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How I can scroll to top ? I want to add a button to do that

Well, that’s a quite specific request but in general it’s quite easy to achieve that. First of all, you’ll have to add an anchor to the very top of your site — this one doesn’t necessarily need to be visible so you can use something like that for example:

<a name="top" title="Top"></a>

In order to add a link, image or button to click on to the bottom of the page you can use a code like this — it points to the anchor on top and so if you click on it, the browser goes back to the top accordingly:

<a href="#top" title="To Top">To Top</a>

I hope I could help you and will remain available in case you should have any further questions of course! :-)

It doesn’t work !

Well, the solution I explained to you is a very basic HTML anchor which points to another location on the same page — it definitely should work if the height of the content area exceeds the size of the browser window and if these links have been added properly.

I’ll leave for vacation in about one hour from now but if you like me to, I’ll have a closer look at your template as soon as I’m back on March 4 then.

If you’d like me to do that, please send an email with the URL to your template to hello@indiqo.eu and I’ll have a close look at that immediately as soon as I’m back.


Is this item compatible with android and iphone?

The template has been created using Webkit which is used by iOS and Android device browsers alike. That said, it should work on literally all Android devices especially the newer ones but as far as I know, not all manufacturers use the default version of Android and sometimes change things here and there which might cause problems.

After all, the template has been coded in a clean way and passed all tests on devices I could test it on myself so far — the variety of devices, operating system versions and manufacturer modifications using Android is quite significant and so I couldn’t test it on all of these for obvious reasons, but from what I can say, it should work just fine in most of them.

I hope I could help you so far and will remain available in case there’s anything else you’d like to know!



I just bought your theme. It looks great. I have checked the source files in firefox/explorer and the menu button DOES NOT open the menu. It does work in safari/chrome. Could you tell me if there is a fix for this?

Hello and thanks for purchasing one of my items — it’s much appreciated!

I just had a look at the template again in Firefox myself (don’t have access to IE here at home today, but I’ll try that myself later as well) and the sidebar menu opens up properly. It doesn’t slide out smoothly because it’s a CSS animation particularly not supported, but it pops up properly nevertheless.

Please keep in mind that this template has been created specifically for the use with smartphones and not for desktop browsers though.

In order to be able to check this a little further, could you please tell me which versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer have been used in order to test that? During my quick evaluation this morning it seems to work fine in Firefox down to the very early version 3.0.18.

I’ll be looking forward to further details for now and appreciate your help — I’m not yet sure why this doesn’t seem to work on your side but I’ll definitely have a closer look at it again to see if I can find a possible cause and to solve it accordingly of course.



Yeah your original files are not allowing the toggle in firefox 11 or internet explorer 9. I didn’t check others, just what I use.

Also, I have a bunch of images in my slideshow that I want to be much taller, but they are either being cut-off by the “main inner” module content or if there isn’t a module at all – it’s being blocked by the footer.

Question: How to increase the height of the slideshow?


Never mind the previous question, it’s in scripts.js ; ) I tried sliders.js, and all over the style.css to isolate it – but now it is all good.

Please let me know when you have a solution to the toggle in firefox 11 /explorer 9

Great Theme! Been customizing it all day

If I need custom work done, would you be available to quote it?

Great — please let me know if you should need any further help with the slider height, etc. if you shouldn’t find out how it works yourself already.

Regarding the browser problems it seems to be really strange to be honest, especially because you’re using quite recent versions of both browsers. Could you have a look at the live preview here on ThemeForest with these as well please and let me know if it works there instead?

Depending on my current workload I’m usually happy to accept custom work projects — please feel free to send an email to hello@indiqo.eu or use the form on my profile page in order to get in touch with me directly! :-)


I bought this theme. landscape version is now available for download?

Thanks for purchasing one of my items!

The landscape mode is still in beta and I need two or three people who are willing to test it and confirm that it works on a wider variety of Android smartphones.

It will be included in the next release of the template either by the end of this week or the beginning of the next one — you can see the beta right over here: http://indiqo.eu/demos/hotcake-landscape

If this works properly for you and you’d like to receive a copy of the beta upfront, that won’t be a problem of course — please just send me an email and we can discuss anything else then.


Thanks for the reply. I will wait the landscape version.

Thanks for your patience — I’m still working on the update and it will include a few more features and improvements which is the reason why it takes a bit longer than expected.

However, it should be completed soon and will be a significant improvement in terms of performance and functionality incl. the landscape mode support as well of course.

Hi, I really love your theme and it works well on my iPhone :) I’m agree to remove the safari navigation bar. IMO this theme could be more like an app. And I would like to know if there’s anything I can do to make it work with blackberry / non-touchbased smartphones? The scrolling just doesn’t work. Again it’s an awesome theme, indiqo!


Could you send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu please? I’ll then prepare and send the file to you accordingly of course!

I can’t say for sure wether you’ll have to add your contents again or not, but most likely this will be required unfortunately.


Hi Max,

Thank you, I’ve sent you an email.

and one more thing, is it possible to make the slider and other images retina by making (example) slide-1-2x.png?


Thanks for your email — I just sent the experimental BlackBerry optimized version to you accordingly.

Unfortunately, adding those retina optimized images to the theme is rather difficult to achieve because those wouldn’t be background images added via CSS and so working with Media Queries in order to target retina display devices doesn’t work as well.

However, what you could try would be to save the images at a higher resolution, add them to the slider just like that and reduce their width and height via CSS so they do fit properly into the slider accordingly, scaled down by the browser.

It might not be a perfect solution, but modern browsers such as those used on iOS or Android devices should be able to scale them down properly while the pixel density of those new images should be sufficient for retina displays then.

I couldn’t test this myself yet, but it might be worth a try. I’ll be definitely looking forward to your experiences and the results and will remain available in case you should need any further assistance of course!


Hi Max, bought this script and started fooling around with it in PhoneGap as a native app. After a few small tweaks, it works great. The only issue is the responsiveness on touch clicks. There is a noticeable drag while the page refreshes. How could I fix this? I am fairly new to JS but can pretty much follow along. If you would like, I can email you the www folder I used to wrap into phone gap.

Thanks, Craig

Hello Craig,

Thank you very much for your message and for purchasing this item — I really appreciate that!

The template you mentioned uses JavaScript in order to simulate the rubber band scrolling effect you can see in native iOS apps for example for each panel individually. This could be achieved via CSS only as well but it wouldn’t work properly on iOS devices running any iOS version prior to the current v5.

That said, it will be required to keep on using this work around at least if you’d like to make sure it remains working accordingly on those devices — please let me know if that’s not important in this case and I’ll be glad to help you to achieve that via CSS only.


Another question – where in the CSS can I find the control for the height of the tabs in the navigation slider. Fingers are a bit fat for the tight height of those tabs. Thanks!

You should be able to find this on line 396 and following which says “header li a” — however, you probably will have to edit the header itself as well in order to make sure it will be displayed properly. It starts at line 357 in this case.

thanks, got it figured out. I’ll get back to you on the menu system / css issue for iphone < 5.0. Thanks, Craig

Perfect! I’m glad you could achieve that — please feel free to send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu at any time whenever you should need my help or opinion!

Hello, I like this template and looking forward to seeing the next update. My question is that how can I change the height of sliding images in the index.html I want to make them taller and use retina images.


Thank you very much for your feedback — the update will be released very soon from now. Meanwhile, please let me try to explain how you can change the height of those slideshow images accordingly — it’s quite easy fortunately:

1.) You’ll obviously have to change the height of the images you’d like to use first of course before you replace the default slide images.

2.) Now open up the “scripts.js” file within the “includes” folder and have a look at line no. 6 where you can set the height of this area.

3.) Hit save, upload everything to your server and it should work properly from what I can see right now.

In order to be able to add true retina image support to this area, some rather complex CSS modifications would be required. Essentially, the inline images used now for the slides need to be removed and each list element would get a unique CSS class which defines height and width of those list elements accordingly and adds the slide image as background.

This way, it would be possible to display a higher resolution version of each image in the slider as well if the site will be viewed on a device which uses a retina display — however, this kind of modification is a quite complex one and might be a bit too difficult if customers who purchase this template just like to swap a simple slideshow image.

Please feel free to send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu so we can discuss how to solve this in a smaller custom project or if you should have any further questions aside from that of course.


Thank you Max, I made the images larger and I will e-mail you in regards to other issue.

Thanks! I’ll reply to your email within the next hour approximately! :-)

Hey Max,

Liking this theme. Great work.

Any insight on when the landscape version is coming? I’m assuming you’ll do something to hide the nav bar on load in that update?

Thank you very much for your message and feedback!

I’m still working on the next, major update which includes more than just landscape mode and so takes a bit more time unfortunately but it should be available within a few weeks from now at least.

I assume you mean the browser url bar which should be hidden in your opinion but this won’t be something I’ll include by default. As far as I know, hiding this bar requires to add more JavaScript to the template which increases loading times and might cause incompatibilities with some phones, not to mention licensing problems with the authors of those scripts.

I usually try to avoid using JavaScript whenever I can in order to make sure the templates remain working properly on slower devices as well and of course to make sure they remain working at all in nearly any of the devices.


Any chance we can get hold of the landscape files (http://indiqo.eu/demos/hotcake-landscape/) prior to then? That’s our only issue in continuing to use this theme.

Sure, no problem — could you send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu please? I’ll take care of it then.


Hi Max may I request a youtube icon for the sidebar?

Sure, I’ll add this to the next release — no problem!

Thanks! will be looking forward to it :)

Hi ! Before I buy this I want to know if after I install it on my server, if I visit with my device ( iphone ipad, ... android tablet …) I will get this theme ? or I will get my wordpress theme ? I mean I get automaticlly a mobile version or my basic wordpress theme ?

Hi! No, unfortunately that won’t work out of the box — first of all, the HotCake template isn’t a WordPress theme, at least not now and so you won’t be able to install it to the system or manage your contents through WordPress itself.

In addition to that, you’ll have to implement a simple redirect script which detects a mobile device and forwards the visitor to the mobile page automatically — this is quite easy to achieve and here’s a free library of scripts which will help you to do so: http://detectmobilebrowsers.com

You can also send me an email at any time if you should have any further questions regarding this topic of course.

hi ! thank you Right now I try to find the better plugin to integrate with my theme and of course with this beautiful theme ! when done i will buy this theme ! thank you again

No problem — I’ll be looking forward to it and will remain available if there’s anything else you’d like to ask meanwhile of course! :-)

Do you think that i can use this theme on iPad as well? also, is there a tutorial on how to mirror your website? i have no idea on how to achieve this. thanks!

Yes, the theme itself works on an iPad as well if a user uses this device in order to view your website using HotCake. In order to redirect users who browse your current site with smartphones or tablets to a mobile site powered by HotCake or any other mobile template, you can make use of any of the following solutions which accomplish that for you accordingly: http://detectmobilebrowsers.com

Please note though that you’d have to create a separate installation of Joomla and this theme and you’d also have to add your contents to this new installation once again.

Alternatively, there are many so called responsive designs also available here on ThemeForest where you’d just have to add your contents one single time and the design itself changes its presentation automatically depending on the screen resolution of the devices your users use.

An example how a responsive template like this could look like would be the following one I created: http://themeforest.net/item/storefront-pro-a-responsive-business-template/939297

thank you Max, i thought that i was replying to the same template but i just noticed the difference, I’m so sorry. Ill refrain to post to one tread as i don’t want to be annoying.

Good job…this theme is beautiful! Problem I’m having is that the included .psd file is not at full-retina resolution. How can I get a copy of the full-resolution, layered .psd file? Thanks!


Unfortunately the high resolution images have been created afterwards, as soon as the original theme has been completed as an enrichment of the visual appearance on newer iOS devices.

That said, there isn’t a separate PSD file available which would include all of these images — however, I just had another look into the images folder again and noticed that all of the retina images used are either not colored or if they are colored such as icons, they are isolated within PNG files with transparent backgrounds so it’s easy to change the colors or apply effects such as gradients or drop shadows anyway.

I hope this works for you and will remain available if you’ll need any further assistance of course.


Hello Max,

Is it possible to get automatic resize of #wrapper when iPhone is rotated? Currently it does not utilise available screen width.



Not yet — this function just went out of the beta testing and I recently implemented it into the Joomla version of HotCake.

If I don’t get any reports that it causes issues on some devices within the next days, I’ll release an update towards the end of this week.

Alternatively, please feel free to send me an email in order to receive a copy of the beta version upfront.

iPad which’s running iOS6 works incorrectly with this theme, please try to fix it.

Thank you very much for your feedback — it’s much appreciated!

Unfortunately, iOS6 is just available as a preview for iOS application developers at this point, which means that I and the majority of iOS users don’t have access to it yet.

I’ll definitely retest all of my items again as soon as it will be released to the public in autumn as far as I know. If you’ll require an update earlier then please send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu — you’d have to explain what doesn’t work exactly and we’ll have to work on this fix together but it would be possible to fix it upfront already even before iOS6 will be out.


Hi Max,

Great template. I integrated this with a phonegap application, where I am creating several on the fly. When I run the code in firefox, it works great, but in phonegap the scroll doesn’t seem to work. I can see the page getting created in Phonegap, but it just doesn’t scroll.

Have you come across any such issue?


Thanks for your feedback — it’s much appreciated!

One thing I could think of immediately might be that jQuery will be integrated from a foreign source — it’s hosted at Google’s CDN — and so this could be the reason why the scrolling which is also powered by JavaScript doesn’t work.

Please try to download a copy of jQuery and put it into the templates folder in order to see if it works properly then. If it doesn’t please feel free to send an email to hello@indiqo.eu and I’ll see what I can do then.