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I cannot afford the support no more so i am writing here. I just want to say that the latest version does not look good on iPhones and iPad. If the logo is set to large, it pushes down the menu creating ugly white space between the two elements. If menufication plugin is switched off, the new fly-menu looks terribly strange. Version 2 was much better. A propos, I had previously downloaded version 3.03 (sic!) but this page claims that 3.01 is the latest.

Hi jfk65,

The previous version was 3.0.3, not 3.03.

But if you ever have an issue after an update, you can feel free to submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll look into it for you.

Right. My mistake.

Mobile users can’t see thumbnails, how can fix that? i need mobile users see thumbnails at homepage. Thnx you

Hi Zak86,

That is the design of the theme in order to cut down on load times for mobile. If you want to change that, that is something you will need to modify on your own.

Can i add some code css to resolve this ?

Thanks for the quick reply

Hi Zak86,

Unfortunately, this isn’t something that can be changed with a quick CSS change.

I want to show SOCIAL SHARE on my articles and posts but not on my pages. Is this possible?

Hi loup20,

Unfortunately, your support has expired. If you wish to continue to receive support for this theme, you will need to purchase additional support.

How do i place an advertisement banner UNDER my nav bar. I know it’s possible. But would that be done in the header.php file?

Hi loup20,

If you are referring to the layout of the demo right now, that option is available in the latest version of the theme, so please make sure you are using the latest version.

I have the theme updated to the latest version.

I currently have the theme set on the ‘boxed’ layout where the responsive ad unit is above the logo and nav bar.

I am wondering if its possible to create a div under that nav bar to create another area to hardcode in an ad code

Hi loup20,

Unfortunately, that is not a feature in the boxed version and is something you would need to modify on your own.

the social share no count ?

Hi cristianarenal,

Unfortunately Facebook changed their API recently, which has affected the shared count numbers. Here is more information about it:

I doesn’t look like a viable alternative will become available, so unfortunately, it looks like the sharing number will be removed in the next update.

Pls i need help. In my web i see two menu in mobile version. Why? How i can fixed?

Hi cristianarenal,

You can deactivate the Menufication plugin since an earlier version of the theme included its own built-in flyout menu to replace it.

Hi, is it possible to enable shortcodes in the “ad management” section? How? Thanks

Hi lucasss,

Unfortunately, that is not a feature of the theme.

If you are looking to display your own ads via a third party service, I would recommend using Google DFP to set up your ads. They will then give you javascript code that you can then use in the theme.

I made a menu for Mobile.. but its not working, menu doesnt open at all and search box doesnt open as well. Please help.

Hi zeeshannaqi,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll look into this for you.

Love the theme. Have had it for a few years now but started experiencing a few hiccups. Hope they’re simple fixes… 1.) Homepage “blog style” only 3 posts and then option for next page. It used to list more articles, can you help. 2.) My logo appears behind the menu and my leaderboard ad doesn’t show, how can I fix this? Here’s our site:

Hi kishomedia,

With regard to the homepage posts, you can go to Settings > Reading and increase the “Blog pages show at most” number. As or your other issues, I would recommend making sure you are using the latest version of the theme and taking a look through the documentation to try and resolve your issue since your support has expired. If you would like me to look into the issue for you, you will need to purchase additional support.