Discussion on Homes Realestate unbounce Landing Page

Discussion on Homes Realestate unbounce Landing Page

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I purchased this and its not a HTML theme, and forcing me to get the page done on Unbounce website which is paid. Kindly share HTML on my email else refund my money.


dshorts Purchased

I need a refund for this site. It is not a WP site, however, its marketing approach suggest it to be a WP. I only do WP sites, not familiar with any others. Thank you for understanding.


dshorts Purchased

Hello I bought this landing page and I can not upload it because files are missing, namely, the Stylesheet. Please provide with all the files to install or perhaps a refund. Thank you.


dshorts Purchased

I need a FULL REFUND immediately. This template is being sold under a WP logo and its not a WordPress template. It is very misleading and I need a full refund immediately. I don’t know what this template is (UNBOUNCE) nor do I care to learn. Please refund my purchase immediately.

I am very disappointed.

I wanted a HTML page to purchase. Never heard of bounce before. NO INTERESTED in bounce services, so I wasted $20 on a product I am not interested in using.

I cannot see an option to get a refund.

I don’t need a bounce page. I just want an HTML page I can edit. I am not ready or prepared to learn a new application (however easy it may be) right now. Time is against me. I needed a template to edit NOW.

Please purchase this item It has HTML version, with some extra landing pages.


After purchasing create a refund request for unbounce item.

can i get refund , i thought the theme support wordpress , but it,s not

Hello I sent you a message a while back and I never got a response. I also contacted you email

Hello, I bought your landing page on ThemeForest thinking it was for Wordpress. Do you have it on wordpress? I notice someone had the same issue and you told them to email you.

Hello, I bought this landing page thinking it was for Wordpress. is there any way I can get it for WordPress since I already bought it.

I haven’t been help

Hello. How do I edit this theme and is it compatible using Wordpress?

This is not a wordpress theme. If you need it in wordpress we can convert it for you.

Yes i would love that. Will I be able to add any plug ins from Wordpress?

Yes kindly contact me at xvelopers@outlook.com or using my profile.


My name is Shir and I’ve purchased your template, buy I cant use it because it come as unbounce file and not as HTML (Why is it like this?)... I paid $23 for your template and now unboune want another $48 just to use there platform, that is an absurd … If not i wish to refund it.

Please advise me…

Best, Shir Soffer

Hey, actually this was unbounce theme so it has to be used in their platform which is not free. As far as its about refund, you would have to contact themeforest support , payments are handled by them, You can email me i have its HTML as well


I will be happy to get the HTML files…


Thanks Shir

I am having problem making this unbounce theme work. can you help??

yes please tell me issue you are facing.

I upload the zip on my server, i dont have an email sent to me. Please help upload this

This template is for http://unbounce.com/ landing pages. You can not upload zip to your server.

Hello, i purchased the .unbounce thinking it was an HTML template my mistake, but since i already paid for it , could you happen to have this in HTML/css format?

Sorry its only unbounce

Nice work, GLWS! :)


Nice Item, Creative! GLWS ;)


Congrats, Creative and Clean, GLWS :)


really well done :)


Nice Item, Creative and Clean, GL :)

thanks :D


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