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Best Magazine theme ever! ;)

Wow, SmoothThemes! Thanks :)

Hello, does this theme have the option for stretch width like Maxmag?

Hey addisonfilm,

Thanks for the interest!

Unfortunately, this theme is only available in the boxed layout.

thanks mvpthemes, I will likely end up purchasing the theme… it has everything a magazine publisher needs

Good to hear, addisonfilm! :)

Is it easy to support in this theme for custom post types?


Hey GadgetGroup,

OK, I see what you mean now. But this theme doesn’t have any post types built in, so adding the “post_type” in the loop wouldn’t change anything.

I’ve started getting post type working, so for anyone interested, it works with the featured image box by adding:

<?php $recent = new WP_Query(array( ‘tag’ => get_option(‘ht_slider_tags’), ‘showposts’ => ‘1’, ‘post_type’ => array( ‘post’, ‘post-type-1’, ‘post-type-2’, ‘post-type-3’) )); while($recent->have_posts()) : $recent->the_post();?>

Obviously, replace the “post-type” dummies with your own.


MVP, is it possible to make some of those category widgets on the side work with tags (the dropdown is a tad clunky, so maybe just write the tag in?), and also even support a custom div, if we decide to write some in?

Hey GadgetGroup,

Thanks for the tip. There are plans to create separate tag versions of the category-related widgets, which could be included very soon.

Best Magazine Theme so far on here. As good as New York Magazine, Sbnation or pretty close to The Beast Daily. Congrats.

Big Question:

1. Is there a 1120 wide version or will you guys offer it eventually in future updates?

2. Will you add endless scrolling for blog posts in the future? If not, can you look into infinite scrolling plugin on wordpress, and see if it’s compatible to your theme?

3. Is there a wide post format for the single blog post?

4. Video format post to take up the whole wide screen? Example:

Thanks much!


Another curiosity.

1. Is it possible change the slider block layout?

For example, the left side is the big block and the right side is also another big block replacing the 4 block posts.

2. Is it possible to add a date under the title either mousing over it pops up with the details or already showing without mousing over.

Thanks much.

Hey andyhoodified,

1) The is coded into the theme, so you would have to edit the code to change the layout.

2) This is not something I plan on adding to the theme as a feature for a few reasons.

oh gotcha. Thanks.

Nice, any layout blog demo? interested to see demo on how many layout homepage for blog

Hey begoo,

Thanks for the interest!

Yes, there is a homepage blog layout:

Amazing new theme….you are on another level.

I have a question – Can the fonts be changed?

I’m just concerned about the Oswald font in Google Chrome. I had the issue myself where the font was being cut off/cut in half. Only deleting the font from my Windows 7 OS fixed the problem.

It’s not a big issue, but if possible I may try to avoid that Oswald font if possible until the problem is fixed.

Can I do this in the theme? Or would I have to experiment in the CSS?


BTW – You are becoming the go-to guy for Magazine themes….just amazing, stunning work.

Thanks, ed_lewis!

The custom fonts are something I have wanted to implement for a while now, so it is definitely on the list of possible updates. For now, you will have to edit the CSS to change the fonts. Essentially, all you would need to do is add the Google Font you would like to use to the top of the style.css file (via an @import) and then replace ‘Oswald’ in the file with whatever font you choose.

great template body! ;)

Thanks, critchable!

Hi Just checking if you can turn off the wallpaper ad? Thanks Great looking theme

Thanks, Tacita!

Yes, the banner ad at the top is optional so if you don’t supply any ad code, then that section will not appear.

I mean the banner ad on the top of the page. Thanks

Nice theme! I purchased two of your previous themes, but it seems, it is what I am looking for.

Question 1: Is it possible to set the logo area higher, because the bottom of your logo is cutted off.

Question 2: Is it possible to use that big empty space at the right of the site logo for example put some sponsor logos align to the right side of the page?


Thanks, babakzoltan!

1) Yes, in the next update, you will be able to manually set the height of the logo area via the Theme Options. So, you can either keep the style of logo I have now or have the traditional logo where it is not behind the menu bar.

2) This would be something you would have to modify on your own since it is not a feature of the theme.

Congratulations for this new theme. Nice. I have some questions:

1. Has it sidebar generator? (for posts, pages or categories) 2. Has it shorcodes to display blog items on a page like the home page? 3. Has it number of comments over the post? 4. Has it pretty photo? 5. Has it sections to add content over and below the post?


Hey jordimkt,

3) Do you have a sample page to show what you mean?

4) This is not a feature of the theme.

Hello, for example:

Posted by MVPThemes | on 12/04/20013 | with 3 comments

I refers to display this number of comments in meta o post, over the image post. Usually all themes has it.


Hey jordimkt,

I see what you mean now. This is something I will try to add for the next update. Thanks!

Looks amazing, trying to use, but no PSD file:((

Hey igorzubik,

Thanks for the purchase!

Since almost all of the graphical elements of the theme are generated with CSS3, I didn’t feel like there was a need to include a PSD file. What would you need the PSD file for?

Logo.psd, for example.

Hey igorzubik,

While the theme doesn’t come with a PSD for the logo, I can tell you that the font I used was Franklin Gothic Heavy.

Pre Sales question: Are the pics for the thumbs cropped automatically or do I have to provide them in consistent sizes?

Thanks in advance, this looks like what I am looking for…

Hey darem,

Thanks for the interest!

The thumbnails (4 different ones) are generated automatically when you set your featured image in the post.

Brilliant theme! Good Luck with it ;)

Thanks, JNKKdesign!

I would like to know if the writing on the images (title and abstract of the article) in the home are included automatically or you have to put them by hand. In addition how you handled it the bar “do not miss”? is it also automatic?

Hey matteobocchetti,

Thanks for the interest!

These are generated automatically. This theme allows you to use a shorter title for the Featured Content areas, but if you do not supply a shorter title, then the normal title will be displayed by default. And the excerpt is just taken from the first few words of the post.

I would like to know if the writing on the images (title and abstract of the article) in the home are included automatically or you have to put them by hand. In addition how you handled it the bar “do not miss”? is it also automatic?


Beautiful like the MaxMag theme, great work! I identified one issue inside the detailed articles view. The main image is overlapping the content area.

Hey tobi_as,

Thanks for the kind words!

What browser are you seeing this with?

I checked this in Internet Explorer 10 (latest Version).

Hey tobi_as,

Clear your cache and reload the page. The issue should be resolved now. Thanks again for the heads up.

your demo site is showing down – i seem to have an issue with the related posts not linking under each post – emailed you on here but not sure if you get it if its attatched to your hosting.

error on your site:

We apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately this website is currently unavailable.

If you are the web hosting account owner, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Our customer service team is available 24×7 via phone or email:

Email: Phone: 888-321-4678 (757-416-6575 Int’l)

We cannot disclose any information regarding this account if you are not its owner or authorized party. For the security and privacy of our customers, all account requests are verified prior to the disclosure of account information

thank you, did you get my email from off here regarding the related post issues :)

Hey marcoart,

The site is back up!

As for the related posts issue, it looks like it is as a result of your Facebook comments plugin. Try using Nebula Facebook Comments. If you are still having an issue, please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do.

thank you, it was due to the Facebook comments plugin :)

is there a way to increase the height of the logo on the header, I made the logo a bit higher than the demo version but it still hides too much of the logo under the menu.

many thanks

Hey marcoart,

This will be controlled via the Theme Options in the next update, but please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I can give you some code to place in the Custom CSS section in the meantime.

thank you, support ticket posted