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I’ve been waiting for someone to do one of these :P. Nice one.

Thanks man!

Very co(o)l(d)!

Hey, great template. the background image is not showing up in email boxes. it displays fine in a browser. Any ideas? This happens when i tested without changing a line of your code or design.

Thanks, M

Hey Thanks so much for purchasing my email template. All Styles are inline. The background image is in the body tag, but depending on what client you are using you may or may not have a BG img. You will see the BG image in most clients though.

Its most likely because the author didnt put the BG image into the body tag.. as well as create 100% table with Bg image so that Gmail, hotmail and yahoo doesnt strip the bg out.

I’m having an issue with the email not rendering correctly in Outlook, but rendering nicely in IE, Chrome, Firefox. The white area shifts left halfway down the email.

Please send me the email so I may see it and properly trouble shoot it for you. I have tested it in Outlook and it works fine. You might have something open.

You can send the email to support@quezart.com


cpc Purchased

Background image doesn’t work in GMAIL or Outlook 2007.

Positioning is also effected in Outlook 2007.

  • UPDATE Background Images & background colour doesn’t show in Hotmail
  • UPDATE 2 No background colour or image in Yahoo.

I have sent the author some more information.

Thank You Quezart!

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for purchasing

The email template looks good, however, looks are not as important as usability…

Maybe next time you could crate something that works in email clients as well as browsers?!