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I purchased your theme but I seemed to have an issue with the installation although I followed the instructions. Also is it compatible with Ubermenu ? Please get back to me soon.

Please email me thru my profile page contact form so that i can take a closer look at it. email me the URL to your site too


I cannot to create top menu, it say: Your theme supports 0 menus. Select which menu appears in each location.

Check screenshoot

Kindly use the latest version uploaded yesterday as i have fixed that menu bug.

Thank you,do you can to send mass mail to all users when you update theme? Do i must to update all theme files or can just some files to fix this problem with menu? What is changed in update?

support_functions.php can be changed to fix the menu bug.

I have the same issue. There is something wrong with the menus. I don’t have a single menu. It says your theme supports 0 menus ?? Please fix and email me back. I have emailed you and have not heard back.



Kindly use the updated theme which was done on yesterday which includes the fixes for the menu bug.

I am having issues with some shortcodes. Some shortcodes seem to not work properly.

Can you please list the colour choices settings used in your demo version? I really like them. Do you have the settings?

I will email you the settings.

Thanks – much appreciated. ETA?

Thanks – much appreciated. ETA?

I have noticed that when you are running the website in responsive mode (i.e. the website isn’t in full screen mode but half screen mode) you’ll notice that the Sliders showing the Hosting Packages cuts off at the bottom at under Buy Now and View buttons after the slide has gone up. Why is that? It doesn’t look very nice?

That depends on your content displaying i have added a huge amount but you can add limited content to make it more perfect look.


Hi, Jutst quick question…If I was to update to newest version (provided I made a backup) would all my modifications & content remain?


We have not changed any variables or ID’s but due to wordpress frequent updates we have updated the theme to the new framework and yes if you have backup then you can restore everything manually if anything is missing but mostly we have got it working everything.

Make a backup of content as well as the settings what you did in theme options panel under homepage content area and other colors settings if any then make a backup or keep it in the text file. This is a bit long work but it will work.

If you need any assistance please email me through my profile page contact form so that i can help you out in doing upgrade tomorrow and i can assist you via skype.

How can you add links to the buttons ?

You can use link attribute for the button shortcode.

I think alot of people have this question, how do you change the domain search box on the home page to your website ?

I have replied to everyone that you can disable that if you don’t want to use and if you want to alter you can alter that code in index.php file.

How to make full width least on header in this theme ?

I will make a quick update for it.

Hi,do you make this update?

I got it fixed just need to update it in this weekend. If you are in rush drop me an email from my profile page contact form so that i can guide you the fix.

I dont know what Im doing wrong but I cannot change that Default Background. Ive changed it in the “Layout Settings” It doesnt change. Ive changed it in CSS it doesnt change HOW DO I CHANGE THE BACKGROUND!! lol

can you email me the wp logins and url from my profile page contact form so that i can take a closer look at it.


Can you tell me where I need to go to change the speed of the Nivo slider? I’ve noticed in other posts about this, you’ve replied that you would take care of it for the poster. I’d like to handle this on my end, so if I never need to change it again, I’ll know where to do so.



As a purchaser of this theme on multiple occasions, I can’t say enough about the support provided. I had a question that I needed a quick answer one. Contacted the developer directly via the contact form in his profile and had an answer within 12 hours. Very pleased with his response and with the answer I received. Considering I am on the other side of the world from where he is, I couldn’t be happier with the response time.


Thanks for your kind comments.

Can you please advise on any known issues with the sliders not rendering on the home page as well as the domain checker? All theme options are enabled, however, changes do not seem to be taking effect. We’re using WP 3.5.1 on a fresh install with no other plugins. Please advise. Thanks!

Make sure you don’t select the homepage from WP-Admin> settings>reading – frontpage display. you need to select homepage from theme options panel.

Hi system 32, how are you? :)

I like this theme very much, but I have some questions:

• This theme have “login” area? • It’s possible to change this background image? There are some options or I only can put my own images? • And if I need to put the entire site in two different languages..? • It’s possible to put a button (in the homepage) that link to my online chat?

Best regards Gabriela

1) login area isn’t there its a widget you can created and use it

2) yes you can change the background image.

3) yes you can put in 2 languages but for that i think Qtranslate is the best plugin.

4) yes you can put the button but where you want to put?

Good day,

I’m very interested in this theme, but when I test your demo on iPhone it doesn’t appear to be responsive ? Or am I missing something ? :)



I did test it without frame. still no responsive ?

Can you email me the logins and URL so that i can take a closer look at it.

Thank you I’ve sent you an email…

Go through the comments section where people used this theme you can view

just bought your theme. and i am struggling to set the <title> </title>

and i am not able to set it. help would be appreciated.

Can you email me from my profile page contact form so that i can take a closer look at it. You can set the title from wp-admin>settings>general

email sent….. its not picking title from general setting…

Hello, I wonder if you can increase the number of outstanding or “hosting plans” of the home page. I really like this theme to suit a project but I need to know if this is possible. Thanks!!

That’s not possible but if you want we can guide you on customization for it that you can add 2 columns or 3 or 4 not more than that.

hi how can i link paypal payment process with BuyNow button and get all information from clinet to setup his/her hostig account on my server

You can find some plugins for it. and you can use the button shortcode with link URL as an attribute see the shortcode generator for that.

I’m getting the following error.

Warning: basename() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in /home/webadmin/public_html-testing/wp-content/themes/hostme/hostme/lib/functions/image_resize.php on line 133

The image is on selected in the “Featured Image” section of the post.

I will make an quick update for this one soon.

Will you post an update when this is done?

Sure i will do that soon when its done!