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Getting error HTTP 500 when installing on wp4.8 w/ php7.

Again just reporting not asking for support. I think an easy fix was already suggested. Thx

The bundled version of Revslider is out of date and also breaks the theme’s page-builder scripts making page editing impossible not to mention other core wp functions that rely on jQuery. Installing the latest purchased copy of Revslider fixes the problem.

Please update your bundled plugins thank you.

I was wrong, the latest version of RevSlider and the broken page editing still exists.

Another one just reporting and not asking for support, thank you =)

Purchased this theme this week but keep getting http 500 error. Spoke to hosting provider as assumed issue with them but after spending 3 nights back and forth, re-downloading and trying various fixes, they have advised issue with theme. Now I’m worried I’ve just wasted around £70 buying a theme I cannot use

Any reply from smooth themes??? Nothing received, not good customer service!!!

when new version for upgrade system at 4,8.1 ?

I do have the same problem as user “pingram3541” mentioned above. Page editing is not working anymore. Please provide a fast fix, Theme is useless right now!

same boat.. have a dead error 500 client site at moment.. who has the simple fix @pingram3541 mentions


strat76 Purchased

same boat.. have a dead error 500 client site at moment.. who has the simple fix @pingram3541 mentions

This theme no longer works. Developer says he no longer supports and because of that if you use wordpress 4.8 and above, your site will just give a white screen. Just get a different theme if you want an up and running site. This theme is broken

Don’t buy this item! The developer sells it but they know it doesn’t work. So don’t waste your money. Bad customer service,they don’t answer emails. They don’t care that you buy item and you can’t use or update it.

Could anyone who’s having issues with the 500 error do me a favor for testing, and open /Hotec/st-framework/settings/admin-settings.php.

Go to around line 1066, and look for the st_build_google_font_options_url function.

Where it says:
if(empty($font['family']) || $font['family']=='' ){

Change continue; to return;.

Please let me know if that solves the issue. I’m not the author, just someone who had to fix a similar issue on a client site using this theme. Thanks!!

Doesn’t work with PHP7

Hello, yout theme support PHP 6?

Getting error HTTP 500 when installing on wp4.9 w/ php7


Nobody answer? Maybee the theme is not longuer available soon….be Careful! if you’re update wp core, the page builder don’t works!!!!

Dear author!

I bought your template and I had some problem after installation.

One of my problems is that after installing I do not see the preview and can not activate the template.

I can not see an error message, but nothing happens, only a blank page fills in the requested link.

Good day. Does this theme support the right-to-left layout?

You do know that your ‘4 demo’ links all lead to empty white pages, I assume? Seems a bit silly to have defective demo links.

Use a PHP version like 5.6 to fix the error 500 issue!