Hoshi - Responsive Masonry Ghost Blog Theme

Hoshi - Responsive Masonry Ghost Blog Theme


Hoshi is a modern, responsive theme for the powerful Ghost blogging platform. It’s perfect for blogs with content related to travel, art, graphic design. Hoshi is perfect for any image based blog.

General features

  • Ready for latest Ghost 2.1
  • Clean design
  • Lightweight and minimal
  • Super fast
  • Masonry layout style
  • Fully responsive
  • Responsive video
  • Compatible with modern browsers
  • Looks good on any device
  • Updated regularly
  • Fast support

Supports inbuilt Ghost features

  • Koenig editor
  • Gallery card in Koenig editor
  • Translation ready
  • Featured Post and Page
  • Multiple authors
  • Custom post excerpt
  • Post, Page, Tag and Author page
  • Blog cover image, title and description
  • Logo support
  • Author cover image, avatar, bio, website and social links
  • Tag cover image and description
  • Facebook and Twitter social links
  • Next and Previous post navigation in post view
  • Subscription form

Additional theme features

  • Post background colours in home view
  • Comments with Disqus
  • Share post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Additional social links

Theme tested on:


All photos used in the theme demo are from Unsplash

Changelog Hoshi for Ghost 2.0.0 or later
Version 1.3.1
Added: Support for gallery card in Koenig editor
Fixed: Issue with full size image in Koenig editor
Improvement: Reframe.js replaces FluidVids.js
Small bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 1.3.0
Added: Support for Ghost 2.0.0
Changelog Hoshi for Ghost 1.22.0-1.25.5
Version 1.2.0
Added: Support for Koenig editor
Improvement: Better font rendering in macOS
Small bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 1.1.0
Added: Support for Ghost translation
Added: Support for multiple authors
Changelog Hoshi for Ghost 1.0.0-1.21.7
Version 1.0.4
Added: Support for Ghost 1.0.0
New: Static pages in the featured section
Changelog Hoshi for Ghost 0.11.0-0.11.13
Version 1.0.3
Fixed: Issue with masonry layout for Safari (macOS) and iOS

Version 1.0.2
Fixed: Issue with long author name

Version 1.0.1
Fixed: Issue with menu on mobile devices
Fixed: Issue with author image

Version 1.0.0