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Hi, Is there a way to see which version i`ve installed at this moment ? Is the update proces easy ? Is there a manual for the update ?

Hello, currently the theme is in the version 1.7 You just have to delete the current theme and upload the new version. Regards!

How can you disable the default date and picture on the blog/post?


Hello, we have already responded to your mail. regards

I haven’t got anything? And your breadcrumbs on posts is all messed, check your demo, it’s messed up there too?

See here: http://wp.iwthemes.com/megahost/hello-world-2-2/

please email me at support@islandwebsolutions.com

Hello, we have already responded to support@islandwebsolutions.com Regards!

How to set domain API.

Hello mega_theme. we replied you via email. Thanks

Your theme has a map on the Contact Page. Google recently changed their policy and all new sites will require an API key to use Google maps, and existing sites currently have a grace period where the maps will still work without an API Key for a while. See this link:


So my question is… please can you update this theme to ensure we have somewhere within the options to insert a Google Maps API Key?


hello, thanks for the information. Let’s check.

Hi there, I am looking for a theme that I can sell hosting as well as domains. I see the there is a place on the demos to search a domain but not too sure if this is to actual have the ability to sell. I am new to selling domains and hosting so sorry if this is a silly question lol. Maybe i need a domain api from one of the companies to sell them? Anyway just working on finding a theme that allows me to sell the hosting as well as domains.

Thanks, Johnny

Hi, thanks for your interest in our work. All you have is an active license whmcs and installation on your server:

http://www.whmcs.com/ This is wordpress integration: http://wp.iwthemes.com/megahost/whmcs-area/


Hi On the blog page I am trying to show EXCERPT and READ MORE to the post page. I have revealed the Excerpt from screen options and entered text in Excerpt section. But the blog page still showing first section from the main post page. I looked at Theme setting so find a tick box to enable if there is one, but cannot see. How can I set this up so people do not read the same content when they visit the post page, thanks


You guys are awesome. It works, many thanks

You’ve just received 5 stars from me.


HI, When will you update the theme? More than a year without updates.

Hello, for the moment the issue is working well, you just have to keep updated plugins. When we have new improvements we will notify you. Regards!

Hi, I’m facing an absolute headache, where can I find the place to force google fonts to connect over https / SSL so it doesn’t break the all the sites fonts?


wp-content/themes/megahost/inc/extra-codes/extra-functions.php line 157

Hello, 13 days ago wp-admin access request please see the last email answered by us. http://prntscr.com/cyk65u


I’m having major failure with this. It used to work great but now things are f**up.. clients can’t login anymore in client are thru login to cPanel, it’s not redirecting clients to the cpanel anymore.. can’t find more info about this.. I hate that whmcs bridge plugin.. hate it so much

Hello, sorry for delay. please send your wp-admin access to support@iwthemes.com Regards!

Hi Support Team. I have sent you an email to support@iwthemes.com on Monday for an issue about WHMCS cart and a known issue about javascript conflict about Bridge and the theme. Normally you are very quick answering but I have not heard from you. I have just re-sent the same email. Please can you also check your spam folder if you can find my email and answer please, Many thanks


Hi Any news about this problem. It seems that it was reported before by someone else having the same issue so it is known by you. But I could not find the solution. I have downloaded and installed the theme once more just incase it was already fixed but this did not help. Please can you find my emails and reply. I have sent 2 within the last 7 days, thanks

Please can you let me know if you are not supporting this theme anymore. It has been over 2 weeks now when I sent you my first email 7/11/16 and did not hear from you. If you are not supporting I am going to have to change my theme as explained before WHMCS cart is not working properly in Chrome and Safari. And reading some of the posts here indicated this is a known issue but theme was not updated for the last year. I appreciate your answer, thanks

Hi It has been over a month now I sent you an email about WHMCS cart not working as it should, it is adding extra items in the cart when using chrome and safari. My email was very detailed about this known issue when using Bridge. The bridge support also answered to me that this is a javascript conflict in your theme and it was reported to you over a year ago by other users as well. I have downloaded the theme several times from Theme Forest hoping to solve the problem but it does not seem to be updated to cure this issue. At least you can kindly tell me which files causes the conflict and if you are not willing to correct the issue, I will ask a local developer to look in to it.


WHMCS checker and use WHMCS Bridge – do I have to buy them separately ?

Hello, thanks four your interes in our work. yes, separately. Regards!


jhamoud Purchased

Hi there – i submitted a request for support regarding the images on the blog page showing as full size instead of thumbnails on a clean / fresh install. I haven’t heard back yet. When can i expect a response?

All the best, Jad

Hello, two days ago we gave an answer to your email. please check. Regards!

It has been over a month now I am still waiting for an answer about the issue I am having with WHMCS cart using Bridge. I have sent you several emails and mentioned the problem here a number of times. This is a known theme issue and perhaps you should have a look at it and make the fix for the theme. I look forward to hearing from you, Thanks

Hi Can You Tell Me Where Is This Script: <link rel=’stylesheet’ id=’options_typography_Open+Sans-css’ href=’http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans' type=’text/css’ media=’all’ />

I’m working on a client site, that uses Mega Host Theme. The theme has http URLs in header. Making it difficult to comply with https. Due to which, the Green Lock in address bar is missing.

I don’t see on your theme any mega menu. Can I plug in 3rd party megamenu? Also, is your theme going to accept Page Builder by Site Origin?

Hello, thank you for your interest in our work. Yes, our site works without problem with what you need. Regards!