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Great template!

The only thing I am having trouble with is the scrolling, it seems to be slightly “sticky”. Sometimes it kind of locks into an area and has trouble scrolling back up. I am experiencing this on Android as well as Iphone, so I am assuming its something weird with the code. If anyone has an ideas to how to improve this let me know!

Thanks a lot for your feedback and please let me try to answer to your question in-depth right below if you don’t mind:

In the initial version of this theme, the independent scrolling of the left and main panel has been achieved just using CSS and it worked very well from what I could see with a great performance.

However, at that time, many users still didn’t update their devices from iOS4 to iOS5 and here’s the problem: The browser used in iOS4 or earlier pretty much did exactly what web designers just knew from older versions of the Internet Explorer — it didn’t support a few particularly important CSS functions such as fixed positioning or advanced scrolling attributes.

Due to that fact, a pure CSS solution for the scrolling which is really not that complicated didn’t work anymore — it worked properly in iOS5 and higher as well as on all Android devices I could test it with but not on iOS4 or earlier as well which means I had to implement an alternate JavaScript solution which basically forces all browsers to behave in a similar way and which adds this support to iOS4 as well.

Now that we’re close to the release of iOS6 already it should be possible to remove this JavaScript scrolling solution entirely in my opinion — in fact, I already did that myself which is quite easy to achieve but didn’t include it into the official release yet, at least not until iOS6 will be available to anybody.

Please feel free to send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu and I’ll provide a copy of this upcoming release to you upfront of course.

Kindly, Max

In Opera Mini, the page is not loading completely..

Thank you very much for your feedback and please let me explain why it doesn’t work well in Opera Mini if you don’t mind and what you can do in order to improve the performance in this browser too:

First of all, Opera Mini got a limited support for JavaScript which means that not all DOM events and background scripts will run properly — however, the HotCake theme makes use of JavaScript and so this is clearly a conflicting situation even though the theme rather targets modern smartphones running iOS or Android anyway.

Up until iOS4, the mobile Safari web browser didn’t support various CSS properties required in order to be able to render the left and right panel independently from each other in terms of scrolling. Back when the theme has been created, the current version of the operating system was iOS5 but I also wanted to ensure that it’s backwards compatible to iOS3 and iOS4 which were still used by a significant amount of users back then.

In order to achieve that and to fix the lack of support for fixed positioning and overflow scrolling in CSS , I implemented a JavaScript based solution which ensures that the theme works properly in most browsers, but it also demands some resources and a browser which is able to run JavaScript efficiently which is not the case with Opera Mini as far as I can tell.

It is possible to run this theme nearly without using any JavaScript at all (please send me an email and I’ll explain to you how that works) — this mode almost entirely powered by CSS is significantly faster, works on iOS5+ and even on Opera Mini — the only downside is that it isn’t backwards compatible to iOS4 or earlier anymore.

Now that iOS6 will be released within the next few weeks I most likely update the theme once again and make the pure CSS solution the default one while the JavaScript based solution can be enabled optionally if somebody still wants to support iOS4 or earlier.

I hope I could answer to your question so far and remain available if there’s anything else you’d like to know, either here in the comments or directly via email.

I will wait till the next update..

Sure, absolutely no problem of course. :-)

Hi, is the new update available now?

Thanks for your message!

No, not yet — I’m still working on it but it’s a little more complex than expected in terms of compatibility to various Android OS versions which need to remain working properly as well of course.

Hi! I really like your theme and it works great! I was wondering if it is somehow possible to fix the header to the top of the screen? That would be great!

Thank you very much for your feedback — I’m glad that you like it! :-)

It might be possible to do so in a custom project, but there are basically two reasons why I didn’t do this myself already which should be considered:

First of all, especially older versions up to iOS4 got significant problems with fixed positioning in CSS which means if all devices running iOS4 should be supported, a workaround, most likely in JavaScript would be required.

Aside from that, it probably wouldn’t look that good with the moving sidebar and the tabs on top right of each page, but I guess this depends a little more on personal taste and wouldn’t be that important here.

That said, I assume it could be achieved to added fixed positioning of the header in a suitable way, but I personally wouldn’t recommend it most of all because of technical difficulties to make it work in most browsers.

Hope I could answer to your question so far — if you’d like to do this anyway, we can start working on it during a smaller custom project, so please feel free to send me an email at any time.


Great template! but scrolling doesn’t work in opera mini. i hope there will be available update soon to fix this.

Thanks a lot for your message and for purchasing this theme — please let me try to answer to your request right below if you don’t mind and feel free to send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu whenever you should have any further questions at any time of course:

The template relies on JavaScript in order to achieve its sidebar and touch scrolling functionality accordingly even on older versions of iOS and Android which don’t support a quite basic, native CSS only solution.

Opera Mini however got very limited JavaScript support as you can also read here and so wasn’t a main target platform while developing this application like interface, which is obviously significantly more complex than a basic mobile website for example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opera_Mini#JavaScript_support

I’ve been working on this myself for quite a while already and developed an alternate version of the template with stripped down JavaScript usage. This alternate version works better in Opera Mini but then again it doesn’t work properly on iOS < 5 and older versions of Android anymore because these didn’t support basic CSS functions such as overflow scrolling and fixed positioning.

Considering that iOS, Android and Windows Phone are the most used operating systems on modern smartphones, I had to make a decision wether the template should use the pure CSS only solution which works well on Opera Mini too or if I should add backwards compatibility to older versions of iOS and Android instead. To me, it made more sense to support those devices instead of the not so popular Opera Mini — the pure CSS version is still available if you’d like to play around with it (please just send me an email for that), but I don’t recommend using it because it’s more important to cover all of the other platforms instead.

I hope I could answer to your request so far and remain available in case there’s anything else you’d like to ask of course. :-)

Hi, Can i have the landscape files?

Thank a lot

Thanks for your email — an answer will be on its way to you in a minute. Max

Recently purchased your template, looks awesome by the way. Windows Mobile and IOS 6 have difficulty scrolling up and down just like some of your customers posts before.

Any idea on how we can fix this little bug? :P

Thanks for your message and for purchasing one of my items — both is much appreciated!

I just had a look at your request and didn’t notice this myself yet on my iPhone. Admittedly, I’m not using iOS6 for too long so far, but I’ll definitely have a closer look at the template again within the next days.

If you like to, you can also send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu with further details what you experience and see — this could be quite helpful just in case I won’t be able to replicate the issues you had myself.

In general, I’ll surely see what I can do — you can send me an email at any time whenever you should have any further questions though as well. :-)



perfect template. any wordpress version in planning?


Thanks a lot for your feedback — I’m glad you like the template!

Right now, a WordPress version isn’t planned at this point. I might consider that again in the future but noticed that there doesn’t seem to be a huge demand for pure mobile CMS themes or templates — at least with Joomla.

I hope I could answer to your question so far and of course remain available in case there’s anything else you’d like to know of course! :-)


Hello question, firstly amazing app template! I want to use this template and customize it for a mobile app I am making to release on the android and iOs market.

I will be using phone gap and dreamweaver to package it. Will this work? Phone gap permits HTML5/css/java so this code works. But are the tabs each their own page? I just want to make sure it will work as a packaged app.

Thanks for your interest and please let me answer to your question right below if you don’t mind:

In general, this template can be used with Phonegap of course and you will be also able to edit it in Dreamweaver as well as in other code editors too. The only thing to keep in mind would be that the sidebar will be controlled by JavaScript and so you might not be able to change its contents if you plan to use the visual WYSIWYG editor provided by Dreamweaver, but if you edit these contents directly in source code view, it won’t be a problem.

All pages are individual HTML pages as well and so none of them will be reloaded / loaded via an AJAX request for example.

I hope I could answer to your questions so far and of course remain available in case there’s anything else you’d like to know. :-)


PS: I just saw that you also sent an email to me and won’t reply to this in-depth anymore if you don’t mind — I think it makes more sense to answer to your questions over here so other people might benefit from it as well.

Hi indiqo, I’m considering purchasing this template but I was quite concerned when I viewed the demo on my iPhone and turning the device to landscape mode didn’t give me the results I expected.

In reading through previous comments, you had indicated that an update would be published that addressed this issue but since your live demo doesn’t appear to have included that update, I wanted to confirm that the purchased package does include it, prior to me paying for the template.


Thanks for your message!

By default the template uses a fixed width, but it also supports the adaptive fluid width shown by the Joomla version here: http://themeforest.net/item/hotcake-for-joomla-retina-mobile-template/2291074

Just one small adjustment will be required to achieve that which has been described carefully in the documentation to make it work this way.

I hope I could answer to your question so far and will remain available in case there’s anything else you’d like to ask of course. :-)

Hi indigo, I’m interested in the template, but I was wondering if you are still supporting it, thanks!

Hi and thanks for your question!

Yes, I do support all of my items of course, just didn’t had a chance to publish new works lately due to other commitments. This will change as well quite soon once again.

That said, please feel free to send me an email or drop a comment whenever you like or need to — I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I can. :-)


Hi there, I just sent you a message via hello@indiqo.eu—I look forward to your reply.

Thanks! I already saw it in my inbox this morning and will reply to you soon.

The template seems to be no more importing the twitter feed – I also could not find a recent update on the template. Could you please check! Thanks