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In the demo site the menu is not responsive, i just checked on the iphone. only first 3 or 4 menu links are visible.

Hi rakesh1974,

Use touch scroll on your device, for menu use scroll left and right touch. And do not mislead others with this commentary.

1) I am getting main top included in all the subsequent pages (the 3 packages) how do i remove that? 2) the comment form(leave a reply) is still visible on all the inner pages even after installing the plugin and disable it by clicking on the green icon which is red now.

Pl let me know

Hi chetan2012,

Check email

I just checked the theme on my iphone, and it is not responsive?! I might purchase, but I have to know the problem first.

Great theme :-)

Hey is it possible to get the XML file so that I can make my site look similar to your demo and then edit everything from there?

Please email it to jon@ affcrusher.com

Hi jswebco,

Do not quite understand your question. For quick help use support forum or request via my page
  1. Send me request via my page (up 24h, except on Sun)
  2. Support Forum (up 24h, except on Sun)
  3. Comments (up 7-10 days, not all questions)

Hallo. quick start is not working, I instelled it without no problems, but when i click reload on my file manager nothing happens, there is no files, only the zip and the install.pgp that i uploaded?

HELP :-/

Hi Nannamh90,

Please check email.

Any possible chance of support here? Hell I bought the damn site and asked for the demo XML three days ago…

Please respond to my support request. I think I have been more than patient here.

Thanks, Jonathan

Hi jswebco,

Gantry Framework doesn’t support demo xml for demo data, use quick start.

HALLOOO ! How do I show a favicon on this theme.. I asked 3 questions, and did not get an answer on any of them.

Really not a great support on this theme..

What do you mean with Upload your favicon in the folder template.

Where is that folder?

Hi Nannamh90,

Try to upload your favicon.ico in the folder /wp-content/themes/wp_template-name/

It dosn’t work :-( It dosn’t show any favicon

where can i find the boxes with you displayed the bronze, silver, gold packages please?


me no so good with web – how u make theme look like sample theme. me thought me buying that. cant turn on menus


I have the theme up and running, but i was wondering how do I remove yout logo on the mobiltheme and btw. the mobiletheme dosn’t it only shows your logo and the footer ? what to do?!

Hi Nannamh90,

Please send more detailed info and link via my page

i would like to see a demo of this site but unable to due to your demo site is down :(

Hi VisionSmart

Now demo available, you can check.


I really like this theme but I don’t find settings to slow down the homepage slider… the slider like the one in your demo site.

After 5 secs it goes to the next slide, but I need 10 secs.

I looked for it for long time, but no results.

Can you help me? :(


Hi thiella,

You need change for Sequence Image Slider or Nivo Slider?

This one in homepage: http://www.centralino-cloud.it/ , I think is Image Slider…

I get a parse error when running the install script. An Idea of what this could be?Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' on line 182

Disregard the last comment. I was running an older version of php.

Hi hillspro

Thanks for your choice.


I am unable to get the Login box to appear in the header. Any tips on this?

Hi for some reason I cannot edit my last post so here is another. I am unable to get the login box to appear on the site so I dropped the databse, deleted the installation and re-installed with the demo data but no login box this way either. Am I missing something? http://inetopsonline.com Thanks

Ha ha nevermind, it is only admin that can’t see it! Really nice theme guys.

Many thanks!

Better explanation:

When logged in, including admin, even when your setting up this theme log-in box will not appear. This is because the box only appears to a user that is not logged in. This caused me to think that the header widget wasn’t working properly until I logged out and saw it. Gave me a laugh at myself.

I was serious that this is a really nice theme!

Hi russmnh,

Many thanks! Soon will be update theme.

Hello Woo_Doo,

Great theme! Everything seems to work fine except for the error message I get when viewing my site:

"Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/webhost/wp-content/plugins/gantry/functions.php on line 301"

Tried to comment out that line but it prevents the Widget Override from working.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Vic

Hi myDesignGraphics,

I think it’s configuration server give this error, send me your link via my page

Hi myDesignGraphics,

You need disable Notice and Warning via php.ini or .htaccess


the homepage slider is not working now please let us know we have sent you the url from your page. kindly let us know the solution at the earliest.


Hi chetan2012,

Please check email.