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Thanks you !

Nice theme, easy to work with. Great work.

Thanks for support !

Nice work my friend!!!!! ;)

Thanks ! :)

is there a wrong demo in the live preview?

Hi ! No, isn’t wrong the demo in live preview


I am having an issue where the theme is taking a very long time to load. Why is this? I make a few changes then click the index.html file in my folder and it opens in chrome with the path, but it’s taking a very long time at about 1 min. Any help to fix this?

Hi ! You can make the middle pricing table of 4 columns and then you move the first pricing table through a class ( col-md-offset-1 ) to the right ( to be centered ). So these are :

The first princing box must to have this classes : col-xs-12 col-sm-6 col-md-3 col-md-offset-1 wow bounceIn

The second this classes : col-xs-12 col-sm-6 col-md-4 wow bounceIn

And the last this classes : col-xs-12 col-sm-12 col-md-3 wow bounceInRight

If you still need help let me know.

Thank you, that worked perfectly. How do I get the Contact form on the Support page to work? The one under the FAQs. I’m having issues setting it up to email me. Is there already a script file created?

I have send it to you … :)


How do I change the image in the slider on the index page!? Currently it’s an image of 1400×450. I think I need to go into a css file but I’m not sure which one!?


Hi ! Yes, you have to go in the css ( style.css ) file at Header section and there you’ll change the patch for your image. This code have to look like this :

/* ================================================= Header ================================================*/

main-header {

background-image: url(../img/Header/Header.png); }

Let me know if you still need help for something. Thacks for purchasing !

Hi there, How do I get the contact form to work? Is there a script already for it?!

Thank you, Aly

Hi ! The contact form not works, because the main download not contain any php file to make it to work. I can give a php script for this contact form or you can search on google. Also, thanks for purchasing !

Would you be able to email me a php script for this contact form?

No problem! Thank you for your help!

Through your profile I cannot. Send me a email ( through my profile ) and then I’ll reply to you with the php script


Having trouble changing the images in the background “1400×450” and “1800×977”? What do i need to edit in order to set these?



Also could i have a copy of the php script for the contact form?

Hi ! First, thanks for purchasing !

The “1400×450” image ( from header ) you can change it from style.css file at header section :

main-header {

background-image: url(../img/Header/Header.png); }

And the “1800×977” image ( from testimonials ) you can change it from style.css at testimonials section, too.

For the php script, please send me a email from my profile page and then I’ll reply with the script and details … or you can contact me from skype.

And don’t forget the five star rating, it’ll help me a lot :)

How do I need to edit the Facebook, twitter and Skype buttons on the about page?

I gave you some details about this on skype, check there.

Sorry to bother you again! Could you share with me how I can change the about page and faq page to not capitalize all the text and just to follow what is indicated in the html?

Hi ! I’m very glad that I can help you.

All that text which it’s inside in a “p” tag are with capitalize for all pages, because it’s set in the style.css page to be like this ( At Typography section, like : text-transform: uppercase; ). If you want like all the text which it’s inside in that tag ( “p” tag ) to be how is indicated in the html you can delete that line of code ( for all pages ). Or, if you want only in that pages ( how you said ), then make a class in style.css file at Typography section ( at bottom of that section, but no matter ) and then put it at that “p” tag which you want the text to follow how is indicated in the html.

This class :

.normal-text { text-transform: none !important; }

And this class apply it on a “p” tag, from example : class=”normal-text”.

You can put any class name you want. If you still have questions about this … I’m right here to help you.

Nice job good luck;

Thanks ! :)

Hi there… how can I change the google maps position in the section “click to find uns”? Thanks!!!!

hi there,

how can I change the geographic position in google maps view?


Hi !

Sorry, but I offer support only for the buyers.

Thanks !

Hi, what use would the Login have?

Thank you.

Hi Bruno !

The “Log In” page is for users to login in their account ( if they don’t have a created account yet, they’ll can make one through the sing up page ). More info : The “Log In” page it’s to restrictionate some features or content for the clients who are log in ( who has created a account and then log in ) from these who aren’t log in. Logging in is usually used to enter a specific page, which trespassers cannot see. Once the user is logged in, the login token may be used to track what actions the user has taken while connected to the site.

A good day ! Thanks !

Hi Nice template. Before i buy, i will like to know how to design the login page. i will be glad if there is a way you can help with that

Hi !

Please, let me know some more details about what do you mean with ‘design it’. If you mean to redesign it, then tell me in what it consists to be able to help you.

Cheers !