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Great Theme… GLWS


Hi, great theme, would you make it for wordpress?

Thanks :)

No plans for a WordPress version.

I loved the theme, but it seems incomplete if comparing to other templates here on TF. Do you plan on adding other stuff to it?

What kind of stuff do you mean?

Pricing table inside the page, color options, full width page, sliders, forms, etc. I am not sure you have those, but it doesn’t look like from the demo.

Nice looking theme. How can you activate the login section? Do i need a CMS for that? If yes, which CMS do you suggest?

Keep up the good work! ;)

Kind regards, Keno

Hello Keno,

There’s not any functionality in the login page. This is a basic HTML template :)

It could be used as a login for a user to the hosting dashboard etc.

It’s wonderful template and I’ve purchased it, Just I want to ask you for a favor, could you please make a version for it for drupal?

Thanks in advance,


I have no plans for a Drupal version.

Hello myTheme

Beautiful theme. Even more attractive :-) it would be that there is for WordPress. Would you create that for a surcharge.




I have no plans converting this theme for WordPress. Sorry :)

Best regards, myTheme

Great design, but not what i am looking for..

Good to see Art Vandalay as the CEO of your company :)

Thanks! Yeah, he was the best candidate, so I had to hire him :)

Is this theme WHMC Ready? Meaning able to integrate WHMC into easily?

Does My Theme have a company website?

No, it’s not.

At the moment we don’t have a company website. We’re too busy designing themes, and doing freelance work :)

looks very nice;

Thanks :)

Hello, very interested in purchasing this theme but one thing I noticed is that it’s not mobile friendly in the preview, which is a huge deal breaker with everything moving to mobile now a days.. Is there any mobile compatibility that comes with this theme, or none at all (which is what it looks like from the preview)?

Nevermind, it must just be an issue with your preview (was not responding to the viewport size or something).. Works fine when I upload it myself.

dose it work with whmcs?


No. This theme is an HTML template. So, basically it includes only the styling for a website.

Thanks for getting back to me, so if its just a template what reseller does it support?

Like I said, it’s just an HTML template including only the styling for a website. No specific support for any reseller.

Hi, can i use phpcoin with this?


This is a HTML site template including only the styling for a website.