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Hi , why the product spec are not same with html version ? html is more beautiful .

Everything is same as in HTML but i missed adding the clients and partners area widget will do that in an hour. Other than that everything what you see in wordpress is more than HTML version with 4 Frontpage layouts.

Wow nice theme… Loved it

Glad you like it :)

how easy would it be to link everything with a reseller account so I could sell hosting ?

Sorry i have no Idea about WHM Panel

Hi ,

Why you wordpress version no have compare plan & Hosting plan same as html : & , why the domain search all the color for all button all missing ?

Is there no way to integrate the domain search in your theme, without leaving the site? And charge the people via paypal?

The client count with a panel?

That’s out of my scope. I searched few plugins but its hard to find those. You need to get custom coder for doing so. If possible i will see if i can add in the future.

Why you wordpress version no have compare plan & Hosting plan same as html : & , why the domain search all the color for all button all missing ?

If can pls give me this link on your new wordpress version ,I find it aroung 30 minit , I just feel 80% same as html ..

Drop me an email so that i can have all your queries answered instead of making this discussion board long here.

If you want i can make it as HTML but then you will have to make those domain search area text Images in photoshop and save theme. Currently in wordpress it is easily editable via control panel. The Buttons and the colors you can play around with your own color codes.

Compare Plans table is there you can view in the Navigation Menu browse through the navigation please. Its same as HTML but more comprehensive in wordpress version.

Looking good dude – good luck with sales :)

i loved it very simple very easy + professional :)


Glad to hear that its nice and you like it. :)

Hi I have check ,but the basic plan right side is missing , I view agian the HTML version , the theme is very complete , pls double Check for that,tq

NetBuilder this is a wordpress theme you have to manually create your own sidebars as you see in HTML its a wordpress theme. You will get a functional theme with loads of features to use more than what you see in HTML version. If you still have your questions please email me.

Seems that you are new to wordpress theme.

Beside all the small complaints for what it’s worth, you did a nice job on this theme. I see you add everything and kitchen sink. Very Nice :)

I might have to get this one, just because..

A couple of questions?

Is it pretty easy to set the color scheme to my liking?

Can I customize the footer like I want it?

I don’t know if it’s me, but your domain name search button is offsite with IE 9 you might like to check that out for yourself.

Glad you like the theme and Yes for changing the colors to your likings and its possible for footer as well.

Regarding the IE9 I will take a closer look at it and let you know or email me the screenshot please as i do not have IE9 at moment. Will install in a PC and check.


Haha , sorry I think I really need to buy 1 for try ,because this is the first time I saw a designer post a un complete theme for sales ,so I a bit confuse donno it can be set , anyway thank you for reconfirm with me this . I will get 1 for this .

After purchasing if you have any issues you can register at support forum for any queries. To register on support forum Send me email from my profile page contact form on themeforest.

Using the Nivo slider when the picture changes can the wording next to the pictures also change?

Also is there a way in the portfolio section to add a visit website link rather than read more?

1. Not possible that content is static. 2. Yes its possible. you can disable read more button from post options below the content editor in the portfolio post types.

Great Theme I love it.. I’m trying create link in the front page slider. I using a href but it isn’t working. What do I need to do to create links in the slider???

I was kinda of rushing when tying the previous post.. So let me fix the typos.. With the toggle slider I’m trying to link the more info and buy now buttons in the slider to a different page.. I’m using a href=”“and it isn’t working.. What coding do I need to use to make the buttons link to other pages?? My fault for the previous post…


This themes is it including the wordpres .xml sample data file ? such as other seller themes ? just want to confirm with you :) very nice themes , waiting your reply , ready to buy .

Its not there bur after purchase drop me an email I will send you the xml file for sample content data


Thank you for your reply , last enquiry ,may I know the main page the search domain box & what client says box the measurement is not balance ,can it set as balance ? 2. the basic plan page the search bar (search the site) and the type area are not balance also can you confirm this two problem ,cause want to place order now .

Hope to hear you soon.

Thank you

1. Balancing depends on the content you add for the domain search area box or so. 2. Search in sidebar not balanced because its an image so depending on the size it can be increased.? I will send you the PSD for that search bar so you can modify or i can make it modify and send you the image.

Note: while typing don’t use any , See how all the way long your question goes with scrollbar.


The template background is missing ,please check .

Are you really interested in purchasing? If so please email me your queries i will answer your all the doubts in emails not here.

You can contact through my profile page contact form


Just two questions before buy:

- does this font support accents (éáã, etc)? - how can I have same compare plan table as html version?

Regards, Ruy Rocha


Is it possible to add custom sidebars for each page?


Yes its possible. Except blog page, as it uses default sidebar for blog page.

It’s this theme wordpress 3.1 compatible?