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Ivor Envato Team

This looks great Max. Nice job!

Thanks a lot, Ivor!

Your feedback is always appreciated!

On my iPhone 3gs is it not working, i can’t scrolling down on any page..

The update has been submitted now and seemed to work just fine — please let me know if you should find anything else which should be updated or might be a useful addition.

I always appreciate feedback because it helps making things better oftentimes! :-)

Thanks again for your help discovering this issue with iOS4!


Hi! Now is working also with the 3Gs but the “touch” slider is not working, all other is working fine ;-)

Welcome back to the good old browser hacking times — solved one issue so it works on iOS4 and that (quite common) solution immediately caused another problem in current versions. :-)

I just updated the live preview and currently await a bit of feedback from users and friends so it should be available for download as well soon.

Very cool :) But i see horizontal scroll in iphone 4 :)

Good luck!

I checked it… amazing… :)

I wish you great sales, Max :)

Thanks a lot — does it work properly for you as well now?

I thought those times when we had to implement browser specific solutions slowly came to an end but I guess I was wrong and iOS4 / iOS5 require that as well sometimes. :-)

everything is working correctly…for me :)

It scroll also not on my iPhone4 device (not iOS5 updated!). The scroll works only with 2 finger scrolling. Can you fix that and i will purchase it :) On my iOS5 iPad works very well.

Thanks for your feedback — I’ll see what I can do later today as soon as I get access to my older iPhone running iOS 4.x

May I ask if you removed the item preview frame as well and which version of iOS has been used?

During development, I’ve been using an iPhone 4s and a 3Gs among other Android phones — both were running iOS5 and worked just fine so I assume it’s an issue with iOS4.

please see my edited early post (updated)

Thanks — your help is much appreciated!

From what I can see so far it’s clearly an issue related to iOS4 and I’ll try to solve it directly later as soon as I get access to a device which is running that. :-)

Sounds very great! In this way i wondering why the page looks not a big bigger on iPad? May you also review this?

Sure, it’s a mobile only template this time just focusing on the advantages and trying to get over the disadvantages of small smartphone screens.

If you’re looking for a template which adapts to almost any kind of screen including tablets, desktop pcs and smartphones, I’d recommend using one of the responsive web designs also available here on ThemeForest and in my portfolio.

These have been created to work perfectly on all kinds of screens while this one here is purely mobile, i.e. for smartphones.

I hope I could answer this question for you — please feel free to ask if there’s anything else you’d like to know. I’m always glad if I can help! :-)

I think I found a solution based upon JavaScript now and implemented it into the homepage so far. Could you confirm that it works properly for you as well now? http://shrivel.me/?EH

Thanks once again for your help! :-)

The update seemed to work perfectly on various iOS4 devices as well as the current versions now and so I submitted an improved version to ThemeForest recently.

Thanks again for your help and please let me know if there’s anything else which could be changed or maybe even if you got any ideas what could be added to the template in order to make it even more valuable.

I’m always open for suggestions and appreciate your feedback a lot!


This doesn’t work on android is systems. The forms do not allow you to enter in text. Any plans on adding this os?

Thanks for your feedback!

I just uploaded an improved version to the live preview which should work. Can you confirm that the template and form elements do work on your Android device as well now?



I also tested new version. Buttons, checkboxes and radio button don´t work. Textboxes work (add text) only on my iPhone 4 (iOS 4) – not on iPad (iOS5).

Yes, I noticed that myself — the iScroll solution meant to make it work on iOS4 as well broke the default form behavior.

I just updated the live preview and the scrolling and forms should work properly in iOS4 and iOS5 now — Android test coming in a few minutes. Can you confirm that?

i can not confirm that it works. It hangs very much on click on Text area, text box as well keybord occur and hide after some time again… after playing a bit. Scrolling works not smooth.. the 2 times reload of the page sucks. All tested on iPhone 4 (iOS4)

Thanks for your feedback — I just tested it again with my old iPhone 3Gs (iOS5) and even though I had to replace the pure CSS solution I had before with iScroll.js in order to make it work on iOS4 at all, it seems to work comparably smooth. Not as smooth as it worked by the beginning when no JavaScript was required, but not slow at all even though the phone isn’t the newest one anymore.

This is a quite difficult problem because it seems as if I’ll have to find a good balance between covering older versions of iOS / Android and performance.

I’ll do my very best in order to achieve that and implemented an alternative JavaScript solution here. It works better with forms and seems to run faster compared to iScroll.js as well: http://shrivel.me/?VK

Again, I tested this with my old iPhone 3Gs and it runs perfectly fine so I’ll be looking forward to your experiences for now.

Works good now on my iPhone4 (iOS4) and iPad (iOS5). Only issue i see on my iPhone is the DropDown. If i click on it i get a gray screen. I tested it also on my Windows Phone (7.5). Looks very good there too but scrolling down does not work (similar like early reported iOS4 problem, its very harm beacuse all others looks smoothy ther too – may you can fix this also?)

Thanks a lot — I’ll make sure to inform you as soon as I think I found a proper solution. Your help is much appreciated! :-)

It would be great. I like it very much. Can you may also contact me on email (or private message)? I have question about small custom project.

Sure, that won’t be a problem!

I recently also tried to send a message to you but noticed that your contact form here on ThemeForest isn’t active. Could you just send an email to me — hello@indiqo.eu — so we can discuss anything else accordingly then?


Looks great! Love the shades of dark grey and the UI, very slick

Thanks a lot for your feedback! It’s much appreciated and I’m glad you like the UI concept!

Hi indiqo,

Very good ! Like it ! Great job ! Can you just confirm that forms (contact and newsletter) work, because when I test it , I fill the fields and send… I have nothing to confirm and go back direct to the home page … ?

Thanks in advance Zol

Hi Zol!

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

No, the forms do not work by default — both are prepared and can be integrated into newsletter services like MailChimp or CampaignMonitor easily, but needs can be different sometimes and so I decided to release this template as a pure HTML / CSS version you could use in order to adapt it to your needs.

I hope I could answer your question and will remain available whenever you need my help!


I am planning to buy this but haven’t yet. Just wanted to say I think it is one of the best, if not the best mobile app designs here. We will adjust it a bit to coordinate with our site colors and design but the functions and styling is stunning. GREAT job!

Thanks a lot! Your feedback is much appreciated and I’m glad that you seem to like this result as much as I do! :-)

Hello Sir Please Tell Me Where to edit contact email id for the contact Form ?


And This the best mobile website temp i have seen Good Work :)

Hello @indiqo as i read your 3rd last reply you said that forms are not working by default but i think you should provide an mail.php file for contact form atleast !!

and please direct me to “how to make the forms work !! “



Thank you very much for purchasing my template and for your feedback — it’s much appreciated!

Unfortunately I’m not a PHP developer myself and couldn’t find a working mailing script which could be included within the package just like that and which works on almost all kinds of server configurations which would be required because I couldn’t offer support for a functionality I didn’t create or understand myself.

That said, there are plenty of free scripts available which perform that functionality accordingly — they’re often free to use but not if they’ll be used in a commercial product like this template.

If you should need any help finding a suitable script, please feel free to send me an email and I’ll do what I can to help you out of course.

Thanks for your patience!


Love the framwork, beautiful job.

I noticed the animation was veerrryyy sluggish even on an iPhone 4, and so I looked into it.

Change the CSS to transform the element instead of change its position.

Try this code and you will be blown away by the smoothness!:D

#content {
    width: 320px;
    height: 100%; 
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;
    left: 0; 
    -webkit-transition-property: -webkit-transform; 
    -webkit-transition-duration: 0.4s; 
    -webkit-transition-property: ease-in-out; 
    overflow: auto;
    background: #ebebeb; }
.open { -webkit-transform: translate3d(258px, 0, 0); }

Thanks a lot for your feedback and this hint — I’ll try that myself in just a minute!

The overall performance of the animations was better initially when I just used pure CSS in order to create the slide-out as well as the scrolling. However, older versions of iOS didn’t perform scrolling of the panels at all then and so I had to implement a JavaScript based solution in order to fix that.

Reminds me a bit of the not so good old days when any site required a bit of additional work in order to make it work in Internet Explorer 6 except that the problems are related to another company this time! :-)

There’s currently still an update in production which improves the JavaScript performance on all devices significantly — I might combine this with your CSS solution in order to make it work even better.

Once again, thank you so much for your help — I honestly appreciate that a lot!


Hi, this is a great-looking app, thanks! I cannot seem to get any functionality out of the slider nor the “page” pop-over. I have a new iPhone 4s and ran it straight from the download. Works great in the browser, but not on the device. All the images are just stacked vertically. Am I missing something really simple? :). Otherwise the pages are beautiful.


Hi Lynda,

Thank you very much for purchasing this template and for your email!

I recently tried to have a look at it myself once again using one of my iPhones and it seems to work just fine. I just got an assumption and would like to ask, if you got regular internet access as well while checking the template?

The template relies on jQuery as you may know and it is hosted by Google’s Code Library which means that even though you got it locally, internet access will be required as well so your phone can download jQuery from there on the fly and so it can render the animations accordingly.

Can you confirm that your phone is able to download files from the internet as well while checking the template? (Don’t worry, if required you can also change it in a way that jQuery will be stored within the template folder itself, but by default it will be loaded from Google automatically)


Hi I have a website but its very slow on mobile. I was wondering how would I keep my existing website template for computer browsing and this theme for mobile browsing ONLY . Is it easy? thanks!


Absolutely — it’s quite to detect visitors using some kind of mobile device and to redirect them to another, mobile version of a website.

There are various ways how to achieve that — i.e. via PHP , JavaScript or even using a .htaccess file. Here’s a link which might be helpful in order to get this working — it’s fortunately really not that difficult:


I hope this helps — if it doesn’t, please feel free to send me an email and I’ll try to assist of course.


Hey there Okay One ques are you going to add landscape mode view also. As its not working rite now. On 3GS As I think GUI for landscape mode is not there yet!!! So please add this too

Thank you very much for purchasing one of my templates and your feedback — both is much appreciated!

Due to the layout and structure of the template, a landscape mode isn’t planned yet — I’ll just wrote it down anyway and will see what I can do by the beginning of the next year as soon as I’m back in office then.

It might be possible to add it accordingly and it probably would be a good addition to the template itself so I’ll see what I can do!

Wishing you a pleasant holiday season meanwhile!



Thanks for replying !! i’am Looking Forward To This !!!

And Same to you sir !!

Regards Jatin

Hello Jatin!

Sure, absolutely no problem — I usually try to do my very best in order to make sure the templates are and remain as valuable as possible and I think a landscape mode might be a good addition, so thank you for this request! :-)