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Hi, Nice theme. Just wondering if Events can be categorised and filtered in the list view?

Hi robgc,

Sorry not at the moment. We are planning on adding these features in a future update.


Hello, The donation it is made ??directly to paypal , or its the woocomerce , easydownload .

For Brazil, the woocomerce is better, paypal is bad, and easydownload very expensive.

thank you

Hi liperd,

The donation is setup with Paypal. The theme supports Woocommerce so you can use Woocommerce for donations if you wish.

Thanks for your inquiry.



You theme looks great. I have a Pre-purchase question. Can i import your theme using wp tools with data so that it will look like on the demo site.?


Hi coolunuz,

Yes you can – our theme comes bundled with demo files.

Thanks for your inquiry.

At 784 px wide, it is showing both the “mobile” menu along with the menu that shows up on the desktop view. Is there a way to hide the desktop menu at 784 px.


Hi amyjo0788,

Please download the theme again and re-install it – we just released a silent fix for that.


Getting a message that the WooCommerce Templates are out of date? I don’t see an update available through the dashboard. Is there one available?

Hi tebothibeau,

Please email us your purchase code for support verification at themesupport@pulsarmedia.ca


No worries. I created a child theme and re-enabled the default WooCommerce templates in the functions.php file, as the templates that were packaged with the theme were extremely unintuitive and customers were having a hard time trying to figure out how to check out. So both problems solved in one fell swoop! Thanks for replying, though!

Is there a support site for buyers? I sent email but we’re missing a lot of items, the demo pages are not recognized by Visual Composer, fonts aren’t responding to choices and more. I’ve read through your documentation (from 2013) but elements you mention aren’t in our choices. How do we get help with this?

Hi techtriadinc,

We do have a support forum but it requires a valid purchase code and support policy to access. Feel free to re-send your email along with your purchase code to themesupport@pulsarmedia.ca


Hi. Can I build in text mode and custom build and edit my own pages or am I 100% dependent on using web building software like Visual Composer? Please let me know.

Hi kurson,

You have the ability to do both. Our theme has custom shortcodes integrated into the editor that allows you to create bootstrap rows and columns via shortcodes – or you can use Visual Composer to create rows and columns…whichever you prefer.



holiet Purchased

like changing the slider read more news by another word since my site is in Spanish


holiet Purchased

Fixed editing localization.pot and went up the directory. es_CO.mo and es_CO.po and delete localization.pot.

Hi holiet,

We don’t understand the nature of your inquiry. Are you having issues translating the theme?

Please clarify, thanks.

Hi, I just bought this theme and have imported the demo content. Do I have to buy Visual Composer’s “Templatera”? I would like the front page to have the same layout as the demo. Thanks

Hi steward_j,

No you do not need to purchase Templatera and we no longer support it. The demo layout is already included in the XML file so again Templatera is not required for the setup process.



kbnfaal Purchased


I bought the theme and installed it. But the font is not looking like the one in the demo file even though i uploaded xml demo content. Can you help?

www.oscf-gm.org is the website URL

Hi kbnfaal,

Did you import the OptionTree settings?

No we did not. Should i do that at this current stage? We have gone very far and i don’t want to risk losing the work done.


Hi kbnfaal,

If you’ve made changes already under the Theme Options section then your settings will be overwritten if you import the OptionTree settings file.

I would recommend downloading the following file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/90339236/Hope-required-css.txt

Then go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Required CSS and copy and paste the contents of the text file into this section. Then go to “Font Settings” and copy and paste the following into the Google Fonts code text area:


Then press “Save Changes” and that should apply the fonts to your site.


Hi, looking into purchasing, could you tell me can i use demo data? / are there short codes to make it look like the example for visual composer? On updates, will things be replaced back to demo data or keep our content?

Is the donation system, a collaborative amount, or can we set up individual fund causes that would have their own individual totals? Also can the donation system be made into £ instead of $.

Thank you

Hi islalalalalaror,

Here are the answers to your questions:

1. Yes you can use the demo data
2. Yes our theme uses custom shortcodes in conjunction with Visual composer
3. No, your data will remain intact
4. You can create individual donations each with their own amounts using the PayPal plugin bundled with the theme
5. Yes you can use the pound symbol (£) for payments

Hope this answers your questions.

Thanks for your inquiry.

Hi, is it possible to deactivate the roll-over animations on the blog and all related sidebars? Thanks!