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Really Awesome! GLWS! :)

Thank you very much Defatch!

beautiful work mate ;)

Thank you mate! ;)

Like it….GLWS man.

Thank you Erwin!

Wooooooooooooooooooow. Very very nice! I love it!

Thank you for your kind words!

Its delicious … just love it :delicious:

Thank you themehippo :)

Great job!Congrats :)

Thank you for your kind words ThemeRox !

Thank You!

Another great template man! Welcome back :)

Hello Joomfx!

Thank you for your kind words and warm welcome :)

Have a nice day! Tomasz

Yes, this IS a very nice one! Few pre-sales questions, hopefully not too tricky:
  1. Main menu on mobiles: could the parent items be made collapsible easily?
  2. Search field: seems to be in Toolbar-b. Could it eventually be in User Toolbar as well, or otherwise be prevented from ending up below the User Toolbar on mobile phones? Stacking up eats a lot of space, that part of the header gets large then…
  3. Registration: could it open in a pop-up as well (like the Login), or do you see a larger issue with it? Not that important, just ‘nice to have’.

No matter what, great look & feel, very tempting! ;)


thank you for a kind words and your interest in HLi!

Regarding to questions:

1. Offscreen mobile menu is displayed as a complete menu, without option to collapse submenu items this time.

In the case if your menu will be longer than site layout, mobile menu can be additionally scrolled independently on site layout (to show all menu items).

2. Yes, search module is published in tooblar-b module position. Search module is moved below user toolbar if screen resolution is smaller than 360px.

There is a few options here:

a.) This can be changed by reducing overall module width, when screen resolution is smaller than 360px.

b.) To save space in header section on mobile phones, modules in header can be hidden by adding module suffix “hidden-phone” in module settings.

To give you example, I have added this suffix to module which is published in “toolbar-a” position – (contact phone number). Please take a look at demo.

c.) You can hide search module in header on mobile phones by adding to it “hidden-phone” suffix, you can create a copy of module, publish copy of module in one of bottom positions, like social-bar, and show it only on mobiles by using suffix “visible-phone”.

3. This would require to use a separate registration module.

Please note, that user toolbar behaves differently when you will visit website as guest, and when you are logged in.

When you are logged in, buttons are changed. Login button is replaced by “Logout” button, registration button is replaced by “profile” button, which will redirect you to user profile page, where you can check or edit your personal details.

It would work in the same (without any changes) if you will choose for example to use K2 profile options, registration button will redirect you to K23 regsitration page, after login, it will be replaced by profile button.

I hope that this answer is sufficient :)

Thank you once again for your interest.

Best Regards, Tomasz

Thank you so much for this very long and indeed more than sufficient answer, Tomasz. In case you’re wondering:
  1. Ok, so be it then. I”m thinking of a workaround to hide long lists of children from the offscreen menu and rather have them in a collapsible (sub)menu in a sidebar only on smaller viewport where the offscreen menu kicks in, and “hidden-desktop”.
  2. Sure, am familiar with all 3 options, where a) is still the most attractive. Thanks anyway for elaborating on it, it might help others here as well.
  3. As almost expected. Understood, and appreciated. Again, no fuss.

IMHO & FWIW, not only is your effort here in Q&A impressive, but in the large kindergarten of alpha & beta releases here and elsewhere HLI is a remarkably “mature” template, no doubt. You sure deserve your elite status. 2-3 days ago I had purchased HLI already. Now I’m in the middle of juggling another template. I need a bit for considering to flush it (and the time invested) and go HLI instead, hmmmmm…

Thank you again, Thomas :)

No problem at all and thank you for your answer.

Regarding to menu, I think that this will just fall under requirements of specific project, or personal preferences.

Personally, I think, that it is just more user friendly, to display all elements at once on smaller devices, and to have access to all possible elements (organized visually) without taking any further actions.

Thank you once again for your kind words and support!

Have a nice day! Best Regards, Tomasz

very nice work, awesome ! :)

Thank you Eric! (I’m sorry that I have added answer for “lousyfool” to your comment ;)) Thank you once again!

Have a nice day! Regards, Tomasz

Welcome back Tomasz. Excellent work :)

Thank you Dan and thanks for a warm welcome! :)

Have a great day! Tomasz

I’m learning and learning from your work. You are a real Elite in Joomla world. Best of luck.

Thank you for your kind words TrippleS. You already have a great products in your portfolio ! ;)

Have a great day and thank you once again!

Best Regards, Tomasz

It’s just awesome template. Wish a good sales….. :)

Thank You royalsoft!

Loving this template! It’s so clean. Best one I’ve seen yet!

Hello, thank you for your purchase and for your kind words! Great to hear that template serves well :)

Best Regards, Tomasz

excellent work! any chance of getting this as a HTML only template? glws

Thank you absoluto!

Unfortunately, currently I don’t have any plans, to add separate HTML version.

Thank you for your interest!

Have a nice day, Tomasz


I would like to inform that update 1.0.1 for the template is available for download.

Changes in this update:

- Fixed problem with paths to custom logo image.
- Added an option to set images compression level in Slider Module.

To get update files please redownload main file from ThemeForest, please read “readme.txt” file in update folder.

Best Regards, Tomasz

Hi Mate! Great Theme for joomla! Quite fast and good. However i need to ask you something. Is it possible to rename in URL /product-k2/ to be someting else or it is predefined in component?

Hello Milos, no problem.

Full URL address will reflect your menu hierarchy. K2 could add /item/ or /category/ to your URL address but not /product-k2/.

As I mentioned previously, probably it was added by a parent menu item, so I suggest to check this once again. (this is not related to end item in anyway).

For example, if in main menu you will have menu item type which will points directly to category of K2, your url address to item from this category will looks like:


If your website is online, please send me a link and login details to Joomla admin panel, via contact form from my profile page at TF.

I can take a look at your configuration and tell you exactly where this part was added.

Regards, Tomasz

Anyhow – i got it ;) Thanks for very prompt and quality support!

No problem at all, I’m glad that I could assist ;) If you will have any further questions please just let me know.

Have a nice day! Tomasz

Hi Tomasz,

Great to see the new Theme. I have purchased 2 of yours in the past with great results and top support. Will be buying this one soon for a lucky client.

Best Regards,


Hello Frank!

It’s nice to see you back :) As always thank you for a kind words ! :) Have a great day!

Best Regards, Tomasz

hi. Your template is so cool and simple to use it. Thanks a lot

I have a question. How do I remove the title with little box from page banner? If I delete it from custom html in module, the image height has been reduced. Is there any idea? Thanks

Hello jackycho, thank you for your kind words and for your purchase.

Regarding to your question, this section was prepared to be displayed with text inside, and overall height depends on amount of text published in module.

If you would like to change it, you will have to adjust style of this section a little bit.

#banner { min-height: 180px; }
#banner .banner-content { border: 0; }

First line will set minimum height of banner section, second line will help you to remove white border.

You can add this code to the custom.css file in template, or you can add this code straight in template options.

To do this please open template, go to “advanced settings” please enable option “Custom CSS” and in textfield there please paste mentioned code.

Best Regards, Tomasz

hi … the is gr8 template .. but I have small problem, after installed the templates the loin button dos’t work

Hello and thank you for your kind words!

If you have installed template only, please just make sure to publish Joomla login module in “login” module position. Module should be assigned to “all pages”.

You can find also this information in documentation ;)

Thank you once again, Best Regards, Tomasz