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This is a great theme, but one thing it is missing is a select of different colour schemes to choose from, this would really make it awesome. Or the ability to choose a base colour, and it creates a scheme based on that colour.

Thanks for your output, We will consider this feature or something similar to this or so in the future updates.

So how do Integrate WHMC do I do it with the WHMC Bridge Plugin? or Do I do it with WPMU Dev Plugin,or Do I have to purchase an Installation for WHMCS? (Im assuming I dont have to pay for the integration fee because its compatible). Great theme by the way.

Yes Its compatible you don’t have to pay for integration fee. You need to use Bridge Plugin too

Hi, awesome theme! Love it! Just a quick question is there somewhere I can find a list of the colours used?

I can see you use; greensea, wisteria, do you have or know where I can get a list of which colours I can use? Maybe a colour chart with names.

Many thanks, great work! :)

I have used colors from You can find in shortcode generator in buttons colors.

Thank you! Is there anyway to add more such as the colour Sun Flower? Or would I need to manually add this through css?

Yes you need to add your own color through css but you can customize through theme options panel for various elements in colors tab.

I have a question. Why are my colors not working.

Everything stays white. But I used bgcolor…

Any ideas?

Can you please register at our support forum so that our support staff may take a look at your queries.


I cannot activate a revolution slider, this is still included with theme? If yes, please provide me an how to do it, because i cannot activate with the product code from your theme.

Cheers Thomas

You don’t have to activate the revolution slider as far as its included. Activation is required only for automatic updates. We will update our theme as soon as the revolution slider is updated. You can still continue using the revolutions slider as far as its included in the package.

I have an issue with fonts on, For some reason the fonts will load extremely slow or not load at all on the home page. If they don;t load, and I click anywhere on the page they will load instantly. I am at a loss and for the life of me cannot figure this out.

Any help with this would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

Its loading fine at my end can you please let me know in which browser does it shows? Please use our support forum for any queries or help.

Hi there. I’m running v1.5 at the moment on our website. Is there an easy way of updating to v1.7.5 without loosing all the settings? There is no update option on Wordpress.

Thanks, Kris.

If you can contact us via support forum we will help you out.

Hello , has you script an admin to manage customers (bills, ticket of support ,..etc

Nope it will be there in your WHMCS. This is a theme not a script BTW.

okay now after I purchase how can I edit for example the slider , how I can change the menu names , how can I delete some text or even delete the footer itself ?

Theme comes with documentation for all the stuff you are looking for and if you don’t find anything in the documentation then we have a separate support forum where you can ask your doubts.

Hi AivahThemes, sorry to post our question here. But, it seems like nobody answering our support ticket. it’s been two day now.

Sorry for the delay in response its there in the forum that we said we will answer you yesterday but due to loads of queries again delayed. We are online in forum now and your question has been answered now.

hello, do you offer a ‘domain search’ based on whmcs on the ‘home’ template of the theme?

Nope sorry we don’t offer that domain search. It will be there in the WHMCS and if you install the WHMCS then you can customize according to your requirements.

Are you guys going to come out with an HTML version of this design?

yes coming week

“yes coming week”? Do you mean in the coming weeks? I really want to purchase it as HTML and would do so today if I could. :)

Next week I mean.

@cloudhopping – where did you asked for support?

Hello, I want to buy this theme, but I have one question before I do. Is there any way to chose betwen the animations for thins?

I don’t like the “bouncy” effect in the demo.

// Christoffer

You can change the effects to fadein.

I really like the theme, thank you.

Hi I really like this theme and would like to purchase it. Just have a few questiosn though.. When I go to shared hosting page it shows 3 items listed. Can I have more listed? Even if it means the extra ones showing lower? Also how flexible is this templage because I also need to add my own extra stuff in between

Yes you can will add some more examples

Hi there,

Great theme! Just a couple of questions though; right now I’m using Themeforests famous Salient theme, is Hostme also compatible with Visual Composer and WPML multi translate?

Oh and by the way, could I also see a live demo of WHMCS in action in your theme? I’m really interested! :)

Regards, Tapeix

Will add soon in couple of days or next week for sure. Yes wpml is there and is compatible and about visual composer m not sure abt it

hello, is compatible with wordpress 3.9.*

Yes it is compatible.

Another buyer posted the 1* Ratings saying no support no mail no contact. Very strange to see such authors who wantedly gave 1 star without contacting. Name is cakamen.

Does this theme come with demo content?

Yes it comes with demo content. If you have any issues or doubts after setting up demo content then you don’t have to worry we have a dedicated support forum where you will get support for all your queries.

This theme is really looks wonderful , But before I buy it can you tell me does it support RTL …... i.e Arabic Language ????

Not yet tested but will check and let you know and thanks for your interest.

Theme comes with documentation for all the stuff you are looking for and if you don’t find anything in the documentation then we have a dedicated support forum where you can ask your doubts.

Kindly please register at our support forum if you have any issues.