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Very clean theme. Good luck :)

Thank you :)

nice style, congrats broth :)

Thanks, man :)

Is this with only brown background or any variations in it?

Hello naseermughal, I tested it with different backgrounds. Elements are made in shades of black, so it will work well also with different background images. I had also blue version of background, but decided to include only brown with this item. I liked it most, but only sky is the limit for you. :)

Very nice and clean, good work man. GLWS!

Due to the new Twitter APIs the Twitter Widget is not working any more..

Hello, I know about this and in next few days, I will update all of my templates with new custom jQuery script to make it work again :)

How do I set New Date for countdown?

Never mind I found it

I am glad you found it :)

I tried to upload the theme to wordpress but it keeps telling me the stylesheet.css is please!

Hello rickzoki. This is HTML coming soon template. Not wordpress theme.

This is coming soon page template, so I guess you want to use this before you prepare actual wordpress theme. In this case, use it as usual HTML template. Upload on your webhosting and possibly modify content in index.html file.

If you need some help with minor customization, I am happy to help you.

The twitter seems to be not working. When will the updates be live?

Hello gedditsg, I just wanted to let you know I finished my update on twitter widget. It is now fully operational. You can check it on demo page.

I just uploaded update with new functionality, so hopefully today or tomorrow, update is approved and available to all who purchased my template.

do i need to dwl the files again?

If you downloaded it before I made an update, then yes :) I also made some changes in structure of template, so it’s cleaner and better organized into folders, so I suggest to re-download it.


Thank you

Hello, nice theme and I’m already using it.

I’ve created my Twitter app but the where are these twitter names in tw-ticker2.js and what do I need to change there?

Hey there vrajdeber!

It is this line of code in tw-ticker2.js: var tweetUsers = [‘tutorialzine’,’TechCrunch’,’smashingmag’,’mashable’],

It is line number 3 in file. Just replace names in quotes with one or more twitter names you want to display in your ticker. That’s it :)

Thanks. :)

Happy to help :)