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Hello my friend!

My site is not being responsive. I checked past comments and found no option in Customize-> General-> Main-> responsive layout…. (I think it was removed in version 3.1.1) nor did I find the “homeland_modern_menu_js()” function in the “functions.php” file.



Very weird all codes are correct. Can you upload your functions.php file again into your child theme folder. I got an error. Anyway, can you try deactivating your plugins one by one this might cause why the responsive style is not working.


I guess the responsive.css was not being imported from the style.css on the child theme. It’s working now. Thanks

I’m glad it works fine now.


Maps no working on property page or anywhere else. I got the API key and right coordinates but nothing shows, just the title “Property Map”. Can´t figure it out, any idea?.

Also tried using the Homepage + Large Google Map template for homepage and the same…



http: is already blocked in google maps so I changed it to https: (we made some updates of this in our next version 3.1.3) Google map works fine now but I think your API key is invalid because you can see “Oops! Something went wrong.” I tried using my API key and it works fine.

Thank you!


I made a new API key and it’s working fine.

Thank you!!

I’m glad it works fine now.

Pre-sale questions:

1) Does your theme support iHomefinder Optima Express for IDX integration? dsIDXpress has many problems and very poor support.

2) Can there be an IDX horizontal search box on the home page?


1. Currently, this theme supports only dsIDXpress plugin. You can use other plugins without issue but you need to customize some of the plugin CSS to make it look like the theme.

2. dsIDXpress plugin has it. Not sure on the other IDX plugins. If the plugins supports it then it’s very easy to integrate it.


Hi, I need remove default header image from blog single post. Only need showing featured image. How can i do it

Also i don’t need show author, Category,post date and comment on blog page and single post page too. Please let me know how to do it

I’m using Blog time line Template

try adding this custom CSS code.

.blog-timeline-content label, 
.blog-action { display: none; }



I´m using your template for to rent and to sold properties.

When a property is sold, you can set that property as a sold through the properties options.

Would be possible to do the same when a property is rented?



The current version of our theme does not support this. You need to customize the code to achieve the same as sold properties. You can always add rented property in your “Property Status”.


Hi, Seems that the latest version causes a Fatal error, no? Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_theme_file_uri() in /myserver/www/wordpress/wp-content/themes/homeland/functions.php on line 267

Its better to update to latest version for security purposes. Dont forget to rate :)

(It was the dev version of my website ;-) )

I see. Good luck!

Hello Everyone,

We just updated this theme to version 3.1.3 check out the list below. A total of 24 updates. Write us your suggestions here and we will add it soon.

- ADDED: property inquiry icon right beside print icon
- ADDED: agent more information in add new user area in backend 
- FIXED: jQuery validation issues on custom login, register and agent form
- FIXED: color scheme for background price when selecting global color
- FIXED: header alignment width minor issue
- FIXED: Pinterest share window popup width and height
- FIXED: child theme functions.php file for causing duplicate stylesheets
- FIXED: portfolio page minor issue in tablet portrait view
- UPDATED: call to action button element
- UPDATED: google map widget and google map block in page builder
- UPDATED: video shortcode link from HTTP to HTTPS
- UPDATED: property inquiries form message
- UPDATED: URL path for login, forgot password and register forms
- UPDATED: zipcode max length limit to only 5 letters or numbers
- UPDATED: codeex Post Types plugin to version 1.0.1
- UPDATED: TGM plugin activation file
- UPDATED: theme documentations
- UPDATED: language localization files (.mo/.po)
- IMPROVED: print button alignment in mobile view
- IMPROVED: archive description coding on archive and taxonomy pages
- IMPROVED: function codes in functions.php file
- IMPROVED: agent information coding in functions.php file
- CHANGED: HTTP to HTTPS for google map API link
- REMOVED: responsive.css file in child theme folder


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Can it be used as institutional?

You can but you need to customize it. Thanks

Hi, language files (po and mo) are not up to date. Can you update this files with all text in the theme? I need translate to pt_BR. You can see my files in: https://we.tl/xO0t0MxxqO


If you check our changelog, we always include these files to be up to date -> http://themecss.com/wp/switcher/docs/homeland/changelog.txt

Try to “Update from Sources” from your Poedit software.

or you mean, translate all strings from our .po files? If yes, then you will be the one to translate it.


Something is VERY wrong with the support. the moment I started asking questions I am banned now from the support forum. What’s wrong? isn’t this supposed to be PAYED customer support? my questions are not even the most complex or crazy, they were just regular questions and now you banned me, why?


We dont ban anybody in our support forum. Something strange happened in our support forum and we cant logged in also. Currently we are fixing the issue. For the meantime, If you have any questions please ask it here.

Thank you!


Regarding my number formatting and advance search issues, I made the following video on which I show you how number formatting and advance search don’t work when viewing the site as a regular user—but when I am customizing the theme, formatting and advance search works.


Hi, in your example (http://themecss.com/wp/Homeland/), how can you set different imagens in the top banner use images with 1349×467 and in the Latest Properties use imagens with 330×230. In my theme the homeland use the same image for both areas.


1. Top Banner images can be added to your “Pages” and then scroll at the bottom you will see “Page Options” and then go to “Images” tab and add your “Header Images” by click “Upload” button.

2. Properties images with 330×230 can be added into your “Properties” and then go to “Featured Image” click link “Set featured image”. Read more info here -> https://goo.gl/LCocyS

I hope that helps!


First, great theme.

I have tried to register on support but I did not receive the confirmation email. So I’m going to get my doubts right here!

(1) Postal code: The theme only allows me to put 5 numbers, but in Brazil the postal code has 8 numbers. How do I increase the numbers?

(2) Property video: In property options there is no option to put video, as it shows in the demo and I also did not find this information in the documentation. Where do I find the option to put the video?

(3) Agent page: I would like to put information about the agent. In the documentation you say to:

In your page attributes “Template” section select “Agents”.

However, I didn’t find this attribute on the page, as it shows here: https://www.screencast.com/t/VKM5ywgliYUF

How do I solve this problem?

(4) Homepage index: The Yoast SEO plugin has found the following problem:

“Your homepage can not be indexed by search engines. This is very bad for SEO and should be fixed.”

This has really worried me! How can we solve this issue?

Thank you! ;)


4. Can you try contacting your hosting server about this? Your site is cannot be found when I test it in google -> https://search.google.com/search-console/mobile-friendly?utm_source=mft&utm_medium=redirect&utm_campaign=mft-redirect&id=BKv5LSjE5VI2Fms8TVHg5A I found this link here -> https://kb.yoast.com/kb/your-site-isnt-indexable/

5. I tested your search sidebar and it works fine -> http://naturamweb.com.br/imobiliaria/?s=Sobre+Ubatuba What do you mean by not working?



4. I saw this… I’ll check it out

5. I meant this search ( https://www.screencast.com/t/dVaIq2b16cqW ) sorry…


5. Please read instruction here -> https://goo.gl/72DAKd


Hello codeex,

I have presale question, the membership package I want change it to top up credits method, mean every time front end user they can sign up a free account , if they want to post a listing they need to top up credits. Posting one listing maybe cost them one or two credits.

is that possible to make this ?



This theme does not support any costing or payment method.


Hello Everyone,

We just updated this theme to version 3.1.4 check out the list below. A total of 13 updates. Write us your suggestions here and we will add it soon.

- FIXED: image size options duplicate when inserting image into post 
- FIXED: social icons first child with border when selecting social brand colors 
- FIXED: include template coding in functions.php 
- FIXED: minor CSS issue for WordPress gallery shortcode layout 
- UPDATED: agent grid right and left sidebar custom page template 
- UPDATED: WPML plugin support to version 3.6.3 compatibility 
- UPDATED: to WordPress version 4.7.4 compatibility 
- UPDATED: TGM plugin activation file 
- UPDATED: codeex post type plugin to version 1.0.2 
- UPDATED: theme documentations
- UPDATED: language localization files (.po/.mo)
- IMPROVED: address google map info window display automatically on page load 
- CHANGED: property zip code maxlength from 5 changed to 10

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Hi Codeex, I need show designation & Email address on http://arabvisiondubai.com/agents/ Agent page as well http://arabvisiondubai.com/author/sunilp/ of all agents profile pages. Please let me know how to do it. Thanks