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Hi iwthemes

Just updated to the latest version, luckily on a test platform and not live, everything is gone, the update has wiped everything out regarding settings, page, menu… everything. Looked through the zip file for documentation and no notes. Please could you provide the correct procedures for this update?

Note for all the Widget or Sidebar Shortcode by Frank Staude conflicts with the themes own shortcodes as well as all other sidebar and widget plugins.

Hi Despite finding the offending conflict, after uploading the replacement theme, it still wiped all settings. I have had to revert back again and can see no way of backing up the theme and re-applying please advise with precise instructions in the update pack.

Hi, sorry for the delay, this theme has been developed 100% from scratch, so not all previous configurations are not compatible. We suggest performing a zero installation to enjoy all the new features, if you want we can help with the migration of all the information. Regards!

can i use this theme on wordpress ass i run my compan off that ?

Hello, thank you for your interest. If this theme you can use it in your hosting company, or any website. Regars!

For starters, thank you so much for putting some more love back into this theme! In all honesty, I assumed that this theme was dead after all of the headaches and heartaches it’s had over the last few years.

My question is this… is this theme 100% PHP7 compatible? Before I upgrade, I’d really love to know if that update has been taken into consideration.

Hello, of course. We have developed our theme from scratch since we have a great love for it!

We hope it will please everyone. You can upgrade securely, there are no compatibility issues. Keep in mind that a zero installation and import must be made. Regards!


layzone Purchased

Hello, where may i change the header background image for home 3 ? I passed many time to looking where to change it.

Hi, you’re right, you can edit the page, select a different header temporarily, then edit the page with elemental and change the image, or if you like you can write to support@iwthemes.com gladly we are going to help. Regards!

my whmcs gets unconfigured in theme, why? http://hexam2.com/clients-area/

Hi, thanks for your purchase, please send your wp-admin access to support@iwthemes.com Regards!

Hi, In this update you removed the portfolio pages. How can I add it? Do you recommend and plugin?

Hi, for this moment was disabled, we will re-add it in a future update. Regards!


DWCOL Purchased

Good afternoon.

as I do the integration of the theme with whmcs, ie I must install the theme first and then through the plugin to do the integration with the product key whmcs. or first install whmcs in cpanel. I would appreciate the explanation to be able to make the purchase.

Do you provide the support during the installation of thema so that everything works correctly?

thanks for your help

Hola, damos soporte en español,. Claro que si puedes instalar el tema y luego con una instalación de whmcs nueva o anterior se integra mediante el plugin whmcs Bridge , con mucho gusto podemos ayudar con la instalación del tema e integración con whmcs. También somos de Colombia! Saludos.


DWCOL Purchased

Muchas gracias por su respuesta, muy buen trabajo!, es un tema muy bien hecho y completo, buen desarrollo Colombiano. Hare la compra y me pondré en contacto con ustedes para la integración. Gracias.

Muchas gracias, será un gusto ayudarte, te invito a que te registres en nuestro newsletter en temasdewp.com y mantén informado de nuestros temas con soporte en español. Saludos!

Hi, is possible to change color in home 4 to hex #005073?

Hola también damos soporte en español, claro que sí es posible cambiar el color en cualquier sección del tema Saludos!

Great theme. Congrats. Does the theme come with images and video free as we buy it?

Hi, I did not receive your email Please write to support@iwthemes.com Regards!

I resent again. Please check your spam. Thanks

Perfect, thanks for your purchase!

Hi, after i updated i got an https error again. can you please tell me what to edit?

Sure, please write to support@iwthemes.com Regards!

Hi. Wordpress crashes when “iwthemesfw-core” plugin is activated. Can you help?

Hi, I already sent you an email, what version of php do you have? Regards!

I just updated my theme and i have error on my website.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /hermes/bosnacweb01/bosnacweb01aj/b676/ipg.eminenceconsult/eminence/wp-content/plugins/iwthemesfw-core/libs/addon-elementor/inc/elementor-helper.php on line 7

What do i do and the Host support says its the ‘iwthemesfw-core’.

What should i do to fix this?

Hello, sure please update to php version to 5.6. Regards!

Oh my everything is gone! What do i do now? I don;’t even understand this element stuff

ok, please send your wp-admin and ftp access to support@iwthemes.com Regards!

Can i use WHMCS ? I need to integrate this. What should i do after buying this theme ?


Hi, thanks for your interes in our work. The theme can be used without whmcs. But also you have the option of integrating with whmcs, using the whmcs-bridge plugin, so you can have a panel like this:


And you can integrate the domain finder. You must have your whmcs installed and activated if go to integrate. Animate to buy, it will be a pleasure to have you as a customer. Regards!

if i buy this theme, will i need to buy a plan from whmcs.

Hi, thanks for your interest in our work,yes if you want to integrate with whmcs (domain finder, customer area), if you need a license.

But if you just want to show your products and services you can use the theme without problem.


thanks for your reply

With pleasure, we are to serve, and encourage you to buy! Regards!

Hi, I already bought your theme but my whmcs is not working, Please check this as early as possible. my domain is “ideahostbd.com”

Hi, thanks for your purchase sure please send your wp-admin access to support@iwthemes.com Regards!

Hello, you might want to check this page and adjust the CSS setting since I see the frame bar with domain name search area. Anyway, good job on bringing this theme back from the grave. :)

HI, thanks!! it’s ready. Regards!

Hello I had bought this theme in 2015 but had not used it much. However, now i have to used it but not sure whether the version of megahost 1.6 is supported on WordPress latest version of 4.8.2 or not. If not then what should i do?

is therey any expiry of a license? i bought the theme in March 2015

is there any key which i can provide you so that you can provide me the new version of theme instead contacting envato for it because this process will take too much time

Sorry but envato Show that you are not a buyer, you must write to them.


Or purchase new licence.



manel78 Purchased

Hi there, I’ve just purchased your theme and I’m really happy with it. great in all aspects. I was trying to edit the footer from the admin panel/footer elements and all changes I do doesn’t show. what am I missing?

Hi, thanks for your purchase, I’m glad you’re happy with our theme, at the moment it is not possible to add a footer in different in the integration of whms, but we are working on it. Regards!


wonhost Purchased

Hi, I’ve purchased this theme 2 years ago, currently noticed you’ve so much improved in theme, now it’s more attractive as compare to old one, all these new features not for existing theme ? or what should i need to do for use these new look ?

Regards http://www.wonhost.com

Hello, it’s true, the subject has been completely redeveloped. You can write to support@iwthemes.com for a consultation. Regards!

Hi, in mobile version the menu doesnt appear. How can I fix it?

Hi, thanks for your purchase, please import nav configuration, please check documentation, or video of install demo content, or write to support@iwthemes.com Regards!