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Really nice work indeed ! I’ve trouble to navigate on iPad : in either positions (vertical or horizontal) I can’t the right part of the page. How do you manage to navigate horizontally on the site ?

Hi! Contact us via email please.

Tested on the demo site I’ll mail u ;)

Looks amazing…. on chrome mac osx the mouse push/pull navigation only works for horizontal scrolling. Vertical scrolling requires mouse wheel. Also on Android 10” tablet no scrolling in either direction.

Otherwise has a great potential! Love the innovative design. It can apply for sooo many projects!

Thanx! Will check and fix it.

Very innovative design, wonderful typography as well Congrats for the Concept and I wish you many sells! :)

Hi Yashma,

Did you fix the tablet (iPad) problem ?

Hi! yes it’s fixed.

really creative and new. looks cool!

Awesome! Purchased. There is no readme-file? :(

How can I remove the style-switcher on every page?

THANKS for this awesome template dude…

Thanx will check this and update.

Now you can contact us via email, will send you documentation while html template will be updated.

Is it possible that I link a image in the gallerific gallery? I have 2 images in my gallery and want that a new site opens if I click on the last image?!

And one last question :)

It´s about the Slidedown Element:

If I click on the title of the element it opens the slidedown content. I want to close the content with a click on the same title.

Is this possible?

Hi! We will add it in our next update!

looks great! waiting on all the updates mention in the comment. Docs, etc

ok there is an error when using with the latest jquery plugin. Im using version 1.7.

all the gallerific thumb have an “undefined” when you mouse over it.

Using the version that came with the download works.

I wrote you a mail regarding the .cur file. Is there no further mail support :) ?

Hi! If you want to reset mouse cursor to default go – horizzon/layout/style.css line 220, option cursor: url("images/cursor_1.cur"), move;

Thanks. I know this. I want to use my own image but it is not possible to convert it. Which program did you use for converting your images?

ArtCursors 1. Launch the program, then choose size and number of colors for your cursor.
2. Choose “File – Import Image List – as New Cursor” and in window select your image.
3. Choose “Cursor – Hot Spot” and enter coordinates for active point in your cursor.
4. Choose “File – Save As” and save your new cursor.

NOTE : ArtCursors is shareware, but you can use it during 30 days for free (trial period)

I purchased this theme for wordpress… I give up on using this theme. It is not very friendly and isn’t working properly. I feel like I wasted my money. Time to look for another one. I do not reccommend. I am not comfortable giving my username, password, and all ftp information to the developer to get it working. It seems like It should be working from the start, like the other themes. Again, I feel like Ive been ripped off – - – the site for this theme isn’t even listed anymore… ???

Hi mate, this is a great template.

I do however want to change one thing, I want to show a scroll on the footer so users can slide it side ways and view side posts, any suggestions?

Thank you

is there a version 2 to this theme?

Hello rooster123! What do you mean, update of the theme?

i thought I saw a version 2 to this theme. is there one? an update would be great too. I love the theme and wanted to see if the a v2 had/can have the additional features I am looking for like vertical scrolling column of blog posts.

Hi rooster, unfortunately we do not plan to update this theme or add new feature.