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Hi, After I extract them I found 2 folder one is “_MACOSX” and another one is “magahost”. Which one should I upload to wordpress? And I try to upload magahost folder but I got problem as link in google drive. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Uwrsfa_hO5bXJGfURhG2HV5XZzmZsxD/view?usp=sharing

How can I fix it? Thanks,

Hello, Thanks now I can find it. But I have problem with WHMCs. After I login I got double page. Please find it with screen shot.



Please select page whmcs template. Regards!

Please check your email. Thanks!

Hi, i updated my wordpress to 4.9 version and the template has some errors with the menu in mobile devices.. it doesn’t works well, what i have to do? downgrade to 4.8.x version or wait to your template update?

Hola, por favor envianos tu acceso wp-admin a support@iwthemes.com con gusto vamos a ayudarte. Saludos!

Hello, How can I change default font template? Thanks.

Please send youe wp-admin access to support@iwthemes.com Regards!

Please check your email. Thanks!

Hello, I already answered, the URL of your site does not work. Regards!

Please check your email and me fix it.

Hi! I have WP 4.9 – On December 22nd, 2017, my hosting server flagged the Twitter’s Bootstrap Shortcode Ultimate as INCOMPATIBLE with WP 4.9 version, and therefore deactivated it for security reasons. Do you have a solution for this? My site is now showing codes on the live pages (see https://onmaxhost.domains).

I am not really asking for SUPPORT ACTION. I am raising your awareness to a problem that I think you would address naturally because it is a part of the theme. Thanks.

Hello, we are going to respond to the email you sent us. Regards!

Thanks a lot. I appreciate your prompt response.

This theme is compatible with WHMPress?

Hello, thanks for your interest in our work, of course, our theme is compatible with any shortcode generated by third-party plugins. Regards!

I am upgrading the site from version 1.4 to 2.0.0 , look and feel everything gets disturb , blank page is coming with wordpress version 4.9.4

Hello, the version 2.x since the theme was completely developed from scratch, in this case you must make a clean installation and enter the content from scratch, you will not regret using the new and improved version. Regards!

I want to purchase this, however I notice it only support like 5domain extension, can it be use for .com.ng; .org.ng ????


I dont have whmcs url… where can I get it??

I will respond to your mail.

http://prntscr.com/iyd4ss why this theme have 2 login button, is that mean custumer need login and logout between wordpress and whmcs

Not, this is only a WordPress theme which is integrated with Whmcs using the free Whmcs-bridge plugin, but you must have a license and have an active installation of Whmcs separately to make the integration work. Regards!

if i purchase Whmcs-bridge pro, my costumer can use single login feature, is it right?

Is this theme compatible with Whmcs 7.5.1?

Hi, thanks for your interest and your purchase, yes it’s compatible. Regards!

Hello I recently bought your theme.

When I upload my logo image it is not showing in a good definition.

My site is shrewdly.net.

Please advise.

Many thanks


Any progress?

Please could you refund my purchase thanks.

Hello, we have responded to your emails and requests, please be a little clearer and more informed by the support email. Regards!

So after a week of getting nowhere with this product and asking for a refund. I am asked didn’t I realise that the finished result was supposed to look like this

http://wp.iwthemes.com/megahost-new/clients-area/ . No I did’nt, why on earth would I want something so ridiculous. Are there any examples of anyone succesfully using this product?

You can check all the themes of WordPress with whmcs in themeforest, and you will realize that they are the only possible integration.

is it allowed to make it RTL ?

Hi, thanks for your interest in our work, at the moment it does not have this feature, but we can help with the implementation. Bests!

@edgcliff… you asked “Are there any examples of anyone successfully using this product?”

Yes, I am using it. Mine is not the best implementation, but I am using this theme at https://leonehost.com

Hello, thanks for your purchase, we can help you to make your integration better with the whmcs bridge, write us to support@iwthemes.com

Hi there, do you need whmcs bridge pro verision to make this theme work? Thanks

Hi, thanks for your interest in our work, with version free it’s fine. Bests!

Thanks for the reply. Do you support WHMpress plugin? Thanks

Hi, thanks for your interest in our work, sure this is compatible. Bests!

Great theme. How to update theme from 2.0 to 2.1 with chaildthem also. Thank you. Kind regards

Hi, not you will not have any problem. Bests!

Hello, I have a new problem regarding footers that are already implemented with the theme. I can not for the love of god edit them or change them in any way. I have tried with code editing inside the footer elements widget. Can you please give me instructions on how can I face this problems. It is most urgent. Thank you.

Hi sure, please enable the edition with elementor here:
Then edit the footer you are using with elementor:

Hi, your theme appears to have an issue with the header and footer settings in the customiser (Appearance -> Customise) not working or applying when using your supplied child theme.

To be specific, the ‘Support Header’ and ‘Top Bar’ do not stay hidden when using WooCommerce (on product pages), and the ‘Show copy footer?’ setting doesn’t show the bottom footer (menu + copyright) when set to ‘Show’ on any page.

Have you tested this thoroughly? It doesn’t appear so… and it needs to be fixed ASAP…

Hi, I’m sorry but this theme is distributed through themeforest, not another market, for any support must be through our support email with the respective license. Bests!

My client may have been mistaken where he purchased from. Either way, there is a problem with your theme which I’ve reported to you, to make you aware of it.

I’m not actually asking for support as I’ve fixed the problem myself with a template override. I just thought you may want to fix this for your customers. Or, you could simply choose to ignore it and sell a faulty theme – that’s up to you ;-)

Hello, you are absolutely right and I apologize, thank you for reporting and we will correct. Bests!

Hi please help me. I tried to remove it, but I cant. There a number: 49 displaying in all post dates. Please help to remove it. How can I remove it.

Please see: https://imgur.com/a/0K7QAKV

Hi, thanks for your purchase please send me your wp-admin access to support@iwthemes.com Bests!

Just sent it to your email

Perfect, let me check