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Looks awesome! Good Job, GLWS

Awesome work my friend!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Thank you.

Ooeeh candy for the eyes ! Awesome !


nice work!

Very nice theme! :)

Fantastic – I can’t wait to start using this!


Thank you guys for appreciation.

Nice Work , GLWS

Thanks. Mate

Love it! Quick question- notice the different sliders, its possible to add different sliders to each page correct?

And on the Plan Box Slider there is an issue with the planbox slider when you hover over the buttons and move between the two buttons they don’t change colors for the background and end up showing a white background. I’m using chrome, might be a CSS issue with the transition or :hover effect.

Looks great. I’ll be buying very soon!

Yeah i noticed i will make a fix for it and update it soon.

Have you plan to add Domain Lookup Page for Domain Selling

That’s an external plugin you find in WordPress plugins site

How to add Contact Form?

You can download contact form 7 plugin for that coz we are using the same plugin

Very clean looking theme! Great job!

Themes upload fine, wp install file uploads fine. In themes you can see main and child. Yet it create a 500 error when you try to look at preview. If you activate you cannot even access wp admin.. have to do a entire system restore.. Any help here.. been at this for 5 hours trying to get this to work. Un-installed, re-installed, used main filed and just ftp’ed.. still no go..

working now. it just does not like existing content. seems you must do a fresh install..

ok only having 1 issue spent the day trying to figure this out, but must be your script so leaving you a comment. Details sent to your email with link to preview.

any update to why the image text in images is being distorted?

Hello, Is this theme compatible with WHCM hosting script

I will try to install the WHMCS plugin and let you know it should be compatible i think. : that is a wp theme i bought bout i dont like it much! it is fully compatible. Please let me know asap. Thanks.

Hi there,

Loving this theme for my website, just wondering if you could help me out with a problem I’m having with the planbox.

I’ve created it and put all the content in I wanted too, but I had to modify the CSS to get the boxes big enough to fit everything in, however, on hover the boxes move -430px top. I’ve had a root around in all the stylesheets but can’t quite see how to increase this.

You’ll see what I mean on this page.

Thanks in advance!


This is the only issue I’m having apart from that the theme is fab. If you can help me, I’ll rate 5 stars :)

Its in sys_custom.js file located in the js folder and in that edit the following code and change the pixeks according to your requirements.

$(".plan_info", this).stop().animate({top:'-430'},{

Worked perfectly, thanks! 5 Stars.

Hi there, My footer widgets are not working. Tried all the possible things. Enabled/Disabled from theme settings, page settings, widget area, uninstalling and reinstalling… everything. But nothing seems to work. Whatever I do, the footer widgets not showing up. I’ve emailed you the details.

Its working please check now

Checked and confirmed…. it’s working. I don’t know what you did… but that was quite fast and effective. 5 Star for this :)

HI! Does your theme accept payments?

Sorry its not having any payment options.

I noticed one of the comments above asking about WHMCS integration. have you managed to get this working yet?

We’re in the process of deciding what theme to use and we like your design, but the other themes have WHMCS, so if you could get that working, we’ll go with you guys.

We are working on it we will get it done soon in the next update.