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I’m a bit hesitant to buy as I have not seen this theme using the WHMCS bridged in any way. I would like a bit more detailing on that and how it looks. Does this WordPress theme have a theme for WHMCS?

So i can simply use the WHMCS-bridge to allow my WHMCS to be integrated to this theme?

Does this theme have a built in ‘log in’ section that pops up or anything?

Nope its not there currently but we will try to implement that in near future updates

In the new update you are releasing will there be a log in section that pops up for WP (as this also links to WHMCS) ? I feel a lot more people will purchase this theme with that :D

Not yet done for the coming update but after this update we will take a closer look at it.

Cannot install this theme, and it does not look like the theme i should have bought.

Please register at our support forum so that support team will look into the issue and help you installing the theme as shown in the demo.

Does this theme have a shortcode that will insert the Blog roll into the Home page?

Yes it’s there in the shortcode generator.

Guys, how do I create a Slideshow Portfolio? I’m sorry but the documentation you provide is very poor and doesn’t mention anything about it :/

As said in the documentation you have to choose the portfolio type as slideshow if you have more than 1 image and then assign one image to the featured thumbnail and all other images should be uploaded to the post via Add Media button above your wordpress content editor.

If you still have any issues you can register at our support forum where you can avail free support with the support team.

Hi, there is a problem with the theme, some bug or something appearing above the header… what could be the problem? please check

Please register at our support forum and email us your WP Logins and URL so that we can take a closer look at the issue. I see its not with the theme.


Can the animation of icons and pricing tables on the home page be switched off with this theme?

yes you just need to remove the animation attribute from the shortcode so simple.

HI Thanks for the reply. Are there any known issues on safari (mac) the demo does not render correctly, lots of missing images.

Its working fine at my end on iMac

if I “send to Editor” where does the short code go?

never mind I see it

I cany only say that its really great!

Pre-sales question: Are there video tutorials available? (We will pass this off to our client and need as much tutorial/documentation as possible.)

We don’t have a video tutorials but we give dedicated support and live chat from our support forum for installation help and walk-through of the theme features.


I am interested in purchasing this theme. I have one main concern though.

I like very much they way h3 tags are showing. Each title to be accurate. I am planning to use the site in greek language though and that is my main concern. Will the greek characters appear that way? Cause with others themes that I tried in the past when I use greek characters they appear in no similar way that english characters do.

I know that open sans support greek but will it appear as it is on the demo?

Regards, George

I don’t exactly understand what do you mean.

I looked at the homepage but seen nothing in greek

i removed it after an hour thinking of you seen it. I will re add it later.

I’ll wait then.

I would like to add a domain search bar on the landing page. Are you able to help with this custom feature?

You can alter the coding in the header.php for adding custom domain search on the landing page. We are having loads of custom request as of now so currently may not be able to take any more custom works.

I would like a domain search bar to match the look and feel of the theme. Is this something you can do for a paid project?

Yes you can easily do that and input your code for domain search in the header teaser in theme options panel. Currently we are having loads of custom work requests.

is it really compaitble with WHMCS?

Its compatible but not skinned. Skinning to match with hostmev2 theme will be done in future updates.

Can’t seem to get the font awesome icons working. Also can you add Instagram or the ability for custom icons to socialbles?

font awesome icons needs an updates I will make an update soon.

Any updates on this yet?

Custom Icons will be added in the next update. We have fixed the icons and its working fine. Can you please point us to your website URL and the page where you are getting an error. Create a topic in our support forum and post your URL with WP Logins and make the post reply set as private so only admin can view the URL and login credentials.

I really need your assistance in being able to gain access to your support forum..I’ve emailed, skyped, and used your chat service to try and contact you numerous times about having purchased your theme two months ago, registered on your support forum and I never received by email an password to log into the forum with..Perhaps something went wrong the first time..Do I need to register again? Please communicate with me, so together we can resolve this issue, as I’m really starting to feel as if I’m talking to myself here…

We have set your password as demo@1234 please login now to support forum and then change it back once you login.

Thank you very much! I was able to log in with the password you provided. I appreciate your assistance in resolving the matter :)

fantastic theme however, how do I get [section bgcolor=”#ffffff”] to go across the entire screen? Mine just boxes around the content.

derp – found it. needed to set the page to ‘stretched’

Hey I’m needing to make the “Call Us”/”Email US” larger on the top bar (like twice as big). Where in the source code can I edit that?

Also, I’m wanting to change the arrows color on the sliders to be the blue-green color that it is when I hover over it vs the black un-hovered. How do I go about doing that?

Really appreciate your help! Here’s the site if you need to see what I’m talking about.

Its there in current version but we will add that as well. Topbar color section is there in the theme options panel under the Headers tab

Yes thank you – but I wasn’t wanting to adjust the color, I was wanting to adjust the font size of the “sociables” section.

Can you attach the screenshot please. Kindly register in the support forum and post your queries there.

For any queries or support you can register at our support forum where you can avail free support with the support team.

Can you provide me with your demo pages to load into the theme?

It’s there in the sample data folder.

This is what I get when importing.

Import WordPress Failed to import testimonial_cat Clients Feedback Failed to import portfolio_cat demo Failed to import slider_cat demo2 Failed to import events_cat event Failed to import events_cat event

For any queries or support you can register at our support forum where you can avail free support with the support team.


I am interested on buying this nice theme but before I got a few questions:

  • How can the pricing table be customized?
  • Price include future updates?

Thank you.

Thanks for your interest in buying the theme. Theme comes with free future updates. Pricing table can be customized by the shortcode generator.

I love the theme!

I want to ask if an API from Bluehost or Justhost will work with this theme?

I am super interested, please let me know.

Cheers, Hamza

Sorry I have no Idea about API functionality for this theme as we have not tested that.