased the HIPSTER theme for the domain: It’s always worked correctly, but since yesterday the pages contents are not seen properly. The strange thing is that no one has changed pages content, code, or css file. I really don’t understand. And If I create a new page, any content are not seen properly.

Please, can you help me? Many thanks in advance!


Please start a post on our support forum so we can help you out, thanks

For all buyers: this theme is NOT FULLY COMPATIBLE with WordPress. If a theme does not FULLY work with multisite it is not FULLY compatible with WordPress.

We consider a theme that can ONLY be installed via the uploader a poorly developed theme and recommend avoiding this theme until the dev updates the theme. Here’s why:

It’s very common that the uploader will fail, or that upload file size limits will be set too low to allow the uploader to function properly. In many instances upload via FTP is the ONLY OPTION. This theme will not install properly if uploaded and installed with FTP.

Thank You! We will give it a go.

Ok, so we tried this. It installs, BUT there are still some major issues with the theme. The entire control panel/theme options area is not loading properly. And it looks like many of the styles are not loading on the beta site we created.

Please start a post on our support forum so we can help you out, thanks

Hi :) Thank you for yout theme I really love it !! Let me explain : I’m french (sorry for my english :/ ) and I purshase your theme beacause I really had a crush on it. But I’m inexperienced in websites so there are some things I can’t do : - I don’t know how you do for include “block style” in the blog (mine looks like this : ) - I can’t include a portfolio in my portfolio page - I can’t manage to align icons on home page and neither to add text like you ” We’re Hisptern an amazing ..”

I’m sorry for all thoses questions but I’m lost :s Thank you sooooo much !! Best regards Barbara

Please start a post on our support forum so we can help you out, thanks

Hi, I have purchased your theme and I love it! I do have a problem though. My header won’t show at all in Internet Explorer 10. Personally, I use Chrome, but always test themes in other browsers.

I’m not hugely techie when it comes to code and back-end stuff with Wordpress, so I could use your help.

Please start a post on our support forum so we can help you out, thanks