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Nice job Good Luck :)

thank you :)

hello, I want to buy the package, but my customers want a multilingual website. And ‘possible to set this template in multiple languages? thanks :)

Hi! In Adobe Muse to do this, i think the only option is to duplicate the page and translate it in whatever language you need it..after that simply place some flags on each page and link them to their respective language page

From what i see phptrravels is a hotel portal where you register you hotel and so on…My theme is a full working site and was intendet to be a landing page for a single hetel/hostel etc. So it can be used for your hotel as a landing page but you will still have to register that hotel on all those portals for better coverage :)

hi! i have uploaded files to my webspace but the home page is automatic redirect to tablet version WHY?

thx a lot!

You have to change the anchors name…for example, the button facilities is linked to the anchor “facilities”...if you want it to show up in italian, you have to translate the name of the respective anchor (simply right click on the anchor and rename it). Hope this helps.

now resolved! Thanks!

problem was found in editor … now i have changed!! thanks

?xcellent theme! I suggest it to everybody. Thank you Datnmasa! :)

Hello l have used you template and found that it works perfectly in Google Chrome but is very very jerky in Safari. The motions seems to not work in Safari making scrolling the website very jerky in motion. Any help would be appreciated.

I am ntt sure what to say… i never tested it on Safari as it was made on PC. Maybe you can try to remove some of the scrolling effects that don’t work well. I usually test those templates on chrome, ie and mozilla and it worked fine

Hi – when I look at the theme preview I don’t see it act responsively when I change the screen size. Is there an example of this I can see? Thanks.

hi, adobe muse doesn’t work this way…you have to view it from a phone or tablet to see the diference

Okay, thanks. I can see it’s different on my phone now :)

Hello I want to buy your theme, the booking form registration is similar to email form, or is it a professional reservation form with a sheet, to manage the reservation?

hi, yes it is similar to the email form. To make a profesional form, more complex you have to use a 3rd party form…you can find those free on different sites…you make your form there, generate the html code at the end and then simply paste it inside muse. Most sites explain the html code for you to change the aspect of your form so that it fits the look of the theme. But for a simpler form you can use those from adobe muse.


Thank you for such great theme.

Could you please answer what kind of photo files format is better to use to get same quality as on your demo?)

Does it work with wordpress and do you offer customizations (will pay extra ofc)?

sorry but this is not a wp theme…it’s a adobe muse template…you need this software to customise it.

i have a custom project for a new website that i am willing to pay for, email me so we can discuss details. your design will work as a good foundation, just some things that need to be customized. i can get someone else to make it for wp.

Hi, before nothing, thank you for the design and support I have a couple of questions…. 1- I need a reservation system for my new travel agent, does the template have anyone? 2- You talked about “3rd party form”in some post… What is it?

Hi. the form in the template is a simple one…it’s limited to the adobe muse forms. If u want a more complex form u should use a 3rd party form embeded in the template ( like mailchip or what ever form u prefer)