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Thank you.

Congrats!Good luck! :)

Thank you.

Thank you.

Great template, GLWS! ;)

Glad you like it, thank you.

Congratulations!!! :)

Thanks ThemeRox.

Great work! Congrats! :)

Thank you AirTheme.

Great one page template ! GLWS :)

Appreciated, thanks metrothemes.

Congrats! GLWS

Thanks daveeeo.

Dear buyers, if you like the theme please rate it. It is greatly appreciated, Zorbix.

I appreciate your design. I think a lot of people love it

Thank you for your kind comment.

When do you expect to have a Wordpress version of this theme?

Hi otavioaugusto. Thanks for your interest, I will be making a wordpress version but at this time I’m not sure about the time scale.

Hi, Excelent theme!

I’m thinking to buy it, but I have a question, Is there paralax for page background images, not only for the main image?

Dear MaRkiTuS,

Thanks I’m glad you like it. Not by default, but this can be easily done. All is that required is to add the parallax class to the section wrapper.

However I have amended the parallax plugin as it needs large background images and I don’t like this for bandwidth and page load speed. So I can send you this if you contact me via my profile


Is there a psd for this?

Hi mrdfrost, sorry there isnt one as almost all the graphics in the theme are made with css and icon fonts

I’m absolutely in love with this template. Thinking of buying it, but I wanted to know if the contact form files are included in the files, or if I would have to buy those separately.

Let me know please.

Hi Zorbix,

I’ve called my client to ask if there’s any php files in the horizon folder and she told me there’s no php folder or files in her download file.

I decided to ask because I’ve been trying for a couple of hours to get the form to work with another form processor but due to the javascript it keeps messing up.

In which folder is the send_message.php supposed to be?

Hi, I’ve just downloaded the folder myself just to make sure that for some reason it was missing but its definitely there, it’s in the PHP folder. I think maybe ask them to re-download it. And if you have done a lot of editing already then just copy over the PHP folder from the download.

Ok perfect! I got her to redownload the file and it’s now working.

Hi Zorbix,

I am amazed by this excellent template. Before I make a decision to buy it, I would like to send you a mail (through your profile page) with some customization related questions, if you don’t mind.

Warmest regards, fbyte

Hi fbyte. Of cause feel free to contact me via my profile page.

First, it’s a great template! Secondly I want to say thank you for the fantastic support. Zorbix stunning and sympathetic person, helped me solve all the problems. Great job.

Hi bubniv, thank you that’s very kind. I’m glad you like the template and thanks for leaving a review, very much appreciated.

Hi i just got this design and its great :)

1 question could you maybe email the pictures that you have under Research, Planning & Design the 3 pictures in the boxes between portfolio and our process.

2. could you maybe send me aswell those 3 pictures that you have in under our proces?

thanks :) nice design looks great very happy.


Glad you like it :)

The our process images are from graphic river so I can’t send you them but here’s the link:


The other pictures are free:

http://www.techandall.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/techandall_3D_website_display_mockup_large.jpg http://www.pixeden.com/media/k2/galleries/429/001-disk-cd-cover-presentation-brand-music-mock-up-psd.jpg

The third one I haven’t got the link at the moment as I am on a different computer but as it’s creative commons if you contact me via my profile I can email you it.

Hi Zorbix,

Thanks for your quick reply to my queries! As you can see, I made the decision and purchased this fine template. I will get back to you later regarding your answers to my questions.

Thanks again for everything! :)

Cheers, fbyte

Thanks again for the purchase and brilliant review, very much appreciated.

How do I change the location shown on the map under contact?

Nevermind, I found it.

Hi markkipling, glad you found it. If you have any other questions I am here. Regards, Zorbix.

ello, I would like to know how to change the dimensions of the logo when the web is seen on a mobile.

thanks greetings

Hi zeroku, the css for this is in the file ‘css/layout.css’ right at the bottom. If it would help, I can email you a version of this file with the downsize of the logo turned off. Just contact me via my profile page.

perfect!!! solved!! thanks :)