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Is there are compare table? If not can it be added like a shortcode?

Sorry no ETA for that feature.

is there a plan to add this anytime soon?

Not yet decided

Do you have any video tutorial about customize this theme…

I want through black background like that page, at Our Services area:- how i am doing??

You need to select the template as Stretched and it will be stretched as you see in the demo. BTW if you import the dummy data i mean Sample data then you can get the complete data what you see the live demo.

Great theme! One question:

How can I slow down the Testimonials when using: [testimoniallist cat=”clients-feedback” limit=”4”] They Play too fast

can you tell me where in the options… I do not see it.

I’m using v1.4

Update the theme to the latest version as we have added this feature in the recent update.

This theme is awesome! Support is great. Comes with great features!

Check out my version of this theme…

Is WHMCS responsive with this theme?

Its compatible with WHMCS Bridge.

Hello – love this theme so much – am gonna purchase it finally have been browsing through it obsessively for weeks:delicious:cant wait for your next updates:) – would you be adding domain checker anytime soon?

Domain checker will be there with the WHMCS Plugin.


Just installed the new version but the testimonials are still not working:

Please help

Register at our support forum and submit the logins there and make sure you set the post as private reply.

I love the theme and the support is fantastic! :-)

I like this theme.. i want to use to web design agency with WHMCS and need 2 languages choice.. i can do this with this theme easy or you can help me to integrated.


With two languages? you need to use WPML then. For WHMCS you need to use WHMCS Bridge plugin to integrate it.

Hello – I’m trying to create colored borders on the buttons as shown in but no matter what I try I can’t seem to do it.

There is no setting for border color in the Shortcode Generator, and I even tried creating a class in the Custom CSS and it still is just giving me a basic black border.

Please help, this is driving me crazy lol.

Hi there, I emailed you yesterday morning (via your profile email here on Themeforest) and haven’t heard anything back yet. Did you receive the message? Thanks!

Nope not yet can you try registering at our support forum.

I just registered but I don’t see a message function. Please just delete this message once you have the information on your end.

[content removed]

Hi, how do you do the service icons with a different background colour? having troubles reproducing this page.

Generate that with a a shortcode generator


Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but I’m getting an issue when using the flexslider on a website we have developed. It seems that as the homepage is loading that the slider is cut off and there is a significant delay in loading the slider. It’s quite temperamental but it does it most of the time. You can view a screenshot here: You can also view a live working version:

I’ve noticed that your demo does it as well. Is there anyway around this? Does it have something to do with the images preloading or when the javascript is loaded?


I will take a look at it and let you know.

Just got this theme, great work!. I get this activation warning for rev slider. How do I find the purchase code? Do I have to purchase the slider separately?

No need for activation key. It’s just for automatic update of slider. You can use the slider without activation key.


Do we have WHMCS built in yet? What does it look like for those who have Bridged it?

It’s compatible but not included in the theme.

How do I remove the border around images when using the image shortcode?

any update on this?

You need to edit in style.css file and find .imageFrame class and remove the properties you don’t want to keep.

For any more queries please register at our support forum so that our support team will help you out


Thanks for for the great theme! I have a question about re-using the theme. I would like to delete the theme from my current domain & move it to a new domain. Is this allowed with the regular license?


You can contact to support@envato,com for this query.

Ok this is just amazing you made a WHMCS wordpress template? How does it work? I’s it included in the theme it self? Wsit do you habr whmcs plugins in there? I am so curious. Also do you have a script version instead of a wordpress version as well that is still compatible with WHMCS? I am so eager to hear how this works. Please let me know

How much is the WHMCS bridge for this theme. Am I looking at the right thing? Are these bridges? Or what your defintions of EHMCS be bridges are here – ...? Are these bridges

Ok I think I understand because this is already compatiable we don’t have to pay for the wordpress intergration ( + 10.00 surcharge for a wordpress intergration) of WHMCS into this theme correct. We just pay the installation fee to have the WHMCS frame work installed correct?

Yes exactly.

I’m interested in buy your theme but I want to know if I can use my whmcs and if you theme have integration with this. Thanks

Yes you can use this but you need to have WHMCS purchased as theme is only compatible with the WHMCS Plugin not integrated in it

Forgive me if I’m missing the obvious, but I’m still a little confused… I have a current copy of WHMCS, and am wanting to change my web site over to WordPress using the Hostme theme (great looking theme, by the way! I’m looking forward to “playing” with it!).

1. Do I need to purchase the bridge as well as the template to integrate WHMCS into the WordPress install? 2. Do I also have to purchase the Hostme WHMCS template for full integration?

Sorry if these are basic questions, but I’ve not had much time to check into exactly what the bridge does.


You need to purchase Hostmev2 Theme and WHMCS and use WHMCS Bridge plugin for WHMCS Integration to work with the WordPress Theme. I don’t know how to do customization for the WHCMS to match with the theme styles but you can customize that using Child Theme of the Hostme and add your own custom css in style.css of child theme. If you wish you can investigate more on how to use

Below is one site using this theme with WHMCS there are many but i don’t remember

Hi, how can I change the link under the “Getting started” buttons below the products?

Nevermind, I need to learn to read :)