Discussion on Houzing - Real Estate HTML Template

Discussion on Houzing - Real Estate HTML Template

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mb111 Purchased

Hello, can you please help with the Range slider? Example: “Advanced search” button opens modal with Price Range, I added: <input type=”hidden” id=”price_min” name=”price_min” value=””> <input type=”hidden” id=”price_max” name=”price_max” value=””> But for some reason price_min value gets populated but price_max does not. Here is JS:

rangeSlider.noUiSlider.on(‘update’, function(values, handle) { document.getElementById(‘slider-range-value1’).innerHTML = values0; document.getElementById(‘slider-range-value2’).innerHTML = values1;

document.getElementById('price_min').value = moneyFormat.from(values[0]);
document.getElementById('price_max').value = moneyFormat.from(values[1]);

can you share your website in my skype ? https://join.skype.com/invite/Seg8PXmO0lYt

mb111 Purchased

I’m not talking about SPAN, but <input type=”hidden ….”> it’s needed for <form> to be working, SPAN is just a visual representation

mb111 Purchased

I tried Skype, but no response

mb111 Purchased

Thanks for the template! Great job. How can we make Modals’ backdrop to be full screen like in index6.html? Somehow sticky menu is above the modal’s backdrop. Thanks


Thanks for purchasing House HTML Template. Can you tell us Which type of menu you want ? Fixed, static

We are now in weekend but no worry let us know your question.

We would like to assist you.


mb111 Purchased

How to stop Main Nav <header class=”header-nav menu_style_home_one navbar-scrolltofixed stricky main-menu scroll-to-fixed-fixed slideIn animated” style=”z-index: 1000; position: fixed; top: 0px; margin-left: 0px; width: 2735.2px; left: 0px;”>

becomes stricky fixed to stop:

<header class=”header-nav menu_style_home_one navbar-scrolltofixed stricky main-menu scroll-to-fixed-fixed stricky-fixed slideInDown animated” style=”z-index: 1000; position: fixed; top: 0px; margin-left: 0px; width: 2735.2px; left: 0px;”>

I want it to be just normal scrollable menu. Thanks

Can you write this thing in your css ? menu will be fix.

header.header-nav { padding: 0 30px; position: relative; z-index: 1; }

And remove this class from header “navbar-scrolltofixed stricky”


invouza Purchased

Hi there.

Could you please provide the bootstrap variables.scss. We have a really hard time to use the theme for a custom drupal theme.

Thanks you very much. Morris


Thanks for purchasing Houzing HTML template.

This item build with Bootstrap 4.x version based but we didn’t use any SCSS/SASS file for this template.

If you want to use sass you have to manage yourself.

If you have any other question let me know.


Is there Bootstrap 5 version of this theme?

I want to use page index9.html as my index page. I also want it to auto play images at a time interval, say, 3 seconds. I could not work out what I need to do in order to achieve the result. I even visited Owl Carousel 2 site, as suggested in the documentation but to no avail. Please help! Thanks in advance.


Thanks for purchasing Houzing HTML template.

Make that Index9.html to index.html and rename that index.html to anything that you want.

For that carousel you have to open this file from your download folder js/script.js

then make this autoplay true https://prnt.sc/pE6U2890eISE you can increase and reduce sliding speed from there.

Hope helped!

Let me know if you have any other question.


Much appreciated, thank you.

I can not find the bootstrap-grid.css file in the files. Please send me that separately along with any known missing files. Thanks


You can find any of html classes in css file easily. Copy your chosen/content classes then ctrl+f find your class in css file it will be easily access.


I have done that. I can’t find the two mentioned classes

could you please share that section screenshot or parent html tag line ?

Guys, I purchased the HTML version first and then read from the comments that you have a WordPress version, too :P

I think you guys should mention about WordPress version on the main page, too (Vice Versa)

I just purchased the WordPress version too, and I don’t mind keeping HTML :) Amazing work.

Wonder if you have or working on any tour website (HTML or WordPress)

Thank you.


Thanks for your suggestions and good wishes :) If you have not downloaded the HTML files, we can provide a refund.


Thank you for offering the refund, but I’ll keep the HTML version, too; it’s fantastic. I wonder if you guys have or working on any tour design also?

Best of luck.


Can you only send HTML files for selected variations?

For example, if we choose 1 Home type, 1 Listing type, 1 Property type, 1 Blog type Can you delete all other types CSS, Java etc and send us only what we want?

It is important for speed issues.


Thanks for pre-question .

If you purchase Houzing then you can download all files together and can remove the other file without indeed.

Still do you have any issue you can share with us we would like to help you to solved your issue.

let us know update.


So for example 3 different Home design has 3 different files? So no CSS and Java codes are mixed in one file?

Yes you area correct

Hello Can you check Single-V8 page. I think doesn’t fit on mobile. Please see https://prnt.sc/21je3tr

Hi I think that is okay but if you want to more compressed that tabs then you can use it after reducing padding. Example=> http://prntscr.com/21k0dm8

Thank you for your quick response. Is that possible to do same as your wp version? Please see https://prnt.sc/21k4pmc

It is built by bwootstrap tabs e don’t have plan to change It :)

Hi Creative Layers. Your theme is awesome.

Do you have the scss files available for this HTML theme?



sorry this is not


Purchase Code: 52b9f5b2-c738-4d43-9b12-0b461f2b43e3 im not sure how to make the home search button work like how do I make it search by the categories that I place ?


Thanks for purchasing Houzing HTML template. Can you show us your issue through screenshots for more understanding ?


Hello Author This is to inform you that I need to buy this theme for wordpress platform but by mistake i purchased this HTML Version. I can only develop it in Wordpress, so please tell what I should do to get wordpress theme. waiting for your reply


up to how many properties can be listed?

Hi Thanks for asking your pre question.

You can add as you want and one thing that this is HTML template it will not install with WordPress and it will not working like dynamic.

If you want you can purchase WordPress version of this Houzing template here https://1.envato.market/P0bZzN

let us know if you have any other question.


Hello, i mean the maps on the listing single template. https://creativelayers.net/themes/houzing-html/page-listing-single-v8.html

under location

Not only google maps also leafletjs. I have tested .. but no result ;-) I think the order of js files in the footer is the problem.

can you give me .. or can you update the template with this please?

best regards sven

Thanks for letting us know but currently we don’t have any plan to update with leafletjs we will think about it later. Currently we are working on our other templates.

Thanks for sharing your opinion.


can you please also integrate Leaflet? ;-)

HI can you tell us more ? about what do you mean about leaflet ?

Is Support RTL


Thanks for asking your question.

Out template Houzing do not support with RTL


Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)

thank you :)

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

thank you :)

Congratulation, best of luck with sales :)

thank you :)


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