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I try to link short code to PayPal but, is not working. Can you give me a plugin or code to use with short code for hostme theme for buy now button

Sorry i don’t have any idea of plugins for paypal or so.

I cannot get to the ribbon code numbers. The pictures with the codes are not linked properly on you live screen. Where can I get the numbers associated with the ribbons? Thanks.

You can check in ribbons folder which is in images folder.

How do you make the responsive part kick in. I’ve looked at the website on all my devices: iPhone5 and iPad 3 and it doesn’t look responsive?

You have to customize it and update your theme to the latest version.

Did you just come out with an update? I believe I have the latest version from December 23, 2012.

The toggle shortcode is not working. Is there a special way to use this?

I will check and let you know.

I found the problem. The example in the live screen was: [toggle title=”The Question Text”]The answer to the question.[/toggle] but short code is: [toggle_content heading=”Toggle Heading”] content goes here [/toggle_content]

Can we create custom contact forms with this theme? If not, any recommendations? Thanks.

You can use contact form 7 plugin.

i see some .pot file in theme files.Did you plan to make this theme multilanguage in next update and when you plan to make new update?

I just purchased this theme and you stated the home has to be changed in the themes settings i did that and the domain checker is invisible…even when i enabled it to show whats wrong with that ?? Can you help me fix it asap ?

nevermind it just started working thanks.

I updated from 1.5 to 2.1 today, and the page stopped working. The top menu disappeared, and the main block became empty (the size of the empty part is as it should be with content). After this I created a fresh installation with the theme with the sample data, and it also looks the same. What can be wrong?

I did the same. I used the “Email system32” block, and the system confirmed the email was successfully sent – today, and also 2 days ago.

Have you received my message by now?

Yes i have got your email now.

Hello system32. Hope you’re having a good day so far. I was wondering how can I make this template responsive for mobile devices. Thanks in advance!

There is an update for this theme which will be coming in next week and it has a fixes for the mobile responsive as well.

Thanks again


I get this error on blog post

Warning: basename() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in /home/username/public_html/wp-content/themes/hostme/lib/functions/image_resize.php on line 133

WHat can be a problem?

Ok I will check and update the theme.

Thanks,just tell me when you plan to finish update?


I found a bug in /lib/scripts/sys_custom.js in function comparePlans().

On line 295 and later are used $ as jquery caller but function missing jQuery(document).ready(function ($) { so it throw js error.

I will fix and update the theme soon.


I was wondering if you have a whmcs theme that goes with this template that could be purchased?


Sorry i have no idea about whmcs theme may be someone gives out hostme in this compatible version you can check here

How can I get blog posts to show up on the home page under the sliders?

You need use the blog shortcode from the shortcode generator.

Bought your theme yesterday but it doesn’t seem to work responsive on iPhone 4 and probably other mobile devices, do you have a solution for this? Thanks!

Its responsive. Can you email me your website URL so that i can test it.

Dear sir , Please tell me procedure

How to integrate WHMCS and checkout with Hostme .. please suggest me the procedure .. i should follow ..

Thanks in advance

Sorry I have no idea about WHMCS installation or integration.

Dear sir ,

How i have ssl installed to my domain … but after installing theme , ssl is showing in yellow .. i .e., partially encrypted .. when i inquired about this .. support told me that .. in your desgin some are calling with http protocol so convert all links to https ..

can you please suggest me how to do this and also suggest me how to automate whmcs

You need to hire a programmer for customizing like in index.php there are few links which you have to convert it into https.

When we can to except update? Do you have some new template with new look and to be responsive?

It was already updated but need some minor tweaks i will do that as well soon.

Is the Aivah theme, the one when you click “details” on the one of the packaging options of the homepage, is that theme for sale separately anywhere?

Nope sorry its not sold anywhere separately other than this marketplace. Aivahthemes is our primary domain. whatever you see mostly on the aivahthemes you can find it for sale here in envato marketplace.

We have already done so on our site but the Twitter API has updated to V1.1 and V1 is no longer supported.