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I came across your theme after seeing was made with it!$ AMAZING n just curious, you described ‘drag and drop’ page builder, just curious how that works/looks (my client is very non tech! ha and she will be updating herself)

Thanks so much, sterlingwilliam! :)

Just curious, do you know of anyway to put a mega menu up in this awesome bad boy (with dropdown panels for images/lilnks) Just wondering!

Hey sterlingwilliam,

Unfortunately, I haven’t tested the theme with any megamenu plugins yet.

Hi Schabulsky,

That was a custom addition by the developer of that site.

Can anyone help me make the plug in get the image work with this theme

Hi DreamEnt,

I am not sure what you are referring to, but if you have any issues with the theme itself, feel free to submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help.

How can I get a 728×90 leaderboard ad show side by side with the logo instead of directly above it?

Hi GameOverViper,

Please make sure you have read through the documentation, which will guide you through the setup process and explain the features of the theme, including how to set up the leaderboard ad next to the logo. If you have any specific questions after reading through the documentation, feel free to submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help.

Well, I’ve got the logo all the way down to 250px width and it still doesn’t line up. That’s why I’m commenting, but I’ll submit a ticket.

It was the ad location option that had me stuck. I read more of the documentation to see that. lol Thanks!

Why is the main page only showing a few articles, which are not featured, on the homepage blog style. I wish to display at least 10. I can’t even find a way to accomplish it by manually changing the code.

Hi kato3000,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help you with this. Thanks!

Hello MVP,

I have a problem in aligning these [ previous image – Back to Gallery – next Image] in my attachment page

This is all i used

<?php previous_image_link(false, __('« Previous Image')); ?> <?php _e(‘Back to Post’); ?> <?php next_image_link(false, __('Next Image »')); ?>

Help me fixing it. thanks.

Hi jaffaa,

This is a custom addition on your end and is something you would have to troubleshoot on your end since this is not a feature of the theme.

Hello, I want to put an icon or a word in some posts category (and see it on the posts thumbnails on the homepages) and on another category I want to see rating stars. is it possible?

Hi joaobexiga,

Unfortunately this is not a feature of the theme and while I do offer to perform small custom changes, this would require more than just a short fix. So it is something you would have to modify on your own or get a third party to help you with since I am unable to provide this level of customization to all of my customers. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Just curious again on the development of your new theme. Maybe a screenshot to share?? :-) Release date?

Hi inca007,

It should be available early next week at the latest.

Ok, so it is available now?

Hi inca007,

Unfortunately, the review process has taken a lot longer than anticipated, but the theme is still being reviewed by Envato. Hopefully it will be available soon. I will announce it on my Twitter account when it is available @mvpthemes

Have you ever thought of trying to get this on I would love to be able to use on one of my sites hosted there!

they have premium themes on that site. Just bought one for use on one of my projects. It is the MH Magazine theme, which the theme author also sells on his own site.

Hi john_wilbanks,

Well I stand corrected! That must be a fairly new feature, but I wouldn’t be able to sell the theme on that site anyway since I am only permitted to sell this theme exclusively through this site.

ah, oh well. Maybe in the future you could come up with something for Just a thought, lots of money to be made there :)

Hello. Love the theme, have one question about when a blog post loads. It displays this text for a few seconds and disappears: “class=”pin-it-button” count-layout=”horizontal”>Pin It”

Heres a SS: sample link:

Can this be prevented?


Hi reminisce32,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll look into this for you.

Is the WP-PageNavi plugin compatible with this theme? If not, how does Hottopix handle manual pagination for long posts/pages (<!–nextpage–> tag)?

Hi enricM,

This theme comes with the Theia Post Slider plugin, that turns your posts and pages into slideshows by using the “nextpage” Wordpress function. Here is the example from the demo:

Hi there, thanks for the reply but, the demo you mention refers to a page, what about a post? I read somewhere that Theia didn’t work for posts only for pages. Is this so?

Hi enricM,

Theia Post Slider works for both posts and pages.

do you have an demo or picture of the website with the new flyout menu. I want to upgrade to this but will like to see it first.

also are we able to add a banner next to the logo without it shrinking?

Hi soodetroit,

You can view any page on the demo site on a mobile or tablet device to see the mobile flyout menu feature. You can place the logo next to the leaderboard ad, but the leaderboard ad would have to be 728px wide and the logo would have to be a maximum of 257px wide.

For some reason our social media icons are not showing up anymore? Any suggestion? Thanks

Hi bigxgh,

Please check the Social Media Options section of the Theme Options to make sure each of the social media usernames are entered correctly. If they are and you are still having issues, feel free to submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll take a look.

I buy thems ” Hot Topix ” but I found a problem when doing the install to my wordpress

this problem is

Warning : Invalid argument supplied for foreach ( ) in / home / wwwroot / / wp-content / themes / hottopix / admin / admin – interface.php on line 1250

Hi m4ya,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll look into this for you.

Simple question: How to I increase the posts from 7 to 15 on the front page? I have used support before over another issue, but the reply wasn’t great “please read the manual” – obviously I had and the answer wasn’t in there for that question ;)

Thank you. Amazing theme. Truly.

Can someone look at my ticket 8727? Two days and nothing yet.

Hi letsbuild,

My apologies on the delayed response, but I will answer your question as soon as possible. I appreciate your patience.

Okay, thanks!

I have an issue…

When I insert an youtube url in the text, the video looks like an image. I can’t click on play button. Take a look:

It used to work, but now it doesn’t. I also noticed that the “You also like” section and certain parts of the website is non clickable. Do you know what’s the issue on this?

I need your help!



Thank you. I will submit a ticket. That solution didn’t work.

Hello MVPthemes,

I submitted a ticket yesterday. What’s the wait time? My ticket is very critical.

Hi Boostifyer,

My apologies on the delayed response, but the response time is usually 24 hours. I will answer your question as soon as possible and I appreciate your patience.

Hi MVP THEMES, I have a problem. In the inicio ( homepage ). I get a black part, and no the image of the categories. my site web is thanks ;) Sorry for my english.

I was read the documentation, but I not discover a solution. The problem is that, the homepage shows me a space in black, and no pictures of the last pots.

Hi simdaniel,

The documentation will explain how to set up the Featured Posts section in the Theme Options section of the documentation.

As I mentioned above, if you have any questions after reading the documentation, feel free to submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help.

already found the solution, sorry for the inconvenience. thank you very much for the attention

I have an urgent problem with post links (hyperlinks, embeded video) are all not ‘clickable’ in the body of every post. They appear active but are dead. A ticket has been submitted with no response for over 24 hours.

Please see

Hi AFIReview,

Thanks for updating your ticket ticket. While I do typically answer tickets within 24 hours, it may take longer on weekends and holidays. I appreciate your patience and I will answer your ticket in the order it was submitted. Thanks!

Thanks. It has been nearly 5 days since I’ve submitted my original ticket. This problem is very critical to click-thrus and content in my posts. Any help or updates on the support process would be helpful.

Thanks again.

Hi AFIReview,

If you still have questions/issues, please address them in the support ticket and I will answer there.

I have tried to submit a support ticket 2 days in a row and keep getting errors.

1 – How do i make the blog area white – not the gray color it is now – I don’t see an option.

2 – when I select blog as main homepage it just shows 2 lines of the blog – how do I set it so it displays the entire posts on the home page??

Hi mdm305,

My apologies for the errors, but please try to submit a ticket again and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hi, you have other templates homepage? I can create as many sidebars or blocks for homepage?

Hi lucasfernandes,

Yes, each section you see on the homepage in the demo below the Featured Posts section is a widget and you can place as many of these widgets on the homepage and sidebar and arrange them in the order you’d like.