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Absolute very very fantastic Hotel Booking theme! Congratulations!

Thank you very much :)

Looks fantastic! I am looking to buy this theme. I have just one question, about the Revolution Slider, is it simple to post YouTube videos?

Great Job!

Thank you very much!

Yes you can add easily in Revolution Slider YouTube and Vimeo video.

If you need further help please do not hesitate to contact me, wish you all the best!

Just bought this to adapt for a boat charter web site and I have to say it’s excellent. Anyone wanting to use Drupal for a booking system, this theme is a great place to start. It has everything you need installed and is easy to customise. Well done inspiromedia for all the hard work.


Thanks for your comment and for purchasing the theme i really appreciate it.

Anytime you need help please do not hesitate to contact me!

Wish you a great day :)


Is there any option to handle multiple hotels?

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I want to use for multiple hotels and multiple owners.

Can you help me now to create the hotel names and owners?

Hi, please open a support ticket here:


hi, just two questions before purchase your theme. 1) is it possible to have the booking bar in all the site pages? 2) is it possible to configure few room rates?

thank you elena

Hi Elena

Thanks for your interest. Yes you can configure unlimited room rates. Reservation can be done only via search availability.

Please any time you need support do not hesitate to contact me.



How are you.

Congratulations for the design, it’s absolutelly fantastic.

I have a question, I want to use it in a Hotel website in Spain, here we use Servired/Semerpa here, does the credit card payment module included suports it?

Please reply ASAP


Hi, In your case you can use this module. This module is especially for Spanish banks that use Sermepa/Redsys systems.

Have nice day

Hi, thanks for the info. Can you give me the URL to see the theme in the Wide style?

Hi, i bought your template it looks nice. But there is one big problem: Go to your demo page and click “pagespeed analysis” and you will see it is 3.23 MB!!!! Sure you can compress the pictures but the javascript and all the css alone are over 1 MB which is just too much for a commerical front page.

I can see now that the drupal loads some unnecessary css and js files in header. Also the images are to big, background image is 1Mb etc. I am going to fix it up.

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

Is there now an updated version where unnecessary css and js files have been removed?

I just replied your email. Thanks

Hi, Most of the images are corrupted/not showing. I can see the file with size, but it’s not displaying, it’s displaying a blank space.


Images in demo website are not included in theme. Please upload your own content and images.

Please any time you need support do not hesitate to contact me at


Hi there,

Do you know of any actual working examples I can view (and show to client) before I buy this theme?

Thanks Stephen

Hi Stephen,

The best example is our demo site. I have installed this demo website with 10 minutes. The next step is the confirmation of your paypal account.

Thanks and please if you need further assistance do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks Inspiro – I would just like to be able to pass an actual ‘live’ site to my client to ensure they are happy with it before we begin. Does anybody know of any? Thanks

Hi, I tried to install full version in MAMP, but at the last step of install it appears a blank page. I also installed Drupal 7.2.3 and your module after with all configurations and I got the same thing. Can you tell me how to install a working version? Thank you, Claudiu

Please check the version of php, it should be 5.3 or higher.


Yes, is PHP 5.4.10

It should work, please check also if your local MAMP server supports php_curl and check if its enabled.

Please open a support ticket here


For multiple hotels should be a textfield to search also by location (Country or City…)

Hi, sure i will add this option, on next update when drupal rooms module will be updated.


Any idea on a timeframe for :

Multiple Hotels and Hotel Owners: The site can host multiple hotels with multiple hotel owners managing them.



I am still waiting for version 2.0 of drupal rooms module. When they update nodule I will integrate immediately.

Thank you very much for your interest.

Wish you all the best.


you wrote “Accept full or partial payments (deposits)”

How do I set a 10% deposit payment? I didnt get it done.

Yours Bangdon


Sure our theme supports Partial Payments and full payments, but, you need to activate an module, please email us at we will send you the link where you can download this module.



How are you?

I’ve sent you a support e-mail from can you please check it and reply me ASAP as it very urgent for me?


I am about to answer your email, right now!

Thank you!

Hello! This theme is exciting. I think that it is all that I need. Before I buy it I have some questions.

1. When a guest make a booking, does he recive an email confirmation? How is that email? Is it possible (and easy) to customize the email? (Add a map with some useful notes, etc)

2. Is it possible to add a cupon code discount? So if some company make lots of bookings for his employees, it should be interesting to tell: “Do it yourself and write “CODE” and you’ll get the disccount applied” :)

3. When you say: Addons for rooms. Do you mean the option to include extras when guests do the booking? I mean: Parking inside (10 euros more), Champain, etc?

If all of that is yes, I’ll buy that asap. If not, I really would like to find a solution.

PD: Is it posible to have a look at the extranet to see how to manage the rooms, etc? Is it possible also to see the site full width layout, not boxed?

Thanks and sorry for all that questions!


Theme is integrated with drupal commerce checkout. In checkout settings you can set rules for email order confirmation etc…

About coupons i found this module with percentage.

Have nice day

Okay man, let’s go for it! Rated with 5 stars. I’ll email you if I have some problems. Have a nice day too.

Thank you very much, anytime you need help contact me at

Wish you all the best

Hi! The theme is great! Thanks =) Also waiting: “Multiple Hotels and Hotel Owners: The site can host multiple hotels with multiple hotel owners managing them.” ;)

Thank you very much for your kind words.

I am waiting for drupal rooms module v2 to be released. I promise after this module will be updated, I will integrate immediately in theme.

Thank you very much

hi! can I change or translate the “availability search” text in home?

thanks! Marco

Hi Marco, yes you can translate “availability search”. Please use instructions on documentation how to translate any string in to any language, believe me it is very easy, just follow the steps in documentation ;)



I am highly considering this template for a rebuild of a friends website. I created one on Wordpress last year but it lacks the booking functionality.

It’s not a hotel site but one for caravans. Is it possible to customise the theme to support caravans instead of hotel rooms?

The current site is as an example of the caravans I need to be able to book for.

Kind Regards,


Hi David

A client has bought our theme and adopted for a boat charter web site and his said that is very happy with functionality of this theme. Since room management is almost same concept, I think you can adopt for your needs. Please read more in theme details for more information.

If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thank you very much

Hi, I’m interested by the theme. Is the theme good for responsive design? Thanks

Hi, yes theme is responsive, you can test directly in your mobile phone:

wish you all the best

Hi, I’m interested by the theme. Is the theme good for responsive design? Thanks

Hi, yes theme is responsive, you can test directly in your mobile phone:

wish you all the best