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Looks wonderfull ;)

Thanks MoonStar :)

Awesome work! ;)

Thanks louiejie

Great work GLWS

Thanks themeslust

Wow very cool :) Best of luck

Thanks daveeeo

Great work ! Do you believe that you will make a version for joomla CMS ?

Currently, i don’t have any idea to make for joomla

Thanks Australia

Do you believe that you will make a version for WP ?

It will be launch within one or two month :)

Is there a way to make the video embed from Vimeo loop?

What needs to be changed so the bottom footer stays open all the time, and if someone wants to close to click on the X..?

Just contact me through my profile page with details.

Hi there is this template possible to use for WP?

it’s a simple HTML file, you can’t use in WordPress

Hello sir, Thank you a lot for this great template.

I can’t find how to modify the icons in the services page, also i can’t modify the map as well.

Please show me where i can find the source of the icons and the source of the google map directions.


contact me through my profile page with details

i already did :)

Hi FMedia…. I sent you an e-mail from your profile… did you receive it???

Replied to your email

Hi! How to loop a Background video ?

sorry it’s not availiable

I found another way, at on settings you can change the settings so when de video end’s it goes to the first frame. It helps ;)

Thank you

I am a noobie and I don’t know how to upload this template in my Cpanel :( any help?

It’s a simple HTML file, you just upload all files in your server it will work, it doesn’t contain admin panel. To edit the file you have basic html knowledge

Thank Choo!

Hello Sir- Great template! However I can not modify the google map on the contact page and there are no directions for this in the help pdf you created. Can you please send instructions with how to change the google map?

in custom.min.js file on 782nd line you see the google.maps.LatLng(34.05223, -118.24368) code, Just change the LatLng value that’s all

Thanks a lot for the support and help, can you please let me know which is the code that specifies the responsive design?

Love this template!

The responsive code is placed in main-fm.js and media@ style in main.css and base.css file, It’s really hard to remove the responsive in this site

the thing is, it totally works on an iPad with the fullscreen index, but in the iPhone it doesn’t work, any idea?

contact me through my profile page with details and link I will check it

nice template, shame it doesn’t work on a Samsung S2.

nice template, can we drop down menu when mouse over on it instead of clicking? and does it responsive on samsung phone? thanks a lot.

hello…....anyone there?

Just contact me through my profile page with details

yes i did, please check your junk mail. regarding the drop down menu on samsung s3. from Kim. thanks.

hello anyone there? can someone reply my email thanks.

Replied to your email

Latest chrome browser have small issue so Please download and replace the custom.min.js.