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Awesome! Love it. This is great. Thank you. I purchased the original Hot Cake HTML theme, and that was fantastic. Hot Cake + Joomla! Now even better.

Thanks a lot for those kind words — I’m glad that you like the original HotCake HTML version already. :-)

hotcake with wordpress would be perfect! :)

Let’s see how the Joomla version performs first, but WordPress is definitely an option of course and might be something I’ll work on soon! :-)

so, this theme works for iPad too??? and sorry for being naive but what is joomlia and what do i need to do on my part to make it work. also, theres documentation on how to make it work with your website? ( mirror), I’m new at this

I already replied to your email earlier this morning explaining in detail how to add the .htaccess solution which should be the most suitable one in this case.

Furthermore, the HTML version of the template doesn’t include landscape mode yet (update is on its way — right now, just the Joomla version can stretch across the screen). This will be available as an update within a few days from now hopefully.

By the way, we should either shift this discussion over to the HotCake HTML template file or continue via email — it doesn’t belong to the HotCake Joomla version for obvious reasons. ;-)

Got it! thanks for replying ! ill switch to html template, i didn’t notice at all, my bad

nice work…

Thanks! Glad you like it — your feedback is much appreciated!

Bookmarked :) *for now

Thanks a lot! :-)

Bookmarked, Will buy it Soon, thx for the awesoem work,

Perfect, thanks a lot! :-)

Awesome Template, fast and friendly support. “Responsive Webdesign” is really cool, but has it’s disadvantages in some situations. If your mobile users want different content to your web users, or if your website is full of functionality and interactivity, you may be better use this as a separate mobile website.

Highly Recommend…and the best with some simple php lines u can make it also auto detect for mobile browsers & devices!

So for this i wish you many many sales! *

Absolutely, thank you very much for your feedback!

Responsive design is great but just like many other things it’s definitely not the only solution which should be considered while working on a mobile strategy for a website in my opinion.

It works often, but it’s not always the most suitable solution, so a pure mobile template like “HotCake” might be a viable alternative depending on the requirements of a project.

That said, I couldn’t agree more — thanks for your opinion! :-)

I tried to view the demo on my Blackberry and it only displays to up untill header… I cant scroll down….

Thank you very much for your feedback — it’s much appreciated and I’ll try to reply to your question right below if you don’t mind:

The HotCake template incl. the original HTML version have been created for modern touchscreen devices and it should look and feel similar to any native application.

In order to achieve that, I had to use advanced CSS selectors as well as various jQuery plugins which is something even the most recent BlackBerrys don’t seem to support that well unfortunately.

Another customer and I, we’ve been working on a custom version of the HotCake HTML template also available here on ThemeForest which worked well after a while — however, to me it’s more important that this runs properly on iOS and Android because those touch screen devices are the ones an app-like template like HotCake aims at primarily.

I hope I could answer to your question so far — if you should be interested in purchasing the HotCake template even without extensive support for BlackBerry devices by default, you can also send me an email to ‘hello@indiqo.eu’ and I’d apply the modifications I’ve been working on with another customer to make it work on BlackBerry to the Joomla version for you just like that.


Is it compatible with K2?

Thanks for your message!

Unfortunately I’m not sure what you mean with “K2” exactly in this case — I assume it’s a version of an operating system or a smartphone device, but I’d appreciate it if you could just clarify this a bit of possible.


Thanks for reply. But I ment K2 component for Joomla – http://getk2.org/

Thanks for your quick answer — it’s much appreciated!

I recently had a close look at K2 and it certainly looks interesting. The HotCake theme for Joomla should support any kind of module in general but it’s not specifically built to support K2 as an example, which means that I didn’t prepare various CSS properties, classes and IDs and it would most likely use its own, default design because of that.

That said, it should work of course, but visually, it won’t be perfectly integrated into the themes custom design by default.

As with all mobile devices, some work and some don’t. I tried this with a BB torch and it works fine. It’s a “jumpy” with the content not scrolling extremely smooth but it does work.

Thank you very much for testing it with your device and leaving a report — it’s much appreciated and hopefully helpful for some people as well!

You’re right, mobile devices and operating systems are significantly different most of the time in terms of processing and GPU power as well as the operating system they’re running. iOS devices for example perform very well using this theme even using the first generation iPhone with an outdated version of iOS — I assume due to the fact that the operating system prioritizes touch inputs and that it supports hardware acceleration for JavaScript.

Older Android devices oftentimes don’t support hardware acceleration and prioritized touch inputs so the site itself doesn’t run as smooth as it should be — same with BlackBerry phones even though their JavaScript behavior and software architecture seems to be entirely different anyway.

I tried my very best to make this compatible to as many devices as possible — it’s not the most minimal or lean mobile site design approach using the collapsible sidebar for example, but those who use it seem to be quite satisfied with the appearance and overall performance fortunately.

That said, thanks a lot once again for your feedback — I always appreciate that!


For those of you still on the fence wondering why you would want to pay the same price for a mobile template as you would for a normal template I just discovered that TapTheme’s free Plugin will enable this template to work with your existing site and existing template. Just contact Maximilian the author of this mobile template and he will quickly help you out.

Yes, that’s right — thanks for your feedback. I already tested this myself and it works — you can easily use the HotCake template just for visitors using a specific mobile device while your normal site remains working the way it is which is a great addition in my opinion.

I’d like to try this TapTheme plugin, where can I find it?

You can download the plugin for free right over here: http://taptheme.com/joomla-plugins/taptheme-plugin.php

However, a small modification to the theme will be required in order to make the theme options work properly as well — you can send me an email at any time as soon as you decided to purchase the HotCake for Joomla theme and I’ll be glad to assist then.

Just about to purchase theme can you confirm that it will work with TapTheme plugin please, my website already uses different Joomla template and I would like to use this one only for mobile/tablet users.


Thanks for your question!

Yes, it works perfectly fine with the TapTheme plugin so you can just enable this theme for mobile devices running side-by-side with your normal desktop website theme.

The only thing which doesn’t work out of the box are the theme settings — you’ll need to add one very small code snippet to a file in order to make sure these work properly too.

I couldn’t add this to the theme by default because not anybody is using the TapTheme plugin, but it’s easy to achieve and I’ll quickly do that for you if you should decide to make a purchase.

Please just send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu as soon as you did that and I’ll quickly assist of course.

Just purchased and sent you email. Thanks.

Thanks! I just sent the update to you via email and hope you enjoy the result!

Works fine on HTC devises and iphones with Chrome and Safari… I’ve just tested with “Firefox mobile” and i’ve the same problem with scroll down. It doesn’t work. Tant for your next reply ;-)

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

I currently don’t have access to an Android device where I could test it again in Firefox Mobile but I downloaded and installed the so called “Fennec” emulator from the Mozilla website and the theme seems to work just fine at least in this developer build of the browser.

Would you mind to send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu? I’d like to send a link to you just to see if an experimental version of this theme works properly on your device or not.

Bummer, I just purchased the theme and need that extra bit of code. Indiqo (Max) is on business and his auto responder said he wouldn’t respond until the end of February. Can someone share the code with me?

Thanks for your message!

Yes, it’s correct that I’m not in my office these days but I just found an internet café and will reply to your request accordingly soon.

Please note though that the end of February just means that I’m out of office for a few days since you purchased the item — when I read it here in your comment it might seem as if I would be away for a few weeks or something like that which obviously isn’t the case. :-)

Anyway, I got your email so you can expect an answer very soon from now.


Sorry about that. My client was hoping if get the mobile theme all set, turns out they haven’t even gone live with the site yet so it’s not as bad of an emergency. I wonder if you should add the instructions to your read me file so people don’t have to email you :)

Sure, that’s probably a good idea — I just wrote that down and will supply it with the next update. :-)

FYI, if you have problems with components that load Jquery, as long as THOSE components let you turn it off, you can do what I did. I use Gcalendar and that one lets you turn off Jquery loading via a plugin. Then I moved the jQuery code in the index file of hotcake to the TOP of the head. So this (I removed the commenting): <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script src="<?php echo $this->baseurl ?>/templates/<?php echo $this->template ?>/includes/slider.js"></script> <script src="<?php echo $this->baseurl ?>/templates/<?php echo $this->template ?>/includes/scrolling.js"></script> <script src="<?php echo $this->baseurl ?>/templates/<?php echo $this->template ?>/includes/scripts.js"></script> and put it just under the <head>. These two together let the side menu load correctly on the gcalendar pages. yeah!

Thanks for your hint — putting the JavaScript code into the head of the file would be an option too of course.

I know that some plugins rather tend to add it to the head as well so this isn’t necessarily a problem — please keep in mind though that it’s a good practice to add it to the bottom of each page by default anyway because it then loads the HTML and CSS markup first and doesn’t block building up the design while it still loads the JavaScript files. :-)

Hi there .

Is this theme also support Joomla 3 ? , I have Joomla 2.5 now but we are planing to move to Joomla 3 in the next few months


Thanks for your message!

I didn’t have the time to test and evaluate carefully wether it works properly with Joomla 3 or not yet, but I’ll surely do so sometime soon.

At this point though, I’d like to be honest with you when I say that I can’t provide a definitive recommendation, at least not before I found the time to evaluate and test it myself.

It might work and most likely it will, but then again, I really can’t confirm that it does. Maybe just send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu and we’ll be able to find a suitable solution together.



I have installed your template everything works except slideshow. I have viewed the documentation and have followed the steps, but it still don´t work. Is there something special concurning the addition to the pages?

Thanks in advanced Alex

Edit: Something blocks the Slideshow. How could this happen?

Thanks for your message — I also received your email and will reply to it directly in a minute if you don’t mind.

3 years no updates. I was wondering if this worked with J3.4?

Thanks for your comment! Actually I usually don’t use Joomla that much in my day to day business working with clients because they often rather ask for another CMS solution such as WordPress for example.

Originally the theme itself was just meant to support Joomly 1.5.5+ and 2.5.x so unfortunately I can’t say right now wether it will work with Joomla 3.4 or not to be honest with you.

I’ll try to get back into my office tomorrow, on Sunday, though, will see how it goes and let you know if it does work properly or not — after all, I’m curious to figure that out myself in some way too! :-)

Hope you had a nice weekend as well! I’m back in my office now and recently evaluated wether this items works with Joomla 3.4+ and as far as I can see, the 2.5 version included in the package seems to work just fine except from one smaller JS incompatibility which could be easily solved.

Please send me an email through the contact form here on ThemeForest and I’ll guide you through the update process.

There are still some more tests I’d like to perform before eventually releasing an updated Joomla 3.4 version anytime soon though.


What about update this totally for Jomla 3.4 that would be nice. I need an update…


Hello and thanks for your feedback!

As far as I remember, I tested the theme using Joomla 3.4 just a few weeks ago after I received a pre-sale question asking wether it would work or not.

It seemed to work perfectly fine back then but I also consider releasing a maintenance update anytime soon to comply with latest standards and best practices in a suitable manner and to update all third party scripts and libraries as well to their most recent versions.

I hope that I could answer to your question and of course will remain available just in case you should have any further requests.