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How users/agent can add agency from front end, or there are option like that? And how agency can add property listing?

Thanks for your questions. To apply Agent to Agency, have to do it from backend, can’t add from frontend. Thanks.

midafree Purchased

Hi author, I’m unable to import demo pages. Only content.

To fix it, please create ticket on my help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net leave your account WordPress(admin role) there, i will check and import Demo Data for you. Thanks

Hey. I wondering is there option to import properties in xml for specific person with some plugin? For example WP All import, or this is imposible? Thanks

To be honest, i haven’t yet test with this, i need more time to test for this on next week, then get back to you. Please create ticket to contact us on help desk https://sp.g5plus.net to get result. Thanks

in india.. Paypal is not gonna work.. even most of the peoples are not gonna use credit cards.. too.. so is any plans to add indian payment gateway. like rozaypay

Unfortunately, i haven’t got schedule to add this, sorry for that.

What system do you use for payment?

Do you use woocommerce?

My system use Paypal, Stripe and Wire Transfer for payment. I don’t use woocommerce.

Can XML be implemented to be able to import to portals? Import or export multiple houses from other websites?

Currently, my theme haven’t got this feature, sorry for that.

in section 04 premade listings styles in most photos it has a filter after the title, but if you click on each of them it doesn’t have that function.

Do you really have the filter row in the properties? Another question, can you add filter by price and sidebar? I don’t see it

Thanks for your questions, can you take screenshot and send url here where you mention here? i will check for you. Thanks

Hey! Do you plan in future add more payment options, because in some countries these payment option really don’t use? And another question, also do you plan add like subscription function for packages, because in my opinion its would be great?

Currently, i haven’t got schedule to update other payment options because we don’t know what is popular over the world. And haven’t got subscription payment for package. Sorry for that. Thanks

How I can change the filter English description in ” Properties search ” result page ? I want to change it into different language .

Please comment with account bought my theme for support or go to my help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net for further support. Thanks

Hey! Do you plan to add places for ads (I mean like banners, Google ads and so on)? Or there already are they?

Thanks for your purchased my theme. We haven’t got schedule to add Ads, because not too much customers want it. You are first customer ask me about it. Thanks


luciocmbr Purchased

Hello, you need to adjust the width of your theme, there is css conflicts and “glitchs” of the width when the page updates.

Please go to help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net create ticket and show us more detail, we will fix if it is a bug or issue, don’t worry. Thanks


juderocks Purchased

I need to display land size, type in featured properties section instead of bedrooms and bathrooms. I need to display properties from last to first.

Where do you want? I need more information. So please create ticket on my help desk https://sp.g5plus.net , sometimes i need private information to check which can’t send public here, that is fastest for us. Thanks

Hello, Im trying to edit the Footer and Header’s mega menu. But Im seeing a full code its not user friendly. I see pure codeing in order for me to do a change. How can this be fixed?

For example Im seeing this: width=”1/4”]g5element_heading title=”Group 01” tag_html=”5”/vc_columng5element_heading title=”Group 02” tag_html=”5”/vc_columng5element_heading title=”Group 03” tag_html=”5”/vc_columng5element_heading title=”Group 04” tag_html=”5”/vc_column

Thanks for your purchased my theme. Seems you viewing code. To fix this, i need check directly on your website. So please go to my help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net create ticket and leave your account WordPress(admin role) there, and send url where error, i will check directly for you, don’t worry. Thanks

comjit Purchased

How can I disable User Packages and Payments? I don’t want those features. User can signup and choose to be an agent. No need of Packages and Payments. How to bypass those steps?

To get it, please setting follow: 1. https://prnt.sc/118lzw0 2. https://prnt.sc/118m070 3. https://prnt.sc/118m0il Let me know result. Thanks

comjit Purchased

I also want to know, Whats the role of agent? i see only normal roles and ERE customer role. Agent comes under which category.

That is Subscriber for agent. Thanks


Ikdrasils Purchased

What updates do you plan to add in future, for example for next 6 month?

Unfortunately, i haven’t got list note update at this time because we fix/update everyday. But we building version for Elementor, that is point in this year. And we trying completed 1 new demo/month. Thanks