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hi, i am interesting your theme. before purchaing i need to know how your backend works with reservation. can you explain


First of all, Thanks for your interest :)

You can see how it works here : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNIFTA4Bjp3vqdtzLxM41mvQ5gW-4yn8L

ok cool,

I need to know how to see booking list and information in backend. how it’s process? is there any option to see booking list and how it is appearing from backend

Hello Team, just updated to 5.5.1 and the site broke up. Could you please share any news

After you updated the theme and still have issues, please make sure to follow this.

1. Make sure that you clear browser cache or test with another browser and see if the problem fixed or not.

2. Try to deactivate other plugins (except GoodLayers plugins). See if it’s fixed or not.

3. Go to theme options and click on ‘Save Changes’ button.

My theme is up to date (I believe) and the room previews / galleries have vanished. https://casitatropical.com/room/queen-efficiency-apartment/. Also, I’m having an impossible time getting my SSL to work.


- You are using v4.0.3: https://casitatropical.com/wp-content/themes/hotelmaster/style.css?ver=5.5.1
The latest version is 4.1.0: https://support.goodlayers.com/document/changelog-hotelmaster/
Updating the theme should fix the galleries issue: https://goodlayers.ticksy.com//article/1893

- I don’t see any issue with SSL: https://i.imgur.com/INnRHhY.png Is this issue happening on any particular page?

Hello, i renew my support from Hotel Master, i go to https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/submit/ try Submit a Ticket, but in the lisst of Category ou Product the Hotel Master dont appers


Can you please check again? It should start with ‘[Verified] Hotel Master….’. I can ensure that it’s in that list :)

hum… ok, find

Presale question: Is it possible to have one booking calendar on 3 home pages? Web will have 3 languages … we dont want to have 3 sigle booking caledars working separately, just one for all languages. Tnx


Yes, you can get that using a plugin like WPML or Polylang. Calendars from all languages will be synced with each other.


webiwebi Purchased


How are you ?

We have a site using an old theme ( http://hivancouvercentre.com/ ), we would like to start a new one using your theme but we have some questions:

Demo site: https://demo.goodlayers.com/hotelmaster/

1 – As you can see current site does not offer booking system – Can we deactivate the booking system ? 2 – On the the top right side, we have a button called “reservation”, which send the user to an external website. Can we add a button on this location? Would you help us to insert this button?

The rest is all fine.

Thanks a lot, Renato Goldoni


1. Could you add the “Reservation” link after the ‘Dining’ link in the menu? I need to check the menu id to change its look.

2. You can add that link in the Theme Options Panel > Overall Elements > Top bar > Top bar left text option. Use the HTML tag to add links here.

3. You should upload a larger logo for mobile/retina displays. Then, use the Logo Width option in Theme Options Panel > Overall Elements > Header – logo section to reduce its size for desktop version.


webiwebi Purchased

1 – and how can you do that? What do you need? 2 – But we did it, remember you sent us the code to change to the left? This is on the left now. We would like ato add “reviews” on the right. 3 – ok thanks!

1. Just adding the reservation link in the menu will be fine. I will be able to see its id once you add it to the menu.

2. Sorry, I forgot about that. The right side is reserved for social icons. You will need to add your link in the header.php file at line #77: https://i.imgur.com/w0afysz.png

Edit the header.php file in a child theme to avoid losing this change on a theme update.

Btw, You can open a ticket on our support forum for better/faster response: http://support.goodlayers.com/ :)


pacaltay Purchased

Invalid slider ID or alias error when I installed demo. can you help me please?


Can you make sure that the slider is already created? then go to Master slider item setting, choose the slider and save the page again.

Let me know if still doesn’t work.

hi, is it possible to synchronize the booking system with the booking.com calendar?


Yes, you can read for more detail here : https://demo.goodlayers.com/document/hotelmaster/ (Hotel System > iCal section)

Thanks for your interest by the way :)

  • Oh I’m not sure if this works with booking.com or not. You have to check if Booking.com has iCal for syncing or not.

hotel99ph Purchased

how block date on specific branch / i got 3 branch i want to block date on selected branch and room only


You can block individual rooms in the room options section: https://i.imgur.com/DLo5wQA.png

Sorry, it is not possible to block a branch.

Hello I love your Theme. What I need to know if an additional payment gateway can be integrated. Thank you!


Really sorry, our theme support only Paypal, Paymill, Authorised.net and Stripe. :( To integrate other payment options, you have to hire a coder to do this. It’s pretty big work.

Thanks for your interest by the way :)

Thanks, my question is if the payment system is through woocommerce. I have a plugin that connects with other payment methods and is compatible with woocommerce. Thank you!

Sorry, that’s not possible. You can’t use woocommerce plugins to add additional payment gateways to our hotel plugin.


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