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still no update….:( i can’t buy it till than :/

Updates are going on for all themes 1 by 1 and am trying my level best to get things done more faster.


Why still no have update? You say 2 dayes before 13 days

Still nothing?

If you can email me from my profile page i can email you the updated version via email.

Thank you,mail is sent.

Any ETA on the impending updates? Also did you sort out a captcha system for the Contact Us widget which is nothing more than a spam magnet in its current state.

Has it been updated yet?

Not yet but will be soon.

Updated yet….?

Just finished the recoding of the theme and submitted for WPML compatibility today waiting for reply from WPML .org and once reviewed I will upload the theme.

Hey body I m wondering how I can disable the ascending order (alphabetical order) of the posts as I want to disable certain posts at the top!!


Make those posts as draft. Will you please email me the URL to the page so that I can see where you want to display and populate the order layout.

I am using the fancy_table to create a hosting plan. The table looks good but the grid lines do not display which makes the plan look bad. Also the check icons do not display.

Any idea how to get the table grid lines to show? Thanks, John

Disregard my above post….I found the border color tag in Hostme Admin.

Great theme by the way.. John

Hi Mate.

Great theme. Just wondering if the updates mentioned above have been completed and uploaded to Envato?


Its ready for upload and will be uploading in a day. I was waiting for it to be compatible for the WPML Plugin and its working fine now.

Gday mate.

Could you give me the shortcodes for the front hosting slider, please?

I have one_third for the first, one_third for the second and one_third_last for the last one. The first and the last ones are good, but I know the second one’s wrong. It looks the same as the first.

Thanks, David New Websites :bigsmile:

Sorry, please disregard. I found you have a toggle to insert the shortcodes for us.

Note to potential buyers: great theme.

Writing a new documentation for the theme with a new update and it will be uploaded soon tomorrow and will be available for download on Monday hope so.

I’m getting a “No public twitter messages” using the widget, is this due to API changes? Will the update adjust this? Am I behind on this maybe it’s already been taken care of!

(I’m on v1.5)

What happened to the support posts? I seem to remember some posts regarding contact form 7 and hostme, I’d like to review those posts for fixes. I’m also getting twitchy over the next release and so I’d appreciate a timely quality release.

Please email me fro my profile page contact form so that i can quick send you the updated version of the hostme theme.

Hi System32,

Are you going to design a mobile friendly version of this theme soon? Looking forward to seeing the new developments. Always great work from you.

Can I have your latest updated build please?

I have replied to your email the updated version so far what was ready.

I have delayed the theme upload due to request of making it responsive and right now working on making it responsive which is almost done and hope it will be completed sooner. As soon as its done i will update theme.

The new version looks sick – well worth the wait.

Do you have any doubts with the theme new version please let me know so that i can help you out.


I have the code to put my own domain search box on the front page, but I can’t find where to put it. I’d like it just below the sliders, in the same place where your one would otherwise go.

Would you please give me some advice so I can put my own search box in?

Thanks heaps.

Just to add to that, it’s in the form

<form action=”” method=”post”> <input type=”hidden” name=”token” value=”CENSORED” /> <input type=”hidden” name=”direct” value=”true” /> Domain: <input type=”text” name=”domain” size=”20” /> <select name=”ext”> <option>.com</option> <option>.net</option> <option>.org</option> <option>.info</option> <option>.biz</option> <option>.pro</option> <option>.us</option> </select> <input type=”submit” value=”Go” /> </form>

I imagine most of us here are in the same position, preferring to put our own links on it, of course, so I think it will help all of your customers :D.

The above is the standard integration code from WHMCS , with all the numbers censored.

Thanks heaps. I don’t know if you’ve been through this before or not, but I haven’t seen it and I don’t think there’s a search box for this forum.

Thanks again.

It§s such a shame that the updates have taken so long, it started with “soon”, then “in a week” then “a day” and now “some time”. I for one would really appreciate some focus on this theme rather than just churning out new ones to maximise profit. I buy a lot of themes so support and updates are very important to me when looking for an author.

Sorry for the delay for this theme specially as due to the nature or its request to make this theme Responsive it took so long and making it a WPML support. I have completed and will upload it later today evening for sure.


I am looking to purchase your WP theme. My question is if I don’t have a logo to use and just want to use my business name could I use it by just using the site title option to have it appear in place of where the logo is?

Yes you can use that. Do not upload logo in theme options panel it will by default take the wordpress titlte of your sitename and tagline.

hey mate… i bought this theme a while back – i need a ribbon clean of text (big one with closed corner) since my website is in hebrew and i need to fix the text… How can i get one?

You can redesign your ribbons and use your own you just need to place the ribbons you created in hostme/images/ribbons directory. Make sure it should be in png format.