Discussion on Homely - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Discussion on Homely - Real Estate WordPress Theme

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donclic Purchased

Hello, is there an option for filtering a product listing by price? ie, display specific price ranges? thank you

Yes, you can filter properties by exact price range. You’ll want to use the box filter layout, for example, it is used here: https://homely.nightshiftcreative.co/?home_banner_source=properties

Hello, this theme wasn’t updated in 2022. What about compatibility with WP 6.0.2?


Hello! pre-sales questions: The agent can select properties with different characteristics and be able to send a link to the clients. Without having to send them one by one?

Hello, unfortunately this feature is not included. Agents will have to manually send links to clients.


After the step-by-step guided documentation, we continue with the same problem in the Search Filter, as detailed below:

1. Search Filter Home Page: https://elopes.com.br/ 2. We created a Property Listing page with the standards defined in the documents: https://elopes.com.br/listagem-de-propriedades 3 . Within Theme Options > Property > Property Listing Options, I pointed to a Property Listing page as the destination: https://elopes.com.br/listagem-de-propriedades

And, unfortunately, the search engine is still not working.

I made a second creative attempt to solve the problem, determined the Search Filter itself within the Property Listing page, and it didn’t work either.

I’ve noticed that other theme clients are getting the exact same problem. What is the ultimate solution please?

I’m waiting and since now, thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

João Victor


Sorry for the issues you’re experiencing!

On https://elopes.com.br/, you have Homely version 1.6 installed. Please update the theme to the latest version (2.3). If this does not resolve your issues, please let us know and we’ll take a look.

Here is a helpful guide on how to update your theme.

Thanks, Chris

Hi; Some pre sale questions:

1.- Do agents have their own page with enquiries made by users to them? Like a historical request section.

2.- Can Users register using Google or Facebook and save their property searches?

3.- Will Users (that submit a property) be able to see how many times their property has been seen? Will they know which agents are in charge of their property?

4.- Can Users ask for a property with certain conditions, if there is no property listed with that characteristics?

5.- Can we know how many times a property has been published?

6.- Can the property have a track of leads, can this be published in the front end?

7.- Can I set up free property submission and publication for a period of time, and then charge for it (first 3 months is free, they start paying starting the fourth month)?

8.- Can I integrate it with Active Campaign?

Thank you sooo much!

Hello, happy to answers your questions. Please see below:

1. Yes, agents have their own page. However enquires are not logged, there is only a contact form which will send to the agents email

2. No, this functionality is not currently available in the theme. It could be accomplished with third-party plugins

3. No, this functionality is not currently available in the theme

4. There is a contact form template included in the theme

5. WordPress native revision history logs this data

6. No, this functionality is not currently available in the theme

7. No, this functionality is not currently available in the theme

8. No, this functionality is not currently available in the theme

Thanks, Chris

Hello gentlemen, good morning!

We note that, unfortunately, the property search system (https://elopes.com.br/) simply stops working.

We set up any specific type of search and it cannot work when clicking “search”

Note: I tried to send via your support system, but the support system did not allow us.

I await your analysis and thank you!

I wish you an excellent Wednesday!

Best regards,

João Victor


You need to following the steps here for creating your properties listing page: https://products.nightshiftcreative.co/docs/homely/creating-properties-listing-page/

Make sure it is set in the theme options.

Thanks, Chris


Após o passo a passo na documentação orientado, continuamos com o mesmo problema no Filtro de Busca, conforme detalhes abaixo:

1. Filtro de Busca Página Inicial: https://elopes.com.br/ 2. Criamos uma página de Listagem de Propriedades com os padrões definidos na documentação: https://elopes.com.br/listagem-de-propriedades 3. Dentro de Theme Options > Property> Property Listing Options, apontei a página de Listagem de Propriedades como destino: https://elopes.com.br/listagem-de-propriedades

E infelizmente, o sistema de busca continua não funcionando.

Fiz uma segunda tentativa criativa para solucionar problema, inserindo o próprio Filtro de Busca dentro da página de Listagem de Propriedades e também não funcionou.

Observei que outros clientes do tema estão obtendo exatamente o mesmo problema. Qual é a solução definitiva por favor?

Fico no aguardo e desde já, muito obrigado.

Os melhores cumprimentos,

João Victor

Hi, i have a tricky question. Im being ask to work on the site opinsa.cl with homely theme but im not sure if the site is working with the official theme because there is some features that are not working. For instance, the search bar is not showing any action when i click “search”.

Elementor pro in included also to the theme? If i will like to re buy the theme, could i keep the actual content and settings but correct the problems related to the search bar and other features of customization.



Could you please submit a ticket here and I’d be happy to assist: https://nightshift.ticksy.com/

The theme is compatible with Elementor, but Elementor Pro is not included.

Thanks, Chris

Hello… I’m interested in your theme! Is it support Multilanguage and can i add virtual tour to the theme ?

Hello, our theme does not have a native solution for multilingual functionality, but you should be able to accomplish this with a third-party plugin, such as polylang: https://wordpress.org/plugins/polylang/

If the virtual tour is an embed code, you can place this is the property description.


I have some easy questions

1- Boothstrap version?

2- PHP version?

3- Html 5?

4- CSS version?

5- Can we make Country and City search. First select Country then city?

6- Can we make “random” listing of properties?

7-Can we make some properties as higher membership model? Like making them list priority top. How many different membership models can we have?

8- Do you have dashboards for every user and show statistics like page views etc?

1. Bootstrap v3.4.1
2. PHP 7.4
3. Yes
4. CSS3
5. No, the search only includes Property Location. Which is a dropdown of all available property cities, states, and countries
6. Property listing can be sorted by date or price. Random is a default option.
7. This theme does not include any membership functionality
8. Yes, all users have a dashboard. Page view stats is not an included widget.

Hello, here I have installed the theme … and the search engine for the theme has not been working for a while, could you please tell me how I can solve it.

Also so that users don’t have to log in to add a new property, I really appreciate your help

Check and I must renew the support, but it is unfair because I have never used the support and that when I made the purchase this is not fair.

Can you help me please because that is an error of the template

Hello, please make sure that your properties page is created and set in the Theme Options, refer to documentation here: https://products.nightshiftcreative.co/docs/homely/creating-properties-listing-page/

If you need more extensive support, you’ll need to renew your support and create a ticket on our support portal: https://nightshift.ticksy.com/

Hello, good afternoon!

We have a need to insert reference code within each property for better organization. It’s possible?

If not possible, any suggestions for a solution to this?

I wish you an excellent job! Thank you!

João Victor


We can better assist you if you submit a ticket here: https://nightshift.ticksy.com/

Thanks! Chris

Good morning Chris,

Perfect! I tried to make the shipment as requested, however, the system allowed me due to the expiration of the purchase code.

How can I get help?

It is worth mentioning that during the Homely acquisition period, I NEVER requested a support. I’m doing this support request for the first time.

I look forward to your guidance to continue, as I believe you will have the understanding to help me.

Thank you very much and an excellent working week!

João Victor

Hi João,

Please refer to envatos documentation on extending and renewing support: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/207886473-Extending-and-Renewing-Item-Support

Thanks! Chris

mobile menu just stopped working. it is there but when clicking it does not do anything. no i dont have support subscription as it already expired. but it should not happen and menu is expected to work perfectly just like before

Please install the latest theme release, this issue has been resolved.

Thanks, Chris

how do i install it without losing my whole site and configurations?

Updating the theme will not interfere with your content or configurations:

Here are instructions on updating the theme:

1. First, you will need to download the latest version of your theme. Go to the ThemeForest downloads and download the installable zip file (installable WordPress files only).

2. Unzip that file, you will find inside the folder called the same as the theme, where the theme files are located (the root folder of the theme is the one which has the style.css file in it).

3. Overwrite all the files in the current version of the theme (wp-content/themes/homely/) with the new files. You can do this using FTP, SFTP or SSH protocols. Or you can do it through the WordPress admin. Go to Appearance > Themes. First you’ll need to activate a default WordPress theme (such as the 2021 theme). Then hover over the Homely theme and click Theme Details. In the lower right corner, click the Delete button. Then, simply follow the instructions here for installing the theme with the updated version you just downloaded: https://products.nightshiftcreative.co/docs/homely/installing-the-theme/

Hello, I have two questions:

1) My client, somehow, disappeared with the option to insert this box (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gb3pRe0OBiGCQG0Plk1gcRAF1QK5TuoQ/view?usp=sharing) on property page. How can I enable it again?

2) Is it possible to turn off this green box (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f7zqa3pbPiU-2iwLjgB-xqJl_QFGt_qD/view?usp=sharing) of agents profile?



We can better assist you on our support system. Would you mind creating a ticket with your issue here: https://nightshift.ticksy.com/

Thanks! Chris

i have purchased this theme year back and installed on http://delhiassociates.com/ now i want to use this on different domain…is it possible??

Yes, you can install the theme on a different domain

I have created a ticket to get help importing demo. But no one replied to it since a week.


Sorry for the delayed response. Your ticket has been updated.

Thanks, Chris

Is there a video on how to remove or add more options to the home page? For instance, I want to remove “Our Partners” in the home page but can’t figure out. A video on customisation will help.

Hello, there is a video on creating the home page here: https://vimeo.com/235945431

There is also documentation on the home page here: https://products.nightshiftcreative.co/docs/homely/creating-the-home-page/

Thanks, Chris

Property paging is not working!!!!!!!

Hello, sorry for the issues, we have responded to your support ticket!

Unable to import Demo Content media.

Hi, I have responded to your support ticket, thanks! :)

Have a pre-sale question: Does the template support Rest API populating all fields including images? is it documented?

Hello, this has not been tested with the theme. The theme options are built using WordPress’s standard Settings API, documented here: https://codex.wordpress.org/Settings_API

hello ..

my website 2 language ( AR/En) when I check the RTL in the theme options the site in English langue still RLT !? what can I doing ?

thank you

And the Telegram icon in footer, how can I change it ?

Hi, we have received your ticket and will respond as soon as possible.


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