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Hello, Does this theme come with any eCommerce solution for taking payments such as WooCommerce please?

Thank you.

Nope its not tested with ecommerce.

Hi can you tell me what makes this a hosting theme? Is it compatible with WHMCS? As far as I can see it is no different to any of the other themes in top 10 unless I’m missing something,



Its compatible with WHMCS but not built in custom css for the WHMCS. We will consider adding the WHMCS customized css soon in future updates.

The WHMCS is not responsive, and i have an issue with the styling with WHMCS, can you help? I have already posted on your forums too.

We will take a look at your issue tomorrow on this one.

Problems after Wordpress upgrade :

1st : PHP Warning: mysql_get_server_info(): A link to the server could not be established in /home/admin/domains/ on line 20, referer: Business hours is working, but i getting this error…

2nd : Revslider not working at all. If is installed, i cannot log in to wordpress admin panel, and the page is blank.

Any options?

Please register at our support forum and post your wordpress URL and WP logins so that we can take a closer look at the issue and make sure you set the post reply as private so that only admin view the login credentials.

Prior to purchasing your template I need to know if you have a complete and definitive [shortcodes] guide as after looking at the documentation you supply with your template I can see that there isn’t one. For example your documentation doesn’t include any info on how to replicate certain elements of your demo’d homepage and I wouldn’t want to upload demo content just to be have to reverse engineer your settings and parameters.



So, to confirm, if I purchase now my documentation will include all shortcodes listed and documentation on replicating your layouts as a start off point (without having to upload your sample data)?

You will not get that instantly i have to write a new documentation with all the shortcodes listed in it and Sorry without having to upload sample data means you need to be a wordpress savvy and understand the theme owners farmework to replicate the layouts without using sample data.

So basically the best way to do things is to effectively create two sites – your main site and test site for sample upload and then reinterpretation at choice on the main build system.

The revolution slider keeps asking me to activate it, Where do I find the information to do this?

Thank you.

I found a previous post about this, but why would I get the slider if it is not a valid registered version?

I think you didn’t read what it that section.

Please Activate the Slider for Premium Support and Auto Updates Not activated Plugin Users should contact the Theme Author for Updates and for Support.

Its a valid one. If its not a valid then why would envato approves it? It keeps asking you to activate it for updates and support not to activate and then it will work.

I plan to buy this theme, does it come with easy install demo just like the one you have on the demo site?

Hi just bought it and the installation did not come out just like the demo site you have on themeforest. Like you mentioned I would like you to install this site on my hosting ‘just like it is on your demo’ with all the sample content and sample slider. Please let me know how to send u the wp info.

If you read the documentation i have mentioned in it on how to contact where to contact everything. is our dedicated forum where you can avail support.

thanks for a 5 star support

How would we go about styling the menu bar?

We would like something a little more colorful than just words.

Yes you can customize from theme options panel under styling section.

Hello: I have tried to register on the forums with my activation code on Friday but are yet to receive my login. I am having problems with the Revolution Slider: every time that I activate it the site displays a error.

Wondering if you can assist.

You don’t need to activate the revolution slider. Its only for direct buyers of the Revolution Slider

Sorry: Its not when you activate the plugin. The error occurs when you install the plugin.

Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… Plugin installed successfully.

Revolution Slider Error:fetch –

This makes the entire site display a error until the plugin is removed from the wordpress folder.

I posted on the forums on June 2 with screenshots. Can someone please have a look and let me know what I am doing wrong?


It might be a problem with the revolution slider or something. No worries, still we are here to help you out. We have replied to your post in support forum.

Hi! Awesome theme, i like very much, congratulations! How can I change visit site link text in single portfolio? Thanks!

Ok. But i want to change the text of “Visit site” to “Visitar sitio web”, I only added the external link of project on visit site link.

I’ts done.

Glad you got it resolved.

Hello – is there an HTML version of this theme?

Yes check my portfolio its there.

Hi! How can I start a new topic in support forum? I can’t find it, and I need to solve a problem. Thanks!

Register in the support forum and then go to Forum Categories in right sidebar and then create a topic in there.

Sorry for my english. I need to add a second logo in header. Both the same size. I created a new class with the same values ??as the logo in CSS, in desktop mode works fine, but in responsive mode the second logo display under menu. which is the best solution to add a second logo, and display it in all devices?

The site:

For Second Logo you need to customize that according to your needs as that’s out of the part of header which was designed for the theme. Extra logo means you have to do extra coding.

I have the html version setup at and the blog setup at The blog version looks completely different, different colors etc

Please can you take a look and advise me?

Its all good I didnt realize the wordpress theme came with multiple styles, good idea but had me confused a little sorry.

One quick question though, how do I get the slider to appear on all pages?

For slider appearance on all the pages you need to alter the code in header.php file so kindly please register at our support forum and then post your query in the Hostmev2 place.

Just wondering how do I get the same font as in the demo on our site?

If you go to theme options panel and see about all the features and options you can set what font you want. BTW I have used google web font ‘Open Sans’.

FYI – it will be in the theme options panel under styling section > typography. Headings font face has to be set as Open sans.

Hi. The footer is customizable correct? e.g can i change the flickr photos at the bottom? if so, how? thanks

the reason why i am asking it here is because on your forums i never got emailed a password

Yes it is customizable and regarding the password its demo1234 kindly please change it now…

I appreciate that this product isn’t designed to work with woocommerce but from what I see, it’s almost there.. It’s only the product page that is messed up. Would you be willing to try and fix this? It’s an additional sales advantage if it were to be woocommerce compatible. You can see where it’s all messed up here:

Will consider checking that and if possible we will add in the updates.

how to increase height in header area

You can alter style.css file and alter the header class for that.

My testimonials are not showing name and website next to the picture using the shortcode. Can you assist? I have all the information filled out.

Please contact us via support forum so that we can take a closer look into your issue.

I fixed it by upgrading to the newest version of the theme. (v2.0, I was on 1.7.6)

Hi The template installation was ok. However there is no documentation explaining how to get the design to look like the demo.

Can you please provide help with the installation?

Your soon reply will be most appreciated

We are off today but tomorrow we will help you out soon.

@3bddevelopment – If you contact us via Skype we can give you a walk through of the theme.