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hello, nice theme. Is the theme responsive? When I go to my site on a mobile device it shows the default language and logos. How can we get this fixed.

Hi dbharrison,

Please, send me request via my page.

I’ve sent you a request via your page a while ago related to custom blocks, for now. Hope to rate it 5/5 at the end.

Hi experthost,

If that, please contact.

Awesome theme. I have questions. Can I put “Start Your Domain Search” on to homepage? Can change this theme into dark (black) style?


Hi anitafin,

Yes, you can make it. If the help is required, please send me request via my page

can you please release a simple html version

Hi frontspace,

I think it will soon be.

Ok, now, bought.

Cannot open site in Android. Not even openning the demo site. Don’t have an iPhone so not able to test.

Any hints?


Hi AndrewCHK,

Please, send me request via my page

Demo site is broken… please monitor your projects and re-upload a demo site.

Hi phila82r,

Sorry, it was a problem with server. Now already everything works.

would be nice to see the demo, interested buyer here.

Hi xstortionist,

Sorry, it was a problem with server. Now already everything works.

Okay, no feedback from the developer at all, no reply for support email too.

Any one has Android issue? Any solution?

And, the demo site is down…

Hi AndrewCHK,

Sorry, it was a problem with server. Now already everything works.
Please, send me request via my page

How do i create a page that just displays the content of the page and no widgets other than standard sidebar?

I am trying to use the whmcs bridge plugin and it automatically generates the portal on a particular page. However its having a problem with this theme?


Hi AskOnlineSolutions,

Please, send me request via my page

Did someone enabled debug function? I got plenty of notices and warnings such as:
PHP Notice:  Trying to get property of non-object in /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/xxxxxxxx/wp-content/plugins/gantry/core/gantry.class.php on line 855 
PHP Notice:  Undefined index: title in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/xxxxxxxxx/wp-content/plugins/gantry/html/layouts/chrome_standard.php on line 60 
PHP Notice:  Undefined index: enumerate in /home/xxxx/public_html/xxxx/wp-content/plugins/thethe-tabs-and-accordions/lib/class.js-haccord.php on line 82 
or even
 PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: strHtml in /home/xxx/public_html/xxxx/wp-content/plugins/gantry/core/gantry.class.php on line 836 
as well as
: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/xxxxx/public_html/xxxxx/wp-includes/functions.php:2714) in /home/xxxxx/public_html/xxxx/wp-content/plugins/gantry/functions.php on line 148 
At the beginning I did a clean customization and lately working with quick-start (which I must admit is a good thing). After having homepage testimonials no longer working I’ve enabled the debug and saw few of the bad stuff that I’ve got. Question: Any fix ? :tired:

Hi experthost,

I’m Sorry but these errors are present in the gantry farmework, default theme. I think that this question need to ask developers gantry framework. And for plugins same.
If you have any questions please to ask.

@Woo_Doo: I somehow agree with you but before launching the theme I guess it should be tested against those errors (2 scrolls!). If you ever plan to release a new theme but liquid (not fixed width) and without gantry framework witch isn’t compatible with Yoast SEO plugin please message me.

Hi experthost,

Ok, when it will be, i send you message.

Hi Woo_doo,

Have sent you email for a couple days again, any feedback for the issue?

Now, non of the mobile version is running correctly… any hints??


Hi All,

I am wonder if anyone else have the same mobile version issue?

I couldn’t even make the mobile devices to load the full version by default.

Need this be fixed ASAP . Thanks for any hint in advance.


Hi AndrewCHK,

I checked on their devices, and all works. Maybe you anything missed?

@AndrewCHK: after reading your post I did check on mobile too and all I’ve got was the menu and only when changing orientation , some text appeared for a second and disappear. [Android]. I’m very upset because the theme looks good but really don’t know how did passed the ThemeForest’s tests … :confusedsad:

Hi experthost,

Use touch scroll on your device, for menu use scroll left and right touch. And do not mislead others with this commentary.

@experthost, I believe Themeforest are receiving hundreds of submissions daily including those upgrade versions, and so I don’t think they will spend enough time for each of the submissions.

What I think is, if the author provides solution(s) when the issue is found that will still be acceptable. After a couple days, I received an reply from Woodoo, and he said the site working OK in mobile devices. However, its not working with all my reachable Andriod and iOS devices.

I am not looking for a way to make the mobile devices to open the site in FULL SITE mode. Still have no luck, if anyone has the solution, please let us know.


is it possible to change the colour combination on this theme.

Realy like the theme, only if i could play around with the color combination

Hi yeshdevelopers,

This theme have unlimited style color background, text, etc. In admin panel, you in two clicks play with colors.

I’ve managed to get the Android and iPhone to load the Full Site rather than the mobile site (as the mobile site suck).

What I did is: 1. backup index-android.php and index-iphone.php 2. REPLACE the contents of both files to the contents of index.php

  • After that, all settings from the theme admin will NOT take effect at all. *

Hope this help for people who has the same issue.

Thanks. A.

I think you anything missed. Contact with support

I was wondering what is the code for the domain name search box?

Hi AskOnlineSolutions,

For quick help use support forum or request via my page

Hi, were having a problem with the hover image in the menu bar, will you take a look please we are about to launch this site. there is a double image being placed on the menu items when it hovers, we cant see where it is from. www.payonce.dk/Demo/po

thanx gary

Hi payonce,

For quick help use support forum or request via my page

The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Can you please help with that.Just bought it today trying to instal

Hi DinoBravo10,

For quick help use support forum or request via my page