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Hi I recently purchased your theme, I have a client using 1.5 of the theme and their site has recently been infected with a virus (not becuase of the theme), I’ve replaced everything within the site that I can but I’m trying to get hold of a clean copy of the version 1.5 of the hostme theme, do you know if it’s possible to get a copy of this older version of the theme from anywhere? Thanks

Email me from my profile page i will send you the 1.5 version but i will not recommend it to use 1.5 as we can’t give support to legacy versions if you find any error or bug.

Hey Thanks for getting back to me, will do.

Any updates for this? Twitter API is out of date, blog pagination doesn’t work, custom header text doesn’t work, page options tab when editing page overflows to next items, profiles are janky… erm. Oh and it’s not responsive for mobile devices _

We have an update ready and will be coming on monday most probably. Due to recent update to wordpress 3.6 it was delayed in updated

Cool. The theme looks good, but a lot of errors at the moment!

So I bought this just before you fixed it?

It wasn’t working when I paid for it and it is still broken.

The theme you are saying is version 2 not this item.

OK. Claiming refund, reporting as broken and gona null ;)

ok… managed to get the twitter api updated, header text working and fix the spacing issues… would be nice if the creator released an update instead of selling a defunct template


Its not broken only the part which is not working in this theme was a page meta issues which was an impact of wordpress 3.6 update. Other than that everything else working

^Not true. Broken features include:

  • Blog pagination broken
  • Page meta data broken
  • Mobile detection non-existent
  • Out dated Twitter code
  • Sliders broken
  • Many security issues ...

I could go on.

Yay, it’s working!

Glad to hear that @abeon.

Let me know anyone else still have any issues. Please drop me an email from my profile page contact form so that i can take a closer look at it.

Does this theme work with a forum plugin such as bbpress?

Not yet tested with that.

How can I make the [button] a link?

Nevermind it was documented!


Hi, I purchase theme but when installed i’t was broken. Middle part of homepge bellow slider is just blank? How can i fixed?

you can see it here

if i disable slider then i can see middle part. I need slider. Please advice.

You need to set your frontpage from theme options rather than setting from wordpress settings>reading…

Hi System, I have tried to enable the Nivo slider but doesn’t apply, please can you guide, I followed the documentation description, no luck. what am I doing wrong?

got it from your last post, Thanks

I like the code and just wanted to give you a heads up. I assume the sociables is a new part since I didn’t see it in the documentation but you should change the code to look for http://. If you input a url as without the http://, it will add your site’s url to the beginning like Just a heads up.

Thanks for the heads up I will add that soon.


Nice theme.

Does it come with XML demo content?

Regards, Madoda

Yes. It comes with xml demo content.


Is the theme compatible with Wordpress 3.9?

Thx, Madoda

Not yet tested but will be updated in this week


What Google font are you using for your Cufon on your demo site

Thx, Madoda

dezen pro

is this theme whmc compatible?

Not yet tested with WHMCS plugin

WARNING! This theme is very complicated to install. I would not recommend it for users new to WordPress..

Hi edwill41. What made you so complicated to install? will you please elaborate it or if you doubt you can register at our dedicated support forum for availing support.

Good Morning,

I really like this wordpress theme but it doesn’t look like it is capable with 4.1. So before I purchase it will it work with 4.1?

It’s compatible with 4.1 we are upgrading the theme soon with new features in coming week.

Hello, I have problems to properly activate the theme, we install and charge the sample data but the main part is not displayed as in the example and I am using the same version of wordpress

Please use our dedicated support forum where our support staff will help you setting up your site.

Support Forum | AivahThemes | Dribbble | Twitter

Excellent update to an awesome template! Long time coming! Very nice! :)

Thanks :) T3Kaos – we will keep things up to date from now on for the old stuff as well.

Is this theme WooCommerce compatible?

Not yet tested but will consider woocommerce also very soon


momon Purchased

Is this still being maintained? Looks like there’s been no update for over a year. I just found someone injected malware to my website (using this theme) so it appears it could be using outdated / insecure libraries and perhaps an update is relevant.


Yes, We will be releasing the new Updates soon for all of our themes and templates soon starting from 26th Dec 2017. No ETA for each theme but yes this theme is also in a Q.


momon Purchased

Much appreciated.