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hi Im new on this site, and i want to ask, how to install it. I use Shopify.

Thank you

Hi, if you need Shopify – see Shopify category

Hello. We just launched the WordPress version of this design. If you’re interested, please take a look

Great Theme!! This is one of the best on TF…
I’ve two questions, It’s possible to have 3 level dropdown menu?
In gategories list view I want to reduce the height of the row, how?

Best Regards,

Hello. Thanks you, we’re glad you like it. Please open a ticket on and we’ll provide the support.

Thank you, really very nice theme. Thank you for update.

Thank you for buying. We’d be appreciate it if you could rate the template here

Dont you have the same template like this which are not Responsive.

Hi, I don’t have

Hello . I bought just the style. I would pay extra to have it in the version WordPres.Prosz? contact us at e-mail

Hi, I am unable to add logo. text logo is showing but when I upload logo image .png or .jpg, only a small square appears on the page instead of logo. what am I doing wrong? are there size requirements? thanks Sergey

Hello, this is html item. If you bought Wordpress open a ticket please

Hi, I just figured it out. that was my mistake. thanks!

Hi, this theme is fantastic. Is it possible to add the Google Plus Badge and Google Maps responsively to the footer like Facebook and twitter box?


Regards, nemeth9

OK, thanks! We’ll try it!

I tried but this tool doesn’t support https, but our store only working with this protocoll.

you need to search another plugin which supports https

hi, love this design but it takes ages to save pages in EW4. i don’t have this problem with any other website i have worked with. do you know why this is?



Hi, I don’t know what’s ew4

hi mad, its expression web 4. html editor

it needs to see. Open a ticket please

Quick pre-purchase question. Does the template use a custom Bootstrap theme or custom (non-plugin based) JS / CSS? I’d like to incorporate the pages into a site we currently maintain, but I’m concerned that it will conflict with the theme and custom JS and CSS that our site is already using.

Hello, the template is built on top of the bootstrap grid and some of the bootstrap plugins are used but it also uses a lot of custom javascript and css.

Hello I wonder if I can translate the template in wordpress and HTML to Portuguese of Brazil .. can I?


Hi, sure. You can translate HTML template via code, WP via WPML strings plugin

supports Brazil’s currency?

Hi, if you want to use WP version – yes – sure

Presales question, I bought the Flatastic html theme and is very good. Im interesting in buy this but I dont see a page with shortcodes that is very useful. Do you have something like this? thanks.

Hi, unfortunately we don’t have, but I think I will add them soon

That would be nice, I’ll wait for it. Thanks

Hello, tell me please if i can translate it in other language easily? Or you have already Romanian translation?

Hi, you have to add via html.

How? How do i add a new product? In the first page is just one product everyere. How to add a new one and also show up everywhere. Same for categories and the rest. Is it possible to change it for the wordpress one and pay the difference?

Hi, open a ticket please

Hello pre-sales question. I tested your demo and when i see it in any cell phone.. the categories not show properly the submenu. could you fix it on your demo to test it ? Regards Fabian

Mate, this is HTML version. You can add and remove any links via HTML

Maybe i can´t explain myself properly.. I KNOW this is HTML, I KNOW can be edited easy. I not mean that. I need the template fully RESPONSIVE. And in your DEMO,, the template is not fully responsive.. The verticval categories menu when you see it in a cell phone.. the sub-menu (dropdown) not appears..

Hi, I understand what you meant. I will contact to developer to fix this issue

?Hello, where you can download the v1.5 version of plain html version??

What’s outdated version? The latest update was 27 November 2014

This date was more than one year.

Yes and I don’t understand what are you talking about

im intrested in buying this theme is it RTL compatible ?

Contact me via contact form on my profile page please. I will provide download link

i just did

sent it

The live preview page isn’t working. Instead there is a music video and animation.

Hi, thanks a lot, changed the link


reutn Purchased

Hi, I want to buy the RTL theme. is it the regular link here?

sidebar have a problem with multi-levels but i find the solution :- Replace .sidebar-box-content>ul>li:hover .sidebar-dropdown to .sidebar-box-content li:hover>.sidebar-dropdown

Best Regards

Thanks a lot mate