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Hi, am absolute new to wordpress etc, I just bought this Theme, am unable to upload the theme to my wordpress page, it say style copy.css films.

Pls help.

Regards rav

Hello! Please download the main zip file and check documentation.

Are there any option to remove or not to use timthumb? We are receiving security notifications from our firewall regarding this template.

Thank you

Hello! Frankly speaking the timthumb script was removed from the theme updated on 28th of October 2004. Please update the theme to the latest version.

Ok thank you for your reply. We’ll update it.

Is it possible to change the background color of main menu and position it on the top ?

Thank you

Hello! 1. Are you referring to the background of the menu sidebar? 2. There is no option to do that.

1. Background of the menu yes. I saw it is possible to change color scheme. 2. ok.

Thank you

Yes, it is correct.

Hi Mad dog,

Is this possible to delete the wen icon on the portfolio thumbnail ? Is this possible to link portfolio thumbnail (all image clickable) to item portfolio , cause we are actually oblige to click on the “read more” link ?

Regards from france.

Hello! If you will purchase the product these tech related requests can be assisted on our help forum. Our support team will help you to make the changes.

Hi Mad dog,

Is this possible to delete the wen icon on the portfolio thumbnail ? Is this possible to link portfolio thumbnail (all image clickable) to item portfolio , cause we are actually oblige to click on the “read more” link ?


Hello! Please post these tech related questions on our help forum and you will be assisted. Thanks

Hi there, I have purchased your HQ Photo Responsive theme and have noticed that the video player is no longer automatically loading my vimeo video.

It was working up until about 3-4 months ago but has stopped. Even when I press play on my video player it will not load the vimeo video.

It’s important that I have this video player working as I have created commercial type videos for my website and specifically purchased this theme for that purpose.

Can someone please instruct me on how to resolve this issue?

Many Thanks.

Hello! TF stats shows that you did not purchase this item.

Hi! I absolutely did in 2012. I have the Paypal receipt if you’d like me to email it to you, please provide an email address and I can send it over.

Thank you!

Please send Envato purchase code via a contact form on our TF profile page.

Hi I purchased this theme a while ago and I am back to using it for another site. Only now I am having an issue with the menu items being invisible. The buttons are there but they are not seen. Can you tell me how to fix this?

Hello! Your license does not allow to use it for more than 1 project. If you want to use it on another site, you have to purchase one more license. Yes, we can take a look once you purchase a proper license.


stfnet Purchased

Hi mad_dog, I just updated HQ theme from Version 1.0.1725 to the latest 1.7.1 but I have some issues regarding gallery images that don’t appear. If I follow the text link I can see the full screen. I read on the change log there were some issues about it. thank you.

Hope that it will work properly ;)


stfnet Purchased

Hi, it works mostly perfect except I cannot add more then 157 pics in one gallery. Is there any limit?


GT3_Help Author Team

Hello! You have server upload limit. Please post the request at our forum. The support staff will provide a tech solution. Best regards

I’m wondering if I could embed an audio file on the portfolio page?

You can use soundcloud embed code


I am currently using your previous version of this template. I am interested in upgrading to this new version.

I would like to know if I need to change the backend (Wordpress) portion of my site as well – OR, can I simply continue to use my current Wordpress that has all of my saved posts/images etc.?

Please let me know.

Many Thanks!

Did you use this account or another one?

I’m emailing you from my personal account right now. My other email address is

You can send the details via a contact form on our TF profile page

Hi, I purchased HQ theme awhile ago for My support has since expired. I was wondering if the following items could be fixed if I renewed support: 1. On mobile devices/phones (both IOS and Android) horizontal images are cut off on the right side both on the homepage and in galleries. 2. On mobile devices/phones when the menu is expanded by pressing the + all the menu items are linked. I don’t want all of them linked. “Galleries” shouldn’t be linked, only “Galleries” sub items should be linked. 3. On regular desktop view I want the left sidebar menu to be in the open state, but when it is, it overlaps/cuts off any horizontal fullscreen image. (I have the fullscreen slider set to fit always but it doesn’t fix it)

These things are really affecting the look of my images, especially being a photography site.

Thanks for letting me know if these three things can be fixed if I renew support.


GT3_Help Author Team

Hello! 1.2.The theme version 1.0.864 you use is out of date. The latest one is 1.7.2. Please upgrade the files. 3. This request can be done only as a custom solution. Our customers are using different types of menu, the closed one too. We will need to manage scripts and css.

OK. In order to update the theme do I redownload the theme to my computer and then upload it through wordpress? Will any of the customizations change on my site when I update the theme? Regarding the custom solution, would this be included if I renewed support or is it a separate cost? Thanks again!

You have to replace the old files with the new ones via FTP.

Really awesome theme!!! Just one question when I add a Youtube video to a gallery I am not getting the fullscreen option. It seems to be something in the theme limiting it?

Hello! What fullscreen option are you referring to? Pleas be more specific

After updating my site the accordians don’t seem to display properly? Look like the graphics on them are wrong? Any ideas how to fix? Thanks.

If I pay for support will you be able to fix this?

I updated to 1.7.2


GT3_Help Author Team

Yes, we will assist you and help to fix the issue.