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Your DEMO don’t work

Probably in the middle of an overnight system upgrade (which took longer than expected). Thanks

Hi, under regular license it says “You can modify or manipulate the Item.” Are we able to change the name of the product?

We would like to use it on a website however, we do not want our client to know the theme name when they click on the themes tab.

Hi, yes, as long it’s for a single project and you do not re-sale or re-distribute the theme under a different name.

Hi. I’m starting to love this theme, so minimal and effective. I’d like to know, first, if it’s possible to create more and one portfolio page, combining different layouts. For example: portfolio category one with only lightbox images, and portfolio category two with standard mansory style. Thanks.

Hello, glad you appreciate it. It can be done with custom work. Thanks

Hi. Really like the theme. Only problem is its a portfolio site and it seems to be compressing the images horribly. They look really pixelated. have tried plugins and adding recommended code to function.php. Not working, do you have any suggestions?

sorry, just to mentions this is pretty urgent. Thanks David

Please open a ticket on https://clapat.ticksy.com/ and provide some screen shots and more details. Thanks

Cool, will do

Hallo. my website is www.marcinportfolio.com I have an issue. How to connect square (main picture) to pages. For some reason its dosent work for me :( It just shows picture.

Hello, Yes the portfolio page is a page with Portfolio template. That’s where you have to change the options. The portfolio items are being created separately and displayed in the portfolio page. Thanks

Thank you. I found those setting and its on “NO”. so looks like all is good but it dosent show up on the main page.

Can you open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and send us admin username and pwd to have a look? Thanks

Can i upload/link a youtube video to portfolio? Since our business is video production company. Thanks!

Hi, You can use gifs for thumbnails images and embed youtube videos inside each project content. Regards

Hello, I am thinking of purchasing this theme. I would like to know if there is functionality for filterable portfolio categories, so that users can easily toggle between various portfolio types directly from the homepage. Thanks

Definitely, check our live demo http://clapat.ro/themes/holver-wordpress/ press the burger menu (the upper right corner) to see the category filters. Thanks

Ah I see. I assumed the burger was just a usual menu icon. Is there a way to permanently have the categories display so users don’t have to click on anything to see them?

Hi, only with custom work. Thanks

hi, i was wondering if in order to use this theme a business plan (from wordpress) is required, or is there a way to use the theme with a free/personal/premium plans insted?

Hi, how can I replace images in the main page? I cant find the open code so I could replace the link of the images to the new one. I have already upload the theme to my wordpress account… in the projects pages I realized how I do that but not in the main page. It would be great if you could help me soon. thanks.

if your main page is a portfolio page as in our demo: http://clapat.ro/themes/holver-wordpress/ you need to replace the featured images for each portfolio project when you go and edit them.

Great!! thanks it’s looks beautiful

How can I make an Update from Visual Composer? Thanks.

We release periodical updates with the latest version of Visual Composer. In the meanwhile you can open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin access. Thanks

Hi! I”m interested in buying the theme, but I”m wondering if it’s possible to remove the footer which says “2016 © Holver Template. All rights reserved.” Please let me know :)

Hello, yes you can leave the copyright text empty in theme options. Or you can hide the entire section with CSS. In both cases you don’t need to edit any file. Thanks

Hi! I was trying to find the Bandcamp social link and i can’t find it. It’s there somehow to change it include it? Thanks!

Hi, try adding the link at the end of the social links list in /includes/defines.php 'xing' => 'Xing', 'bandcamp' => 'Bandcamp' ); Thanks

1. How can I remove the portfolio tag bar + hamburger icon?
2. How can I align right the menu? If I have only 2 menu, there is a huge paddings between each other. See the problem here: http://boldizsarmatyas.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Képernyőfotó-2018-08-21-11.47.12.png
3. How can I add “Vimeo” to social “buttons”? I can’t find it in the dropdown list.

Hey guys, one more question. How can I remove the “holver_portfolio” from my link?http://boldizsarmatyas.com/holver_portfolio/hbo-go-print-campaign/


Please read our documentation at Theme Options > Portfolio Options > Custom slug


Hello, thanks again. Always perfects.

Hi, how can i fix some problem with slide buttons, WP4.8.8 https://imgur.com/a/wAnkloB

Hello, what is the page url?

its problem with all Normal Image Slider


Hello, if you can provide your page url our demo does not have this pb: http://clapat.ro/themes/holver-wordpress/holver_portfolio/karioca-theme/ I suspect that in your case there is a plugin interfering with the slider. Thanks