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Hello, The background Images don’t load properly on the We are and sliding pages, please help

Just add the below style in base.min.css file to fix the problem

.mainContent .parallax { background-position: initial; }


If i want to change the color of the vertical scroll of the entire page? where file and line i need to edit? im using the dark version.


and how to keep it visible… thanks!

The color style is placed in color.css file and visibility enable option is placed in custom scrollbar plugin, please contact me through my profile page with details


in!service when you click on MOTION PICTURE a vimeo embed player appears. How can we change the size of this video player?

I’ve search for it inside the css files but I can’t find how to do it. We want to make it bigger and it seems that you can’t do that using the Vimeo parameters.

Thank you in advance, Guiem

I will check it and let you know, please contact me through my portfolio

Hi there, I need some help with the mobile menu

When click is open (everything OK ) but when I click to links it doesn’t closed back the mobile menu but is stays open and you have to click again on the menu mobile toggle symbol to closed the mobile menu so then you see the page you are…

Can you provide help to change this with the mobile menu?

Thank you

and also please there is no… i did it manual but if there is a !#none (a name that is not in menu or in site then we have a blank page and the 404.html manual page can not be load…) so please it this possible to give some support to that?

thank you

Hey I just bought this template, and the background images don’t load correctly on the Who, We are, pages. How to fix that?

Replied to your email